Chapter 708 – Watermelon and Sweet Chestnut


Don’t overfeed your dog with chestnuts.

Oru the orthros is a demon dog so he’s okay desu.


I look around the field.

They are all planted using the AFT so they are in very good condition.

I’m very satisfied.

However, there’s also something I should reflect on.

The middle of the wheat field.

There are watermelons growing there.

About three patches.

It’s because I suddenly thought of watermelon when I was plowing the wheat field with the AFT.

I did not concentrate enough.

Therefore, things like this will occur once a year….no, twice….no, perhaps more.

Reflect, me.

It’s not its season but it’s blooming just right in the middle of the wheat field.

There shouldn’t be any problem if it is summer but it is currently autumn aside from the fact that there’s no outside demand for watermelon.

That means it can only be consumed by the village but the number is too small so what should we do with it….areh?

A full-grown watermelon has a tag “fairy queen” on it.


When I asked the spiderling guarding the field, it said that the fairy queen found the watermelon before it bore fruit and has taken care of it since then.

I see.

If that’s the case, she should have at least informed me….

Maa, since she has been taking care of it, it’s good.

This watermelon would be handed over to the fairy queen.

However, she should be careful not to brag about it to the children.

Unlike during summer, we can’t add more watermelons.

When I was thinking so, the fairy queen appeared.

With a lot of children.


The children looked at me and then, used the fairy queen as a shield.

That’s a stunning sense of unity.

The fairy queen is troubled.

Ah, children….you don’t have to hide from me.

It doesn’t look like you did something to the field.

Or did you do something that can get you scolded?

They said that I didn’t know the fairy queen was doing something in the field….

 Fairy queen, there’s no point in making yourself a shield in the first place.

It’s not like I’m going to attack.


I gave the watermelon to the fairy queen and the children.

However, no matter how you plan to divide it, the watermelon is too small for the number of children. What are you going to do now?

Even if you cut it equally, everyone will only be able to get a very small piece.

I was worried about that but the fairy queen and the children already had something planned.

Instead of eating watermelon as it is, it will be processed into syrup.

Then, pour it on shaved ice.

I see.

Then, that means this one should be enough, right?

However, the problem is….the season.

The fact that autumn harvest is close means winter is close too.

It is still warm during the day but you shouldn’t let your guard down.

Don’t eat too much shaved ice and cool your body down too much.

By the way, make shaved ice using the machine made by the mountain elves.

And don’t eat too much.

I’ll be scolded.


After I finished passing the shaved ice to the fairy queen and the children, I returned to my mansion.

Aside from the watermelon, everything else will be harvested after a little more time.

The shaved ice machine will be placed back where it should be while the remaining watermelon syrup will be handed over to the oni maids in the kitchen.

It might be a difficult thing to use but try using it for cooking.

If you can’t, just replace sugar with it.



This is neither a challenge from me nor a problem to be solved for me.

Don’t take it so seriously.

Calm down.

Just use it casually.

Yeah, just think of its use casually.

If I’m really challenging you, I should have prepared more.

I just don’t want to throw it away since it’s a waste if I thought maybe you could use it.

That’s all.

I pushed the watermelon syrup to the oni maids and left the kitchen.


When I went to the guest receiving room of my mansion, Girar and Guronde were there in a kotatsu.

You already brought out the kotatsu?

Maa, it’s fine.

Guronde was peeling sweet chestnuts while enjoying the kotatsu.

Then, the peeled chestnut will either be thrown on her mouth or Oru who’s waiting beside them.

Oru is wagging its tail happily expecting the next sweet chestnut.

Sweet chestnut.

It is a small chestnut that is often sold under the name heavenly sweet chestnut.

It is sweet and delicious just like its sweet chestnut name.


At first, the chestnuts I planted were all big chestnuts.

It enriched the dining table.

Chestnut rice was delicious after all.

But one day, I realized.

Where are the small chestnuts?

Let’s be honest.

I accidentally found a sweet chestnut in the middle of the big chestnuts.

I can’t believe that there are types of chestnuts at first.

Then, I remembered that when I plowed that part using the AFT, I thought of sweet chestnuts.

I want to praise myself for that.


After harvesting the sweet chestnuts, it took time and effort to cook them.

I learned from cooking big chestnuts so I managed to make it not explode but it’s difficult to bake or steam it since it’s too small.

I managed to remember how sweet chestnuts were cooked and it was pan roasting.

At that time, I was having second thoughts about whether to put sugar or not.

When I tried adding sugar, it became shiny and smelled better.

Taste is not the main purpose of adding sugar.

Or at least that’s what I thought.

So, it is not necessary to add sugar.

Sugar is made in the village.

That means I don’t need to be stingy.

The roasted sweet chestnuts were delicious.

However, since there’s a knack for peeling and considering the shelf life after pan roasting, it’s not that popular in the village.

But it’s delicious.


Guronde is good at peeling sweet chestnuts even among the villagers.

Her power control is exquisite.

Or perhaps it’s because of her personality.

Even if I take the skin off carefully, I can’t peel it cleanly.

Hakuren and Rasuti could easily crush the chestnuts with their fingers while Loo and Tier were irritated by the skin.

I wonder if Frau is good at peeling sweet chestnuts.

However, when she was asked by those who can’t peel them, she was struggling.

Presently, the high elves are remodeling a dark tool that can be attached to the thumb that can peel sweet chestnuts….no, they are developing a tool that breaks it.

If it is completed, sweet chestnuts might become more popular in the village.

That’s what I’m expecting.

Since the mountain elves have already completed an automatic cooker dedicated to sweet chestnuts, we are already considering selling them outside the village.


By the way, Guronde.

There is Girar who’s waiting with his mouth wide open the same way as Oru on his opposite side but, you are not throwing any at his mouth.

Ah, you’re fighting.

The reason is…. The disagreement between Guraru and Hiichirou.


Make up soon.

And Oru.

Don’t brag to Girar every time you eat sweet chestnut.

You’ll cause unnecessary trouble.


After that, I looked around the village and headed to the dining room of my mansion when it was time for dinner.

The dinner was gyoza.

Gyozas were neatly arranged on a large plate.

I made it first but the oni maids’ research has progressed. They are much better than the ones I made.

It’s frustrating but it is better to eat delicious food.



Oni maids in the kitchen, gather!

There’s watermelon syrup in the gyoza, why?


Being creative is important but you don’t have to gamble.


And how many watermelon syrups did you use?



That’s a reasonable amount.


The dinner that night was slightly noisy.


Late chestnut cooking.

Oni maid: If you cut the surface of the chestnut, it will not explode.

Children: Eh? But we can’t find any cut.

Oni maid: Please look closely at the head part of the chestnut. See, it’s there.

Children: Oh.

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Early chestnut cooking.

Oni maid: You’re going to cook chestnut? Okay, I’ll bring a shield for you.

Village Chief:…….

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