Chapter 709 – Anecdote: Inferno Wolf Rank

The kuros, the inferno wolves, have ranks.

Basically, it’s exclusive to males.

The females, their partners, will be ranked immediately next to their male partners.

So, presently, the ranking from the top is Kuro, Yuki, Kuroichi, Alice, Kuroni, Iris, Uno, Kurosan, Kuroyon, and Eris.

This ranking is absolute but it doesn’t mean that it’s permanent.

If a lower-ranking male wins in a duel against a higher-ranking male or contributes greatly to the pack, the rank will fluctuate.

But, well, it’s almost fixed.

The pups that were born in the same year will challenge others who were born in the same year.

That is the formation of the ranks of the younger generation.

After that, there will also be battles in ranking formation of those who came from outside the pack but it is settled as duels of lower levels.

There are many ways to contribute to the herd but since they are originally tasks given according to ranks, no one is contributing enough to have contributed more than anyone unless there’s an irregular.

Thus, the ranks at the top don’t change.

Even if Kuro’s only sleeping, he’s safe.


Will there be any usurpation or something?

Kuroichi, Kuroni, and Kuroyon are direct children so it is impossible for them to do so…..

I glanced at the nearby Uno.

He shook his head with all his might.

Is targeting Kuro a taboo or something?

In any case, Kuro’s position is secure.

I don’t really mind but, don’t you have any ambition?

When I thought so, Uno told me, “It’s not that I have no ambition, we have division of roles.”.

Is that so?

Again, I looked at the sleeping Kuro.


What is his role exactly?


A few days after I thought of that.

In a corner of my mansion, Yuki, Alice, Iris, Kurosn, and Eris had a dispute.

It all started this morning.

It was discovered that a kuro born this year hid and peed at the wall of the mansion.

It seems that the rule that excretion can only be done in a fixed place(toilet) was not thoroughly enforced.

Yuki got angry. She accused Alice, Iris, Kurosan, and Eris of negligence to the pup’s education.

However, Alice and the others also had points to say so the dispute started.

Kuro, with a more dignified face than usual, barks at Yuki and the others.

He said, “I know that each of you has something to say but cool your head first.”

After hearing that, Yuki and the others looked at each other and disbanded.

I see. So Kuro is also doing something.

The hiding Kuroichi, Kuroni, Uno, and Kuroyon are praising Kuro.

Kuro also looks satisfied.


What is happening?

Kuroichi and the others guided Kuro…..

They went out of the hallway….

Moved on a little….

You want to go inside that room?


In that room, there was a kuro pup sitting while trembling in front of the angry Ann.

Given the situation, that pup is probably the kuro that peed at the wall of the mansion.

Looking at Kuroichi and the others’ reactions, it seems to be the case.

Kuroichi and the others are trying to have Kuro go to Ann to either help the pup or get Ann in a better mood.

As expected, Kuro didn’t want to do that so he laid down on the floor near the door and resolutely refused.

Kuroichi and the others push him with their noses.

Kuro tried to use his claws to resist but didn’t since if he damaged the floor, Ann would definitely get mad at him.

He slid down on the floor and was pushed in front of Ann.

Ann is staring at him.

What is he going to do?

Kuro looked at Ann in a face-down position but immediately sat down.

I think he gave up.

Kuroichi and the others are also sitting.

And with a clearer face than usual, Kuro bowed his head while apologizing.

Ann did not move but Kuro did not move either.

A very long time has passed.

No, actually, it’s only around 30 seconds.

Then, Ann finally moved.

「Kuro-san, this pup might not be your direct descendant but as the head of the pack, you should thoroughly enforce the rules.」

Kuro lowered his head again saying he got it.

「Then, I’ll leave the rest to Kuro-san.」

Ann said so and walked out of the room.

However, Kuro and the others are still bowing and not moving.

Because Ann might come back.

This is why they did not let their guards down.

It seems like they have the experience to back up their claim.

It was about five minutes later that Kuro and the others began moving.

Kuro barked lightly at the trembling pup.

It looks like he told it to follow the rules properly.

The shivering pup weakly bowed and walked out of the room.

It seems to be reflecting quite a bit.

Then, Kuro barks loudly towards Kuroichi and the others.

They only rely on him in times like this.

Is that so?

However, Kuroichi and the others didn’t seem to mind and went out of the room like the trembling pup.

Kuro sighed loudly at Kuroichi and the others and….found me.

Kuro looked angry when he came to me.

I’m sorry.

I should have saved you and not just watched.

However, you were great to face against an angry Ann.


Look at your feet?

You’re shaking.

I see. So you were that scared huh.

Okay okay.

I pat Kuro’s head.

And follow Ann.

Ann is just thinking about the mansion.

She didn’t scold you because of a grudge.

You understand, right?

Well, then, like Ann told you, tell everyone to follow the rules.

Even if they could not stand it, it is wrong to do it at the wall.

It will rot.

When I was spoiling Kuro like that, Yuki came and pushed Kuro away.

Kuro was complaining but when he was glared at by Yuki, he let her be.

Oh, you’re angry that he didn’t take your side when you were arguing with Alice and the others?

Kuro tried to spoil Yuki but Yuki bashed him.

They have a good relationship.


However, what about the rank?

I thought so while petting Yuki’s head.


Newcomer: I’m a newcomer so I intend to do my best at the bottom.

Youth A: Hahaha, a good joke.

Youth B: You are older so you have different responsibilities.

Youth C: Ehto, in addition to your age, you have four partners so that will shoot your rank up.

Youth D: I think you’re already within the 20th rank.

Newcomer: Eh

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Uno: I’m actually older than father in law(Kuro)….(Has been single for quite a while until captured by Kurosan)

Kuro: Do you want the top rank?

Uno: As the representative of the inferno wolves, it’s a bit scary to negotiate with other people….like Ann-san and Senna-san.

Kuro: Why would you think Senna is scary? She’s a good-natured person!

Uno: There was a cheeky goat so I kind of…..

Kuro: Ah, ah, ah, you’ll be scolded by village chief(boss) too! When was it?

Uno: Three days ago.

Kuro: ………then, it will be bad if I don’t apologize now, right?

Uno: Thank you in advance.

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