Chapter 46 – Everyone’s Head and Crotch Are Loose but They Are Good People desu yo♪

We stocked up daily necessities and clothes so we went back and arrived home early in the afternoon.

As soon as we arrived home, Arisa headed to the river with the hand-riding rabbits that had just finished hunting.

She said the river is a good place to dismantle because it involves a lot of blood.


When I entered the house, I found that it’s unoccupied.

Normally, Ouroboros should be doing some house chores and Sonja should be on the sofa.

However, today, no one’s here.

Maria is usually assisting either me or Ouroboros but….perhaps she’s with Ouroboros now.

In addition, I can’t see any of the elves and even Katya who should be building things around.

「How come no one’s here?」

Just when I was craning my neck, Katya walked into the house.

「Where’s everyone?」

「Eh? I won’t tell you.」

What’s with you people?

I’m slightly irritated.

「Tell me. What are you guys up to? You’ve been acting a little weird since yesterday.」

「I wonder where everyone is. What does it have to do with you, oniichan? Also, do I have the duty to tell you?」

What’s with her tone….?

I started to sleep on the sofa in the living room to suppress my irritation.


And then, it is already dusk….or is it already night?

「I’ve slept a little too long.」

As I sat up, a hand-riding rabbit came to me.

「Ano desu ne? Ano desu ne?」

「What’s wrong?」

「Follow me desu yo」

While hopping, the hand-riding rabbit led me outside.

We arrived in front of the building that Katia and the elves were making. This one will be a brewery in the future.

Sure, the interior is not yet complete and there should be nothing inside it yet.

So, when I went inside—-

There was a banging sound.

「「Happy  birthday!」」

Inside the building is full of food and it is decorated for a birthday party.

The banging sound earlier should be the small explosion magic that the hand-riding rabbits called crackers.

「You guys….?」

「Today is Tatsuya’s birthday desu yo」

I’m in a different world so I forgot about it a long time ago.

However, one day, I asked Maria about the calendar of this world and compared it to the calendar of my previous world, and from there….she should have calculated it.

So this is what they were busy about since yesterday?

I’m sure I’m not supposed to be that happy for my birthday given my age but….something warm is spreading through my chest.

No, I’m starting to cry.

「Today is a day of celebration nano desu! I present you the carrot cake nano desu!」

「I’ve prepared Tatsuya-sama’s favorite teriyaki.」

Ouroboros bowed her head.

「I’m not an expert in cooking so please forgive me….」

Maria offered me a glass of wine.

「 I and the elves worked hard to complete the interior since yesterday.」

「Ah, thank you, everyone.」

「Fufufu. Now, it’s time to give you our present desu yo.」

「Hnn? Present?

「Today, we’re going to party till we’re drunk.」

「Ah, I guess you would.」

「So we’re going to do a lot of things before we collapse desu yo」

「Ehto….what do you mean?」

Then, Maria smiled.

「The present is….all of us desu yo」

「We’re not going to let you sleep tonight.」

At the end, Ouroboros started to remove her maid clothes.

「In other words, we’ll start now….and it will end at sunrise. Everyone….you are free to eat and drink as you wish….that’s it.」

One after another, everyone started stripping until their underwear.

「What an amazing present but give me a break.」

I gave out a deep sigh as everyone looked at me.

And before anyone managed to ask something, I made the first move—-

「But I don’t dislike it at all.」

And that’s how my birthday turned out to be a big deal.

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