Chapter 710 – Hut

At the root of the world tree in the residential area, Aegis, the phoenix chick, was doing something.


A large quantity of timber cut with saw, flattened by planer, and processed with chisel are prepared.

Given the processing method used, they should have come from Village Five.

Looking at the processed timber….they look like parts for making a house.

Are you moving here?


You’ll build a house for the eagle?

Eagle’s house…..but the eagle’s nest is on top of the world tree, right?

Did something happen?

It’s too open so you want to build one that doesn’t.

I see.

By the way, I haven’t seen it but the eagle’s nest is probably a normal bird’s nest.

Aegis is pretty caring to build her a new one.

However, looking at the parts, you’re not planning on building a normal house, are you?

There’s a door, right?

Can the eagle use that?

When I tried to tell that to Aegis, the eagle blocked me.

She said we shouldn’t waste Aegis’ feelings.

She’ll try her best to use the house so I shouldn’t stop him.

I must admit his spirit but he shouldn’t do anything structurally impossible given his body.

Aegis is….kind of special after all.

I thought so while looking at Aegis who even has a planer on his waist.



At a place a little away from the world tree, the high elves are peeking from the flower bed of their residences.

They are not tending the flowers but are hiding in the flower beds.

You guys, you were the ones who gave carpentry tools to Aegis, right?

Next to the mountain elves, the high elves are technical leaders in terms of architecture.

No, it’s okay.

You didn’t do anything bad.

But I would like it if you teach not only Aegis but the children too.

Ah, Aegis was the best in terms of muscle memory?

Is that so?

Do your best too, children.

If you are free, how about playing with me for a while?

Ah, you were inspired after seeing Aegis?

I’ll build a hut in the courtyard of the mansion, how about helping me?


Maa, even though I said it’s a hut, I’m thinking of building a Japanese-style room.

I thought of a tatami room with a doma as an entrance.

I’ll also make the walls of the room sliding doors.

The roof is thatched….and it would be good if there’s a veranda.

The purpose of the hut is….ehto….what?

Don’t worry.

The purpose is to build it.

So, let’s think about it after it’s done.

In a sunny place in the courtyard….because the chickens had occupied it, I asked them to move out and decided to build it there.

We tied rope, checked the size, and consulted the high elves before getting wood.

Since it’s a single-story building, I thought it shouldn’t be that much but it will still be as much as a house’s materials.

I thought it would be hard to process the wood but the number of high elves and mountain elves helping me was increasing.

There are also beastgirls and spiderlings.


With this much manpower, it will be completed soon.

Ah, the kuros are here too?

Maa, don’t overdo it.

Just cheer.

Yeah, cheer.

That’s reassuring.


Somehow, the hut was completed in about three days.

Yeah, the wonder of human wave tactics.

The tatami mats laid in the room are custom-made items.

So, the size is exactly four and a half mat but it’s different from the actual four and a half mat.

Yeah, I’ll standardize it someday.

I don’t really care about it now.

The room in this hut is around four and a half tatami mat.

The sliding doors are also custom-made.

These were made by the mountain elves who made sliding doors with paper and the frame of the sliding door.

The sliding door gave this place a luxurious feeling.

Mountain elves, you are amazing!

The thatched roof is also solid.

It was done by the high elves.

I just explained the thatched roof slightly but they made a proper thatched roof.

In fact, it’s not really thatched but seems to be grass that can withstand anything but….I don’t care.

I don’t even know what kind of grass they use.

Thatched grass was a generic name for a kind of grass, right?

Let’s leave that detail aside.

Anyway, it’s complete.


Looking at the completed hut again, I can’t help but imagine it as a….tea room.

Yeah, it’s a tea room.

Let’s remove a part of the tatami floor and make it a place where the furnace is placed.

Should I use this like that?

I lie down in the tatami room.



The smell of tatami is good.

I also made a room with tatami floor in Youko’s mansion in Village Five but it was taken over by Youko.

I’ll protect this place.

Alright, let’s celebrate the completion and have a barbeque for the time being.

I have to thank those who helped me.

I would like the barbeque in the hut…I mean the tea room if possible.

However, I’m kind of scared to bring fire closer to this place.

If this completely burns down immediately after completion, I feel like I won’t be able to recover in a few days.

Let’s barbeque in a remote place.

Ah, it’s a thank you barbeque for those who helped but those who didn’t help can also participate.

I guess they were doing some other work.

In any case, building the tea house is a kind of recreational activity.

Exercise before the martial arts tournament?

Maa, your objective doesn’t matter.

Let’s just grill more so eat.


The next day.

When I went to see what happened to Aegis, he was about to carry the completed hut over the world tree.

The huts are carried by the giant silkworms who are living in the world tree.

They are pulling the hut up using their thread.

Ah, it seems like some of the spiderlings are cooperating too.

I thought of helping too but….it looks like there’s nothing I can do so I’ll just watch over then.

However, he finished the hut……

There is a door but, can the eagle open it?

The window is open so is she planning to use that to get in and out?

But Aegis seems to be making something…..

Bed and table and chair?

That’s sweet of you but, how about thinking if the eagle can use them first?

No, I’m not telling you to remove the back of the chair or something like that….

No, yeah, good luck.

I was glared at by the eagle so I stopped saying anything.


I left Aegis and headed to the tea room.

I have no purpose. I only thought it would be nice to relax there.


The tea room was occupied by chickens.

Inside the tea room and even on the roof.


I gave up on a lot of meaning.

Yeah, can I at least collect the tatami and sliding door?

Ah, the tatami is already tattered.


How about the sliding…..

If I take out the sliding door, it will be cold there, right?

No, it’s already full of holes…..

Then, let’s just leave it be.

The tea room has become a new chicken coop.


That day, the field of the village had expanded.

It was before the autumn harvest but there were new fields.

I wanted to move.

I’m not tired and I’m even refreshed.

Ah, I just plowed.

It will be winter soon.

Let’s plant something in the spring.


High Elf A: The house that Aegis is making seems to have been completed.

High Elf B: It doesn’t use any pillars and looks like a beautifully assembled woodwork. It’s stunning.

High Elf C: I highly appreciate it since it didn’t even use a single nail.

Hiraku:… He didn’t use any pillar or nail? Azekura-zukuri? Shosoin something? Eh?

Mountain Elf: Ehto, isn’t it just a log house?


Hiraku: The chickens took over the tea room!

Ann: It looks like we let our guard down against the chickens. They are as rampant as the goats.

Hiraku: However, the chickens have never done anything strange to the mansion or the shrine, at least until now.

Ann: We talked about it properly (holding a kitchen knife)

Hiraku: Ah, yeah….that’s right….

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