Chapter 6.1 – Adventurer Division Chief

It has been a month since Crown was officially founded.

The number of members had been steadily increasing that it has become the largest guild in the continent.

The adventurer division is much bigger than all other divisions.

Even if you combine all other divisions, the adventurer division is still bigger.

Looking at the future of merchant and craft divisions, they are expected to be bigger.

The Tower Village at the 5th floor is still on its rapid growth so the number of each division will continue to increase.

On the other hand, Kousuke is expecting the adventurer division to reach its peak.

However, it will probably still take some time for that to happen.

The current main member of the craft division is the architectural department.

Given the architectural rush in the village, it is natural.

And finally, just the other day, the creation of the field began.

Along with this are those who have decided to settle in the village.

This has been their plan since the beginning and Eck has been looking for farmers to work in the tower for quite some time and some of them are already earnestly working.

By the way, the houses in which the farmers lived were created using the function of the tower.

As for why, if they waited for the craft division to build them for them, they won’t be able to create the field any time soon.

Since the season was not set in detail, they have to feel what they can cultivate and that’s the only thing they can do about it for now.

They can’t change the season setting of the 5th floor on their whim after all.

As for the village, the main facilities are almost complete.

However, it is still not enough to meet the demand.

The busiest member of Crown is definitely the craft division.

However, that doesn’t mean that the adventurer division and merchant division are doing nothing.

As the number of new members increased day by day, those in charge of each were busy.

By the way, the people in charge of Crown are as follows:

Crown General Manager – Wahid.

Crown Assistant General Manager – Eck

Crown Adventurer Division Manager – Doll

Crown Merchant Division Manager – Sarasa

Crown Craft Division Manager – Tin

And under each of these managers are the department heads or chief.

For example, the chief of the merchant division is Schmidt.

Although there are candidates for the position of chief of the craft division, they are too busy to meet Kousuke so he is only meeting the chief candidate of the adventurer division.


—Scene Change—


「….are you, Kousuke-dono?」

「Yeah, nice to meet you.」

Looking at Kousuke entering the room, the man frowned.

The man’s name is Gazeran Human. He is a candidate for the position of chief of adventurer division chosen by Wahid and Doll.

When we saw Gazeran, he smiled.

「Are you dissatisfied that I’m the one who conquered the tower?」

「…..dissatisfied….no, not dissatisfied….it’s more of doubt. No matter how I think, I can’t see you conquering the tower.」

「Hahaha. Right, that’s true. I hardly fought that time. These two were the ones who fought.」

Kousuke said so as he pointed at Kouhi and Mitsuki.

「I see.」

Gazeran said so and nodded but it looked like he did not take Kousuke seriously.

That’s natural. Even in an ordinary place, if you go with amateur adventurers, they’ll be nothing but a burden.

Let alone the Central Tower which is rumored to be the most difficult to conquer in the world.

It’s not a place where mere burden can survive.

It doesn’t matter how strong those two behind him are.

「So? What can you do?」

When he was asked like that, Kousuke did not intend to spare him.

Kousuke stared straight back at Gazeran.



「Brace yourself.」


Gazeran was doubtful for a moment but in the next instant, he almost lost his consciousness from the pressure he received from Kousuke.

Gazeran is a first-class adventurer.

With his own power, he built up a famous guild from scratch.

Of course, he has faced high-level monsters many times.

However, those monsters’ pressure won’t even reach the sole of Kousuke’s feet.

To be honest, he’s barely holding on to his consciousness.

For Gazeran, the pressure he felt has gone for so long even though it is only for a few seconds.

Deep in his heart, he couldn’t believe it but he felt how wet he was from his own sweat and accepted that everything was real.


「……what the hell was that?」

He couldn’t help but ask the man in question. He had never felt something like that before.

「Divine power」


「I used divine power to put pressure on you.」

In response, Gazeran buried himself deeply into the sofa he’s sitting on.

He has heard of magic power and holy power but he has never heard of divine power.

No, to be exact, he had heard of it from priests and priestesses.

However, he thought it only existed in the world of mythology.

「…..are you telling me that you are an actual god?」

Kousuke responded with a smile to Gazeran’s stunned voice.

「No way. I’m just a normal person who can use divine power.」

「No no. There’s no way a person that can use divine power is an ordinary person.」


Kousuke tried to laugh it away.

Gazeran can only sigh seeing Kousuke like that.

「Good grief. I’ve met all kinds of people but this is the first time my first impression has been so wrong.」

「So? Did I meet your expectations?」

Gazeran smiled at Kousuke.

Kousuke also realized that Gazeran’s attitude until now was on purpose.

Of course, Kouhi and Mitsuki have already noticed it since a while ago. That’s why they did not get angry and just watched them over.

「….maa, it seems to be interesting to work under you but…can I move all my guildmates too?」

Gazeran’s guild is a guild with more than 50 members.

「Of course. If Gazeran-san would really do that, I’ll be grateful.」

「I see. So, can you wait until I spoke with my guildmates?」

「Yes, of course. However, there will be no preferential treatment so please be sure to inform them that they will be treated like any other member of Crown.」

「….Maa, I guess so.」

If they give preferential treatment to members and make some people superior or inferior to some other, it will lead to internal collapse.

For that reason, no matter where they came from, they’ll be treated the same as the other members who joined Crown.

On the other hand, that is the reason why some guilds may refuse to accept a transfer.

If they exempt even one, other guilds will come later with the same request.

If that happens, solo adventurers won’t dare join Crown.

Even if there’s only a little exemption, there’s no mistake that most will be dissatisfied.

Because of that possibility, Kousuke will never exempt anyone.

「As long as you can do that, we will welcome all your guildmates to Crown.」

「I understand.」

「Wahid or Doll will tell you the details later. With regards to practical work, I’ve already completely left it to them.」

「Okay, I’ll do that.」

After saying so to each other, Kousuke and Gazeran shook hands and parted ways.

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With that discussion, Gazeran became the chief of the adventurer division of Crown.

That quickly spread among adventurers further spreading the name of Crown.

By the way, Gazeran’s guild has encountered trouble. However, Gazeran is a clever man so he took his willing guildmates and had them join Crown with him.

The remaining guild members will continue to operate under the same guild name but without Gazeran, they will not have the same power as before.

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