Chapter 75 – Miyamoto Picks Up the Demon King. And Succeeded Using Sweets

「—as long as we won’t face a demon king, we will win!」

I nodded proudly at him.

「I’ll follow you for the rest of my life!」

You, our hero, are the strongest badass…..Nakajima….Atom-senpai…!

And at that time, we found a little girl walking in the forest.

「Fox ears. It’s strange that we could meet one here.」

She looks like an 11 or 12-year-old girl.

That twin-tailed, blonde girl is walking with a beautiful, fox-ear oneesan with a slender body.

「….how could the two of them walk alone in this forest….we should bring them with us.」

That blonde girl….she’s so beautiful as if she’s a work of art.

The word cute was invented for her.

She’s not in my strike zone because I don’t have that kind of hobby but if she was found by someone with that hobby, that person would surely be blown away.

Maa, even if she’s not in my strike zone, I still like the fox ear oneesan.

I mean, she’s slender but she’s properly busty in the right places.

Yeah, she’s a fit erotic type.

Also, though I don’t dislike it, she’s surprisingly speaking in kansai dialect.

And at that time….I noticed that Atom-senpai was in a nostalgic state.

「….atom senpai?」

「To think that such a lovely girl exists. 」

「You mean the fox ears? I know what you mean…she’s plump at the right places….but slender on all others. 」

「No, not the older one! I’m talking about the blonde twin tails! 」

—that’s your type!

Come to think of it, I think I heard some rumors like that about senpai….

「Anyway, there’s no one else but us in this forest. Even if someone sees us, we’re from the criminal guild anyway. It won’t affect us in any way. Shall we commit a crime and kidnap them? I’ll take the fox ear and senpai will take the blonde twin tail…. 」

Senpai shook his head and sighed.

「You can’t do that, Miyamoto. 」

「Why? 」

「What do you mean? 」

「…..Yes, Lolita no touch. A little girl is meant to be loved with eyes, you know.」

「Then, let’s just get the fox ears….」

「’t….you can’t do that, Miyamoto.」


「….the blonde twin tail and the fox ears seem to know each other. If we take the fox ears….won’t the blonde twin tail be scared? I’m not naïve enough to dye that angelic smile with fear.」

Damn it….he transformed into a gentleman.

However, senpai is scary when he’s angry.

「So, Miyamoto.」

「What is it?」

Atom-senpai took sweets from his bosom….and handed it to me.

「Use this and pick up the blonde twin tail.」

「Pick up?」

「Yes, I want to see her closer….I want to love her with my eyes. I want to be healed by watching her adorable figure. Also, we are currently in the forest of no return….I’m worried about the blonde twin tail. I can’t let a work of art-like little girl like her be in danger.」

Ah, this guy is a perverted gentleman.

But, but….after all, senpai is scary when he’s angry.

So, I walked to the blonde twin tail and offered her some candy.

Then, she said “you have an auspicious intention….” but decided to come with us without complaint.

We are going to accompany these girls to their destination guaranteeing their safety but it seemed that we were going in the same direction.

—and, well….that’s how we arrived at our destination. The home of those hateful hand-riding rabbits.

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