Chapter 94 – Amoeba?…Snow Monsters?

I’m neither drunk nor dreaming.

Marshmallow increased.

No, I should change its name…..but it likes it.

Looks like I can’t change it.


The new marshmallows are…hmm, some kind of new species I don’t know.

They look like fluffy but they also don’t.

Maa, there’s no point in thinking about it. Just let them be.

It’s a waste of time to think about it.


However, they are….

They are amoebas.

When I finally calmed down, I noticed that they are really amoebas.

I was frightened when more suddenly popped out from the snow.

I don’t know why but, they are giving me a different feeling compared to the original amoebas.

Was it because they are in snow?


They are amoebas alright.

But how are they different?

….is the magic power I feel from them different?

The amoeba that was in the water feels similar to fluffy.


The new amoebas in the snow are more similar to marshmallow.

Could it be that they are not increasing but are completely different kinds of amoebas?

….Maa, either way, it means the amoebas have increased.

At any rate, there’s no problem, right?

Everything’s okay, right?

They are nothing so I guess they’re okay.

They are nodding all the time but….when I tried to pet one, it’s cold.

It’s colder than a water amoeba but, is it alright?

Maa, they are hiding under the snow themselves so I guess they have no problem with the environment.

Anyway, nice to meet you.


—Scene Change—


It seems like it has gotten a little warmer.

Is winter coming to an end?

But the snow hasn’t melted yet.


Boss-san suddenly carried me.

I was so scared that I froze….

I’ll entrust my body to her for now.


We went out and even passed through the river.

She brought me to a hole.

A new hole?

…..This time, the hole had stairs.


I’m wondering what it was but when I saw Shuri peeking from the inside.

Shuri’s new hole?

Shuri comes out and pushes me with her front legs.

….what does she want?

Anyway, I went into the hole….and found it to be quite big.


The spiderlings brought the bag of rocks.

Then, Shuri took a rock from the bag and put it on the wall of the hole she dug.

…….Should I make the wall of this space from those rocks?

For now, I took out rocks and turned them to a wall of this place.

Boss-san and her spiderlings look satisfied.

It seems like I’m right.

I coated the entire wall of that space with rocks.

Shuri pointed up and down.

……it looks like I need to turn the ceiling and the floor to rocks too.

Let’s get it on.

Now, this place looks like it was originally made of rock.


….so, what’s next?

The spiderlings are bringing in snow from the outside.

I see….snow.

However, I think they will melt if we leave them here.

….so that’s how it is…is using “Freezer” enough?

The air in this whole hole instantly turned cold.

I guess snow won’t melt now.

The spiderlings are celebrating “banzai” with their front legs. My guess is right again.

… the way, where did they learn to banzai?


The spiderling, antlings, chibi ants, and chibi spiders are continuously bringing snow from the outside.

I helped them using teleport.

It should be faster this way.

It was over in a flash.

….areh? Amoeba?

Given the magical power, they should be the new amoeba.

They are….swimming in the snow.

Marshmallow is rolling on the snow too.


….Could they be some kind of species that needs snow to survive?

By the way, marshmallow never went inside my house.

Only fluffy and flying lizard.

I wonder if it is a snow-type monster.

….is this really okay?


I asked boss-san.

She said everything is fine and I shouldn’t worry. Thank goodness.

Snow monster…….snowman?

….no, doesn’t look like it.


I coated the stairs of the hole with rocks and I also used magic to keep the temperature outside from affecting the space.

I also made the entrance higher than the surroundings to prevent water from flowing in using magic.

I also made a roof to protect it from rain….perfect.

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Koa and the other’s concern is regarding the top part of the underground space.

They are worried that the roots of the trees might damage it even if the underground space is magically fortified.

Thus, they decided to make this place a second square.

Areh? We’re going to expand again….maa, I guess it shouldn’t be a problem.

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