Chapter 93 – Enjoying Wine….Snow

Everyone’s enjoying wine.

Boss-san and Shuri did not participate. Don’t they like alcohol?


…very unexpected.


Koa and the others got excited and are now fighting in the square for some reason.

The others are having a blast too.

…’s not a dog fight but a wolf fight.

Some are already injured here and there and….if I could stop them, I already did.

I don’t know what to do.


It’s over, thank god.


Chai’s group and Ai’s group are next? Why?

I have no choice but to wait and see.

Koa, you and the others, come here. I’ll heal you.


I didn’t know that Chai’s group could become bigger.

They’re so powerful….not as powerful as Koa’s group though.

Ai’s group tried their best but the difference in power is obvious.

In the end, they were overpowered.


Hibernate today….go sleep!

How can Shuri be so motivated under this cold weather?

The antlings and chibi ants too!

…..even boss-san!

I mean, when did you drink?

I don’t know if the chibi ants are okay but they look cute while staggering.

….they are fighting against giant spiders….stop spamming magic.

Ah, a spiderling fell in the river….wait, I’ll help you.


Karen, are you a quiet drinker type?

…..don’t sleep with your head in the barrel!


Fluffy and flying lizard are the usual, I’m relieved.

I’m really relieved. Great.


One eye, don’t walk around while distributing wine.

Look, Koa and the others are running back….

I was right when I immediately put a barrier on the square.

There is no damage. If I didn’t do so….it would be a hole.


The next night, Koa tried to get wine barrels again….as if I’ll let you!

Everyone’s gaze is kind of painful.

The alcohol ban will be lifted every seven days.

I find it hard to explain but I did what I could.

I put a wooden board with the number seven written on it and the number will be reduced every day. When it reaches one, the ban will be lifted.

……..don’t you dare try anything on the board without my permission.


I never thought I’d see drunken brawls every 7 days.

Will this go on forever….that can’t be….I’m sure they’ll get used to it….

I had no problem with food so I was relieved.

I was relieved because I won’t get hungry but I didn’t realize that alcohol was a pitfall.


—Scene Change—


Snow has piled up.

A lot of it in just one day.

When I was in Japan, it will only snow like this once or twice a year.

Sometimes it snows so much that visibility is low.

However, it never piled up to my waist.


Pure white snow, quite beautiful.

….Ai’s group and Chai’s group are doing quite well.

Maybe boss-san and Shuri will go into full-blown hibernation….no, they won’t.

Karen is….flying through the snow….burning.

When I first saw her like that, I thought she was being burned by the fire but she seems to be fine.

….she only looks like she’s burning but she’s fine.

This world is strange.


Even with snow on the ground, the drunken brawl begins.

I wonder if wine is bad for them. I’m starting to worry.

….it looks like they were having fun but….I’m not sure if I’m also having the same fun watching them…


Today, we had a lot of karaage and wine.

Beer is karaage’s best buddy but we don’t have beer here so we can only drink wine.

I decided to drink a slightly spicy wine that would go well with karaage.


…..hibernation is….they are probably taking a break.

Shuri and Chai are fighting.

Shuri sometimes shoots out a black thing, I wonder what kind of magic is that.

Maa, watch out for injuries.


Fluffy’s group is still enjoying wine, all three of them…..?


There’s another round creature that looks like snow.

Its eyes are small and its mouth is a bit bigger than its eyes.

….who are you?


No, don’t stare at me like that.

….maa, it’s not aggressive so there shouldn’t be a problem.

And as expected, it could fly too.

In any case, I approached and touched it… feels like a marshmallow.

It’s not snow but marshmallow.

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….I’m drunk too.

Anyway, it looks like we’re getting a new companion.

I think I’ll call it marshmallow.

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