Chapter 712 – Thinking Gol

My name is Gol.

I’m a man who responds with a smile even if I’m asked to do something impossible.

Or at least that’s my goal.

But reality seems to be quite harsh.

I responded with a wry smile.


I shouldn’t panic.

I must think calmly.


How long have the monkeys been around here?

「We’ve been seeing them in the forest for several years. However, it was not until this year that they have dabbled with the field.」

I see.

You said that this year’s harvest has been ruined. How’s the village now?

「We are able to somehow eat by hunting and foraging in the forest.」

Hunting and foraging in the forest…..

Is it possible that you hunted and foraged too much that it put pressure on the monkey’s daily life?

「I don’t think so. We can still forage things even if we are still near the village. As for hunting, the only prey we hunted are enemies of the monkeys…. 」

On the contrary, it seems like they are making the monkey’s lives even better.

Could it be that their population shoots up so they run out of food and target the field?

No, if that is the case, it would be strange for them to stay near the village since they no longer have anything to take here.

Did you do something to the monkeys before they messed up with the field?

「We intimidate them if they approach the field of our village but we won’t do anything as long as they won’t come here. 」

I guess so.


Anyway, let’s check on the monkeys.

They seem to be pretty smart but if we don’t show any hostility, they won’t attack us.

I decided to leave Enderi and Kirisana in the village and went into the forest.


 I was greeted with monkey phalanx.




The monkeys are armed!

「I think they took them from the lord’s soldiers. 」

I bet they did!

And you should have told me that information first!

「I-I’m sorry. 」

Work properly next time!


Calm down.


The monkey’s armor doesn’t fit them, they don’t have enough shields and spears, but their formation is solid.

I wonder if they learned that from Baron Gima’s soldiers.

Even if they were only imitating them, it’s already amazing enough.

And it seems like there’s no room for negotiation.

I just walked into the forest and they attacked me.

You might think that negotiating with monkeys is a bit strange but village chief can make any kind of animal submit with that alone.

I thought since the monkeys are smart enough to be able to negotiate with them….umu.

「Gol-sama, it is almost time for the sun to set. Let’s look for a place to stay. 」

「The village should have prepared accommodation for us. 」

I nodded to Enderi and Kirisana’s suggestion.

Let’s gather information in the village.

I don’t think the representative is lying but opinions change depending on the point of view.

Oh, before that.

「Representative-san, do the monkeys ever enter the village? 」

「They have tried several times but they have never gotten in yet. 」

That’s good.

It looks like they won’t disturb my sleep.



「Gol-sama, how is it? 」

「Did you find any new information? 」

In the cabin prepared for us, Endri and Kirisana asked those.

「There was no new information. It looks like I have to go to the forest tomorrow and observe the monkeys after all.」


「Yeah. They asked us to discipline them but we have to know the ecology of the targets first.」


If we don’t find out why they are messing with the field, even if we managed to get rid of these monkeys, other groups of monkeys might come and mess with the field.

「Whatever it is, it won’t end easily.」

「Since it has come to that, we have to be careful with our food.」

It will be hard to ask the village, which lacks food, to give us food so we bring our own but we only have enough food to last for five days.

Maa, Uncle Beezel is supposed to come and see us in 3 days so it will be fine….

We have to prepare in case Uncle Beezel will be delayed.

I will concentrate on observing the monkeys and have Enderi and Kirisana forage in the forest.

When they are going on a mission with me, they look like adventurers in pants and not their usual noble lady clothes.

Though they’re both in their usual blond drill hairs.

「We’ll do as Gol-sama wishes. Let’s do that in a few days but if you don’t make much progress, please consider asking for more reinforcements.」

I agreed to Enderi’s suggestion.

It would be best if I could do it on my own but that doesn’t mean I’ll force myself to do it..

I know.

However, it will be a question on whom to ask for reinforcement.

We’re dealing with monkeys.

The first person that came into my mind is village chief.

However, he should be busy with autumn harvest and the martial arts tournament given the time.

I can’t ask him.

Sil and Bron are busy negotiating and corroborating the secret information that village chief gave them.

If they could come over, they would have come with us.

I think Alfred-sama and Tiselle-sama….. are also not the right people.

Ursa should be able to do something but she has to keep an eye on Alfred-sama and Tiselle-sama in the royal capital.

Then, Uncle Demon King?

If Uncle Demon King can come, I will not be dispatched here.

If I could borrow a kuro from the village….impossible.

That will make things worse and there will even be an uproar.

It is also possible to ask Raimeiren-san for help since her nest is nearby but that’s not a good idea either.

After all, she’s Hakuren-sensei’s mother.

She’s someone like her who’ll choose to trample troublesome things.

So, there’s a possibility that not only the monkeys but also the village of goblins will be destroyed.

It would be good if I could ask Hiichirou-sama but Raimeiren-san will surely get angry.

Certainly a bad move.

I guess we could ask Hakuren-sensei but she’s probably busy taking care of her newborn children.

I don’t want to bother her.

Also, I can’t just ask Hakuren-sensei to come to see me.

Then….who else?

Rasuti-san has just given birth.

According to the reports, Doraim-san is obsessed with his grandchildren.

No one.

Youko-san will not be able to leave Village Five….why don’t I think of people from the royal capital or Shashaato City instead of those from Big Tree Village?

「Ano, Gol-sama?」

Kirisana looked at me with a worried expression.

Ah, I’m sorry. I was thinking about who to ask for reinforcement.

「Is that so? I was worried since you suddenly stop talking.」

「I’m sorry.」

「No. If you want reinforcements, why don’t you ask the nobles of this place to help you? You have enough authority to do that.」

Before we were teleported here, I was certainly given that much authority.

However, we were also told to not use it in the wrong way.

Especially here in the south continent where the most powerful noble is Marquis Gilridge who we had conflict with in the past.

「On the contrary, I think relying on Marquis Gilridge here would wipe out the conflict between you in the past.」

Enderi said so while she prepared my food.


Let’s eat and prepare for tomorrow.




Although we were told that monkeys don’t invade the village, we decided to watch in two shifts as a precaution.

Even though I said watch, it’s just staying awake in the room.

I’ll sleep first while Enderi and Kirisana will stay awake.

I didn’t ask them to stay quiet.

However, since it’s late at night, they only whispered.

While trying to sleep, I reflected that I should have hired adventurers.

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Then, I was awakened.

I heard Kirisana’s voice.

「The monkeys have taken Enderi!」



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