Chapter 721 – Reinforcement?

Yeah, I’ve run out of gold coins.

I’m in a pinch desu.

You don’t know who I am?

Stop that.


You’re not joking.

Oh, come on.

I’m Prada.

I’m a devil who wants to escape but struggling against an opponent who doesn’t seem to want to let me go.


Hmm, this is strange.

Gucci-sama’s men are still not here.

I arrived at Shashaato City this morning.

I noticed Beton’s presence at that time and contacted Gucci-sama immediately.

TN: Beton’s name came from Hermes Beton. A product(?) similar to Hermes Birkin. Hermes and Birkin are both devils in this novel.

It was already past noon when Beton and I met and moved to this place.

Enough time has passed.

I have left proper landmarks for them to find this place but, why aren’t they here?

If nothing happens, I’ll be killed.

Yeah, I’ll be hit soon.

I’m not a battle type.

Beton, on the other hand, is a battle type.

There’s no way I can fight against her.



Why haven’t I been beaten yet?

There’s only one thing I can think of….

She’s weakened!

I don’t know what happened to her but she’s too weak to defeat me.

Yeah, I’m enlightened.

I can do this.

I can do this, I can do this, I can do this, I can do this….not!


Because she wants me to think that way.

That’s Beton’s specialty.

Dangerous, dangerous.

Or rather, why haven’t I thought of her specialty until now.

Once I realized it, I finally understood.

I’m within her barrier.

That means I’ve already fallen into Beton’s trap when I came here.

In other words, there is a possibility that this place is isolated from the outside.

That’s the reason why Gucci-sama’s men have not arrived yet.

Ah, perhaps she misleads me of time too.

When I became conscious of my environment, the sun suddenly set.

It seems like I have been fighting against Beton for quite some time.


And here I thought I’m running out of gold coins too fast.

I’m screwed.

What should I do?

Since I’m still alive and well, it’s clear that Beton is indeed weakened.

However, my means of attack, my gold coins, are running out.

If this situation continues, I’m finished.

Darn it, I still wanted to eat ramen.

And Marla’s curry too.

I’d also like to have one more….or maybe ten more dishes from Big Tree Village.

I also wanted to see more and more artworks.


Somebody, help me.

「I’ll help you.」



In between the fighting me and Beton, a devil woman, who’s wearing maid clothes, showed up.

Gucci-sama’s underling?

Or so I thought but she’s not.

Her maid uniform was different from the one I was wearing.

In other words, it’s a classic.

It’s a slightly old-fashioned maid’s uniform.

Then, I remembered.

She’s Hermes.

She is Versa-sama’s maid desu.



I heard she’s a devil older than Gucci-sama but I don’t know her ability.

I don’t know what she’s capable of but since Gucci-sama speaks with her politely, she must be pretty powerful.

Yes, since she broke into Beton’s barrier, she should be quite capable.

I honestly ask for her help.

「Help me, help me!」

「Prada, have a little more pride.」

Beton complains but I ignore her.

「Prada, she’s right. You could use a little more pride.」

Shut up.

What’s good with pride if you’re facing mortal danger?

Just help me, please.

「Yes, yes, I understand. However, the truth is, I can’t fight.」



Why not?

「Ancient contract.」

Are you making a fool of me!

「No matter what you say, us, devils, must follow whatever’s written in the contract, right?」


「But that doesn’t mean I can’t help you.」

What do you mean?

「I can’t fight but I can bring someone who can.」


Then, please do.

I’m sure Gucci-sama’s men are nearby so you just need to bring them!

「I’m sorry but that would be difficult.」

What do you mean?

「After disposing off the magic circles in Shashaato City, they left.」





You’re joking, right?

「This is not the time to joke around, isn’t it? But don’t worry, I’ll bring someone who can stand up to that devil.」

A-are you sure?

You can bring someone who can fight against Beton?

「Leave it to me. Maa, for the time being, Prada-san will have to defend on your own until I bring that person here.」

P-please do it fast.

「It will be fast. Since I’ll forcibly bring him here.」

Hermes said so and disappeared.

「To be able to enter and leave my barrier like it was nothing…she’s exasperating.」

Beton is angry.

Can I really buy enough time against an angry Beton?


I can only try.


I did my best.

My very best.

I evaded all of Beton’s attacks until Hermes-san brought someone who could take on Beton.

And we won.

Or so I thought but….

The man Hermes-san brought….

Well, what can I say….

A stout old man?

I’m sorry.

I lied.

He’s an overweight, middle-aged demon.

He’s wearing fancy-looking clothes and he looks like he has high social status. So, who is he?

He looks insanely weak, isn’t he?

Hermes-san, Hermes-san, another one, another one please!

「He’ll be fine alone desu yo. Watch.」

Even if you say that, hey.

I’m an ally.

I’m on your side!

The enemy is over there.

Yes, the one over there.

Perhaps Hermes-san had already explained the situation to him before he was brought here. The fat, middle-aged demon pulled out the sword on his waist and slashed it at Beton.

Ohh, regardless of how it looks, it was a very sharp slash.

He slashed Beton from head to toe.

However, it’s not working.

Swords don’t work against Beton.

Beton is just standing there as if nothing happened.

「I see. A real devil.」

The fat, middle-aged demon steps away from Beton and prepares his sword.

「I apologize for attacking suddenly. Let me tell you my name. I am Watogang. Watogang Pugyaru. I am a count of the Demon King’s Kingdom.」


He’s Count Pugyaru of the Demon King’s Kingdom?

Hey, Hermes-san, is it okay to bring someone like him?

I don’t want to get into trouble later.

Without worrying about me, Beton introduced herself to Count Pugyaru.

「Beton Guri Anon」

「Beton…a greater devil. I am honored to deal with someone who has left her name in history books.」

「Fufufu. Did you really think that demons can beat devils?」

「That’s already an old saying. We’ve made a lot of effort to win against the unbeatable. Let’s go!」

What do you mean let’s go? Wait!

Swords don’t work on Beton…

Count Pugyaru threw away his sword as he approached Beton and struck her with his bare hands.

And that’s not all.

Using the momentum of his blow, he struck her with his elbow on her body, then attacked her with his shoulder.

All of them are working.

Beton was surprised.

「It’s not good being too famous, isn’t it, Disease Devil Beton? Swords are useless against diseases. However, my well-trained body can withstand diseases. If it’s a fistfight, I can do it pretty well.」


Beton completely focused on Count Pugyaru.

Alright, I’m saved.

But I’m not too happy about it.

I remembered.

Count Pugyaru is Gol-kun’s father-in-law.

According to my judgment, I need to at least protect him.

I mean….

「Devil maid over there, I’ll leave the defense to you.」

I can’t refuse Count Pugyaru’s request.

However, isn’t this situation now more troublesome than before? I only needed to protect myself earlier, now, I have to defend him too.

Ah, I’ll come forward immediately when he calls for me.

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