Chapter 720 – Prada Goes to Battle

My name is Prada.

I am Gucci-sama’s subordinate and currently working in Village Five.

I don’t know why this is happening but…maa, it doesn’t matter.

Village Five is a good place desu yo.

I’m able to enjoy a variety of delicious food anytime and given the cost of those foods, I can eat them every time.

And there is also a lot of entertainment.

The event venue at the foot of the mountain is particularly nice.

If I have time, I want to go there every day.

If you are thinking of moving, I recommend you to put Village Five on your candidate list.


Now, I’ll be traveling to Shashaato City.

I’m going there to participate in a city event as the representative of Village Five desu.

I wondered why I was nominated but apparently, it is about the economy of Shashaato City so I was asked to give advice desu.

I see, I am indeed good when it comes to economic matters.

They are also going to pay for all my expenses while I’m in Shashaato City so there’s no way I’ll turn it down.

After all, I’ll be staying with them for about a month.

Was I bad to think of something like that?

Right after I arrived at Shashaato City, Miyo-san welcomed me.

Then, I felt a strange presence.

It was unpleasant desu.

And that presence is someone familiar.

I could have pretended that I hadn’t noticed it but if people found out that I had noticed it and left it be, they would certainly be angry.

I don’t think they would find out but there’s always a chance that they’ll do.

I’ve learned.

Thus, I will deal with it.

「Miyo-san. This is an emergency. Unfortunately, I can no longer participate in the event.」


「By the way, who are those people in this city that if killed, will cause trouble?」

「What? What are you saying all of a sudden? No matter who is killed, it will cause trouble.」

「Ah, let me rephrase my question, please tell me those people you think village chief or the dragons will be angry at if killed.」

「That, you’re not joking…aren’t you?」

「Ahaha, it’s a joke desu yo. I’m joking. So, who are they?」

「….village chief is related to Michael-san of Goroun Company and the employees of Marla. Bron-san has frequently visited this place recently. I’m not sure about the dragons though. After that, the teachers and students of Ifrus School are related to Loo-sama, village chief’s wife.」

「That’s a lot. However, it’s great that there’s an event. Gather as many people as you can for the event.」

「What are you planning?」

「Nothing much. It’s just if something happens, you don’t need to look around for them, will you? That’s all desu.」


「Please don’t look at me with those scary eyes. I only don’t want to bother village chief or the dragons.」

「….I understand. I’ll take my own precautions here. Do you need reinforcements?」

「I need as much as you can give but please, choose them carefully because they might get killed. I don’t want village chief or the dragons to resent me.」

「To be honest, I don’t understand how much threat Prada-san is feeling. Can you at least tell me?」

「Okay. Let’s just say a child adventurer with a rusty sword visiting a place and suddenly found a sleeping dragon.」

「….I’d run away as fast as I could.」

「I already want to do that. I wish I could, but I can’t…Please pray that nothing will happen.」

「I understand. Please be safe.」

「Thank you. I’ll do my best.」

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I headed towards the source of the strange presence.

It’s a big street in Shashaato City.

This place is standing out in its own way but…I can see something else.

Magic circle.

Maa, it has a recognition inhibition effect so normal people won’t recognize it.

However, this is a legitimate ancient magic circle.

Just passing over this magic circle will be enough for you to be sucked of life force.

The amount that will be absorbed is small so it’s not alarming however, you will faint if you stay in this place for an hour.

And you’ll probably die in two hours.

I will erase part of the magic circle and disable it.

I have no time to erase the whole thing.

Anyway, I already sensed nearly forty magic circles in this city.

Let’s disable those in the port where the event will be held.

I have already contacted Gucci-sama through several channels.

It shouldn’t take him a lot of time to come.

My role is to search for the person who installed these magic circles while disabling them.

I want to avoid battle at all costs.

I don’t want to fight the other party because I know who that person is.

Ah, it’s not confirmed yet but given how…these magic circles are placed, I’m sure it’s her.

Or perhaps her apprentice.

If it’s her apprentice, maybe I can handle this.

I hope it’s her apprentice.

While thinking about things like that, I have disabled around half of the magic circles.


Found it.

Yep, it was her.

It seems like she noticed that the magic circles were disabled so she came out to check on me.

She has….found me?

No no, it’s not like that.

Please don’t glare at me.

I won’t fight.

This isn’t the place to talk so let’s move.

If possible, I’d prefer to be outside the city.

If we get into trouble here, it will cause a lot of trouble.


A grassland northwest of Shashaato City.

Shashaato City is visible from a distance.

In fact, I wanted to move to a more remote place but I can’t help it because of the other party.

「Prada, are you getting in my way?」

「I have no intention to disturb you but I can’t leave those dangerous magic circles alone.」

In front of me was a she-devil like me.

Her name is Beton.

Beton Guri Anon.

She once fought for supremacy against Gucci-sama.

Maa, Gucci-sama won though.

In other words, she’s a downgraded version of Gucci-sama.

No, downgrade of downgrade version.

「Prada, do you want me to take you on?」

「No, I did not have that intention.」

「You’ve just thought of something stupid, haven’t you? I see.」

「Areh? Am I that easy to understand?」

「That’s right. Hey, Prada, how about helping me?」

「Help you?」

「Yeah, if you do that, I’ll forget about what you did during that time.」

That was a long time ago.

When Beton was fighting against Gucci-sama, I interfered desu ne.

I think it can be said that that was the deciding factor in our victory….this is bad.

There’s a great possibility that she’s holding a grudge.

Would it be better for me to side with Beton now?

I’m not sure what to say?

She said she’ll forget about it if I help her.

A devil is a lump of obsession.

Let’s pretend to be with her in order to earn time for Gucci-sama’s subordinates to come.

「Okay, what should I do?」

「Prada, are you kidding me? I already told you that you are easy to read.」

Before I knew it, the shadow on Beton’s feet had already disappeared and appeared behind me trying to envelop me.

This is bad.

I came to this place under Beton’s guidance and it seems like Beton has prepared something here in advance.

She put a magic circle in advance and then I was only carelessly conversing with her.

I couldn’t help but laugh at my own carelessness.


I wonder if three gold coins are enough.

I took out the gold coins and threw them away.

The gold coins I threw shone and pushed back Beton’s shadow.

During that time, I moved to a safe place.

The gold coins, who have finished their role, turn into mud and fall to the ground.

「Kuh, you’re always yelling about not having money but you can easily throw them like that. Did you find a good-paying job?」

「Well, I did but the pay is cheap. However, I’ve already allocated my cost of living from combat use so…I shouldn’t be troubled in battle.」

「Ara, is it? Then, let’s see how much you saved.」

「Ahahaha. I would prefer not doing so.」

If it is a magic circle before it is activated, I should be able to take care of it using silver coins, right?

But Beton would laugh at me if I took out silver coins here.

Thinking about my dignity, I can only prepare gold coins.

Yeah, face is important too.

Devils care about faces.

I have seventeen gold coins left in my hand.

….less than I thought I had.

What should I do?

I wonder how far I can endure against Beton.

I wish Gucci-sama’s men would come before my gold coins are exhausted.


Nonbiri(relaxing) :「Excuse me but….I don’t think I still belong here…」

Isekai: 「D-don’t say something stupid! You’ll be back soon.」

Nonbiri: 「Fuh…speaking of which, where’d that Nouka(Farming) guy go? I can’t even remember the last time I saw him.」

Isekai: 「N-nouka….left a long time ago….」

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