Chapter 711 – Village in Trouble

My name is Gol.

I’m a beastkin.

I have become a teacher of the noble academy of the demon king’s kingdom but I hardly stay at the school so I’m not sure if that’s still my occupation.

Is this alright?

Doesn’t that mean I’m useless?

No, it shouldn’t be.

Yeah, it shouldn’t be.


The reason I’m not in the school again is because of another request from the demon king’s kingdom.

There is a village in trouble in a rural place so they asked me to resolve the problem.

As for why this kind of thing was forwarded to me, the local official I met when I suppressed a local rebellion that happened in that area strongly requested to have me dispatched.

I don’t know why it has to be me but if there are people in trouble, I want to at least do something.

I accepted the request.

But of course, I consulted my wives first.

Consulting them is an important part of everything.

If I decide anything on my own, I’ll get into trouble.

I was impressed with that strangely very useful advice from my wives’ fathers.

Maa, even if they didn’t give me that advice, I will consult them.

And now, I have come to a rural region of the demon king’s kingdom with my two wives.


Are they suspecting me of having an affair?

No, they may have been worried because Sil has nine wives.

They’re only being careful.


The village in trouble in this rural region is a large goblin village with a population of around 180.

Goblins are one of the main constituent races of the demon king’s kingdom but their dedication to their own culture is so strong that it is easy for other races to have a dispute with them with just interacting. Because of that, they are often living in an independent village or villages.

Given that situation, if they encounter any trouble, it will be the goblins themselves who’ll solve it and they’ll only ask the kingdom if they can’t resolve it themselves.

「By the way, the lord of this place…should have done something about it at least once, right?」

One of my wives, Enderi, asked me that while looking around the village but it was my other wife, Kirisana, who answered.

「The lord of this place is….Baron Gima and given the situation around, he probably didn’t help.」

The two of them seem to know each other very well but they are not close.

Their parents are political rivals but they don’t care about it so there’s no problem.

「Looking at their village’s defense, it should be solid enough. Perhaps this is a matter of internal affairs.」

「If that is the case, Baron Gima would have done something already. However, given that they requested aid from the kingdom, I think it’s a foreign enemy problem….」

「I wanted to hear more detail from Baron Gima.」

I wanted the same but it can’t be helped since Uncle Beezel threw us right into the field suddenly.

The only information we have is that the goblin village is in trouble.

However, as Enderi and Kirisana pointed out, the village is well guarded.

There seems to be no major damage.

And with how many goblins are there in the village, there shouldn’t be any problem….

「We would like to thank you for coming all the way here. We have been waiting for you.」

My wives and I received a greeting from a goblin who claimed to be the representative of the village.


Though this representative is bigger than me, he lacks vigo=r.

No, it looks like he’s quite tired.

 There’s no doubt that there’s a problem in this place since the goblins behind representative-san are also fatigued.

Now, what kind of problem are you facing….


We were guided by representative-san to the fields of the village.

「Do you think that the fields have been beautifully harvested?」

Ah, yeah.

They harvested the field clean which is impressive.

「We did not harvest them desu.」


「They harvested it desu.」

Representative-san pointed to a nearby forest.

There are, a few eyes.

Those are….


「That’s right, monkey desu. They harvested them on their own and took them with them.」


Monkeys can harvest like this?

「Yeah. This year’s harvest was annihilated desu. We already asked the lord and he sent out his army but they failed to subdue the monkeys….」

「Baron Gima has already sent out his army….」

「And lost….」

Enderi and Kirisana are surprised but please wait a moment.

I think the army failing to exterminate monkeys is nothing but strange.

Is there anything else other than monkeys out there?

「No, just monkeys. There are around 30 of them.」

How many soldiers did Baron Gima send?

「He sent us around 20 soldiers but when the wounded has increased while not being able to drive the monkeys away….」

They withdrew.

Even if their opponents are 30, how can 20 soldiers lose?

I think I alone can get rid of them….

「Actually, about that….I have ordered something….」


「Yes. We have a rule that if we kill them, we eat them desu. If you don’t want to eat them, don’t kill them. So, if you kill a monkey, you should eat it….」


Eat a monkey?

I thought a little and looked at Enderi and Kirisana.

Both of them shook their heads.

Do I really have to eat monkeys?

The soldiers of Baron Gima also thought the same thing. Perhaps they lost because they were trying not to kill them.

「Also, one more thing…..」

Can’t we just chase them out?

「If you drive them away, this village will be saved but they will cause trouble to other villages.」

Yeah, of course.

「Finally, you can’t use magic….」

Can’t use magic?

「Can you see the mountain range in the depths of the forest?」


「A violent dragon is living there. If you use magic, that might be taken as a hostile action….」



That mountain range over there is part of the Balance Jail Mountain Range which spreads through the center of the south continent.

Raimeiren-san’s nest.

Then, what should we do with those monkeys?

「If you can discipline and tell them not to dabble with the crops of the village.」


This is more difficult than I thought.

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