Chapter 94.5

【Companions Race and Name】

【Race】according to the MC’s recognition.


♀ Koa – Leader, one of the kings of the forest

♀ Soa

♂ Hio

♂ Kurou

♂ Shion

【Dire Wolf】Dog

♂ Chai – Leader

♂ Chaya

♂ Chata

♂ Charu

♀ Sau

♀ Sasa

♀ Sami

♀ Kisa


♀ Karen – one of the kings of the forest

【Chuarenier】Giant Spider

♀ Boss-san – one of the kings of the forest


A lot – indistinguishable

【Swasowa】Silk-making bugs

【Anferfurmi】Giant Ant

♀ Shuri


A lot – indistinguishable

【Water Dragon】Round creature with wings

Unknown (Fluffy) – One of the kings of the forest


Indistinguishable from each other


♂ Ai – Leader

♂ Sora

♂ Nea

♂ Raki

♀ Ami

♀ Ayu

♀ Mira

【Earth Dragon】Lizard with wings

Unknown(Flying Lizard) – One of the kings of the forest

【Ice Dragon】Round lump of snow

Unknown(Marshmallow) – One of the kings of the forest

【Water Spirit】Amoeba

【Ice Spirit】Amoeba


Here’s a comment from fellow reader “paulintka”

I recently re-read it all and made a list for myself, because the names are confusing af. Should help you ^^


Koa (kanji: Scarlet Heart) – fenrir king, female, silver fur, red eyes, the biggest

Soa (kanji: Scarlet Sky) – fenrir, female, silver fur

Hio (kanji: Scarlet Sakura) – fenrir, male, silver fur

Shion (kanji: White Sound) – fenrir, male, white fur

Kurou (kanji: Black Sakura) – fenrir, male, black fur

Chai (kanji: Great Tea) – dire wolf, male, brown fur with black spots

Karen (kanji: Red Flame) – phoenix, sparrow-sized bird -> grew 3x bigger, whole red except wings with gradient red-to-white, bits have a gold shine

Boss-san – spider – chuarenier, at first 2.5cm -> size of a watermelon -> as big as Koa, has small wings, female, the guardian of death

about 25 spiderlings, at first fingernail-sized -> 2.5cm -> big

swasowa – insect, 120cm, produces thread, poisonous

Shuri – giant ant, ant queen, anferfurmi, the hell’s guard


Fluffy – deep blue hairball with small eyes, has wings but doesn’t need to use them to fly

new chibi spiders and ants – grew to 50cm

Chaya – dire wolf, male, brown fur with black spots

Chata – dire wolf, male, brown fur with black spots

Charu – dire wolf, male, white fur with brown spots

Sau – dire wolf, female, brown fur with black spots

Sasa – dire wolf, female, brown fur with black spots

Sami – dire wolf, female, brown fur with black spots

Kisa – dire wolf, female, brown fur with red spots, red eyes

squirrels – blue-green fur, horn on head

7 dogs (garm), 3 smaller, leader’s name is Ai

water spirit – floats in the river, looks like a slime or amoeba

lizard – has no wings, but flies


15 x 60cm, looks like youkai with 1 eye, the eye glows, made to process floors

5 x 3 eyed, made to wind the thread from swasowa

6 x 1 horn on forehead, made to process skins

30 x with magic stones in foreheads (at first: 3 light blue, 3 blue, 2 green, 2 transparent), farming corps

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  1. Bamboocha

    It would be nice to have some mini list of companions that are in the chapter at the top of the chapter because more often than not I don’t remember who is behind the name mentioned in this novel. I wouldn’t even mind if it was inside a chapter after the name in parenthesis, example: Koa (Wolf), Boss-san (Giant Spider) etc
    I know it’s not in original novel but author went nuts with all those companions, there is no way to remember them all, especially if we read more novels.

    1. icnzzy

      honestly, same. i had given up on knowing who he is talking about a while ago. if it isn’t too much work parenthesis mentions would really help.
      and thank you for the reliable, good quality translations!

  2. CounterMAN

    big question, what is MC’s name ?

    1. Astha Purohit

      Good one. i don’t remember if MC’s name was even mentioned or not.

  3. Sarah Iqa

    the MC’s name is not mention yet. Because it’s linked with future event.

  4. kyeixin

    I only remember the leaders of each race of animals and try associate the companions the the leaders names that way its easy to remember

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