Chapter 48 – A Genius Demonkin Turned Subordinate



「She certainly became a prisoner.」

「So I heard…」

Kaara is being imprisoned in a room which restricted magic power in the capital.

Even magicians, a mid-privilege class, may violate national prohibition.

In that case, such a room is set up to detain the magician.

Even if the demonkin advance magician Kaara were to resists, she will be held down.

In order to completely suppress her, a number of intermediate magician like sensei  keeps on chanting dispel without sleeping or resting.

If there is a need to, there is also an advance magician like Kaara in the castle.

On top of that, knights and soldiers hardened their defenses around the room to prevent escape, so Kaara finally gave up and became quiet.

「Lyle, you did bad things as cursing me in such condition and spreading rumors that I’m an evil person which is causing problems with old-fashioned leadership. That’s useful.」

In a sarcastic tone, Nicolas Laertius laughs pathetically  with his long brown beard.

He is the current prime minister of the Kingdom of Silesie, Lyle-sensei’s father.

「It looks like it, father.」

Lyle-sensei has a feeling of rivalry towards Kaara.

He looks sullen and is squirming because she did not like her enemy was caught by her father.

Kaara went to Prime Minister Nicolas and says “Kill the hero and Princess Silhouette to obtain the real power of the country”. The Prime Minister pretended to accept that conspiracy and caught Kaara in a trap.

As expected of sensei’s father, a schemer with vivid skill.

Nicolas was the royal families tutor and he is also an advance magician. It is said that he is the Great Teacher of the Kingdom of Silesie.

「Hero Takeru-sama, I’m certainly an old-fashioned as my incompetent son says. However, I will never forget my feeling towards the country. I am pleased that I was able to prove it by capturing this demonkin.」

TN: He refers Lyle as musuko = son

As Prime Minister Nicolas said so, a sarcastic kukuku laugh floated from him.

I will absolutely back up sensei but this man isn’t a bad person either.

「By the way, I wonder what will happen. To her…」

Kaara who is sitting in a chair in the middle of the room is wearing her black hood covering her eyes and still not saying anything.

Will she beg for her life..”Kuh, kill me” I guess not.

「Ofcourse, you’ll be killed.」

Lyle-sensei says so.

However, there might be a reason why Prime Minister Nicolas keeps her alive..

「No, this demonkin is also quite good at martial arts. If the knights tried to kill her, it will only increase the number of injured person so I waited for hero-sama’s arrival. I would appreciate it if you give divine punishment directly.」

The prime minister says such a thing.

Uh, everyone is on the “Kill!” flow.

But I don’t want to kill a non resisting woman no matter if she’s a demonkin of how much a sinner she is.

This is why I hate real fantasy.

「People who died because of Kaara’s unsealing of the miasma hole of doom, coup d’etat, and war instigation is not less than 10,0000 if you put it together. Of course, we should kill her.」

Lyle-sensei encouraged me to make up my mind.

As it was an important thing, he said “kill” twice.

By the way, it is better leave it to a specialist. I’ll ask a demonkin, Oracle.

「There is a way for hero-dono to subjugate Kaara without killing her.」

「Oh, there is such convenient method? 」

As expected of Doraemon, no you’re Oracle!

TN: As you’ve seen in the illustrations, demonkins have blue skins

「Umm, there is something called “Demonking Curse Slave Contract”. That old demon king created that spell to make hopeless subordinates listen to him. You should exchange a contract with mutual agreement and put a curse slave crest on her forehead. 」

「Can I use it even if I’m not a demon king? 」

「It doesn’t matter whether you’re a demon king or not. What is important is for the curse slave contract have a mutual consent. 」

「By the way, what happens when you break the contract?」

「Normally, limbs will be pulverized and you’ll die.」

「Oh, that’s gross.」

「How about it Kaara? Do you want to die now? Or will you be my slave?」

To be honest, I think that Kaara would choose to die.

In short, I just presented her with choices to ease my sense of guilt.

I’m a human who lives in this harsh world of “real fantasy”.

I’m prepared to execute this mortal sinner woman but I feel strongly that I do not want to do it.

I forget how much angry Kaara is to Oracle’s betrayal.

She probably thought that it’s impossible for her to be a slave of the hero.

「Takeru, I will be your slave.」

As I thought.


—Scene Change—

「Takeru-dono, how many times do I have to tell you that you should kill her now? 」

Sensei urges me and I think almost all of the citizen of the Kingdom of Silesie will say so.

Anyway, she’s the ring leader who removes the seal of the miasma hole of doom.

She’s so hated that I got tired of hearing them saying she’s an enemy.

However, in case of the unscrupulous sensei, I’m a little suspicious that he simply doesn’t like her.

No, that’s not the case…..right?

「Sensei, we can use Kaara if she became a slave. 」

「Are you insane? You sometimes make choices that are beyond my imagination, Takeru-dono…」

No, there are times that I have to draw comparatively from sensei’s choice.

「Kaara can cast superior magic. Moreover, she has personal connections not just on Silesie but also inside Transylvania. Perhaps, she must also have in other countries.」

「That being said, she certainly is…」

Her usage is considerably high.

Although the scale is different, it is the same as using criminals for crime prevention.

「Because I’m going to make her Oracle’s subordinate, she can’t kill her because she’s also a demonkin. Rather than killing her here, she’ll hate it more to be a slave. That’s going to be her punishment.」

「I will never accept it in my heart but I’ll give up if that is Takeru-dono’s judgement.」

With a dissatisfied face, Lyle-sensei reluctantly withdraw.

I’m scared borrowing sensei’s favor, he’ll probably force me to marry the princess.

「It seems like the talk has been decided. I’m going to teach the method for the “Demon King’s Curse Slave Contract”. Have you decided on the agreement?」

「Yes, I thought of it already.」

There are three articles on Kaara’s Demon King’s Curse Slave Contract.

Article 1,Kaara must obey Sawatari Takeru. She must absolutely comply with Sawatari Takeru’s order.

Article 2 Kaara, should not directly or indirectly harm human beings. Also, she must not harm humans by overlooking harm to humans. Provided, however, that this shall not apply in cases where it violates Article 1.

Article 3, unless there is a risk of contradicting Article 1 and Article 2, she must protect herself.

「I am fine with those conditions, I understand them.」

Kaara was awfully quiet. When I removed her black hood, I saw her real face for the first time.

She has the same blue skin of Oracle, is that a characteristic of demonkins? She has thin eyebrows and her eyes are purple. Her hair is pale blond.

Here facial features are well-equipped to be considered as a beautiful woman. Her pale pink lips are smiling.

She’s a demonkin so I’m not really sure. She looks like a young woman who didn’t even reach 20.

「According to her looks, she’s 19 years old.」

「Is that so? Then Kaara, I will put the curse slave crest.」

「Yes, ugh…」

Is it painful when the crest was put in her head? Kaara knitted her well shaped eyebrows.

The curse slave crest is in the form of a cross.

There is no Christianity in this world so cross means crucifixion that exactly restricts other party.

If Kaara violates the contract, her limbs will be divided into four and die.

「By the way Kaara, why did you quietly become my slave? 」

「Does the ringleader who made me a slave really asking that? 」

She’ll be supervised by Oracle-chan so it is hard to think that she’s trying to trap us in reverse.

Because it is too anticlimactic, I cannot help but worry.

「Didn’t you bear a grudge against me?」

「You’re hero Takeru, you’re being over conscious.」

「Don’t say that.」

「I’m sorry.」

Am I too self conscious? It’s a subtle damage.

I should have include to avoid mental attack in the contract.

「I am angry enough to forget that Oracle betrayed the demonkin. As you are the hero of humans, it is natural for you to stop the demon king’s resurrection that I orchestrated. Even if there is hostility, there is no grudge. I, who lose, is evil.」

「I’m not sure if it’s really like that.」

I don’t want a slave whose hostile.

Truly, you don’t’ have to obey emotionally.

If I think about it in a reasonable way, you may be temporarily succumbing to the enemy for a purpose.

「Yes. When I became a prisoner here, I looked back on the measure I had taken so far for the first time in a while. I was foolish.」

「Well, you were exhausted in the latter half.」

If Kaara, who has genius level magical skills, has Lyle-sensei’s brain, the demon king was revived long ago.

At that time, perhaps humans are on the verge of extinction.

「In other words, I reflected. Even though I am your slave, I think this is a situation where I have to live.」

「Are you still not giving up?」

Really persistent, she’s probably already scheming something.

Probably Lyle-sensei too. I feel like they’re rolling up a plan already.

「Fufufu, that’s right. As long as I live, there is a chance that a legendary demon king will be revived and the age of the demonkin’s will rise again. I became too emotional and made a mistake in my choices. Because you give the foolish me a chance to live, I am grateful. 」

The demonkin’s seem to have longer lifespan than humans.

I wonder if she can wait until I die.

「Well, I don’t care what happens after I die. Anyway, I’m going to use you so much so you don’t have to thank me.」

「Don’t be too hard on me please……」

Thus, the hidden advance magician, the demonkin Kaara became my slave.

The attitude of Kaara is overwhelming that I’m still doubtful whether it is a trap.

—Scene Change—

We came back to the fortress city of Ox with Kaara.

When we went to the capital, Princess Silhouette and Jill came with us without saying anything.

Prime Minister Nicolas also didn’t say anything about me taking the princess.

He is Lyle-sensei’s father. Meeting him this is may have been good since I was able to know that he was competent and he’s not a bad person.

And because he’s sensei’s father, I don’t know what he’s up to.

「What’s wrong Takeru-dono? Do I have something on my face?」

「No, sensei has a beautiful face as usual.」

「Takeru-dono, I’m glad that you praise my appearance but I’ll be more delightful if you praise my head.」

His face blushed a little and looked down as if dissatisfied.

Lyle-sensei has no dere in me.

When we enter the castle of Ox, I am troubled with how to handle Kaara.

I can’t let a demonkin in the same room as other people so I have to put her in a private room.

「Kaara will be a maid for the time being so clean the castle.」

「Yes master, your wish is my command.」

That’s pretty rebellious.

Ofcourse she’s not allow to reject orders so she starts cleaning with a rebellious tone.

「Hey, don’t you need cleaning tools?」

「I can clean using magic.」

Kaara used wind magic and started sweeping. That’s convenient.

Moreover, she did not chant, as expected of an advance magician.

By the way, if I order her “Clean” without time limit, will she do it forever?

The curse slave contract is a terrible curse so I told her “You can rest if you judge that your done.”.

「Hmm, that’s pretty.」

When I checked what she’s doing later, although it was a stone castle, the floor was shiny without dust. Even the old and dull carpets are as good as new.

Because I leave it to her judgement, even with her rebellious lips, I understand that she’s the serious type.

「Am I more useful than Oracle? If possible, I would like to use my head rather than my body.」

「Hmmm, your head…. I will think about it.」

「So, what should I do next, wise master?」

「Sarcastic…. You’ll be on your free time for the time being. However, don’t do bad things. You eat the same things as humans, right? Because you’ve done my order properly, go to the dining room if you’re hungry.」

Although it is not possible for her to harm humans, we can’t trust her so much.

Also, even if you say that you want to use your head, I feel like your two to three steps behind compared to Lyle-sensei  in terms of plotting something.

Sensei is enough as the magician strategist this time so I haven’t thought the use of Kaara properly.

First, I wanted to make sure that she can really be a subordinate so her free action today is the authentic start. I’ll decide about it tomorrow.

That night, when Oracle and Sharon were waiting on the bed, Kaara came.

「What is it? I thought I already told you that you’re free to do anything today.」

「I was wondering if it is necessary for me to be your partner at night, master.」

With a provocative face, Kaara take off her black robe and drop it.

I wouldn’t ask for such thing.

Kaara is surely a beautiful woman and her proportion is good. Are her black bikini type undergarment a standard for demonkins?

Who’s the manufacturer? Is it popular?

「You, it’s just that …」

「Er, why are you so amazed? I’m pretty attractive right? At least it’s better than the shorty sleeping there.」

「Are you picking a fight with me?!」

「Oh, I’m just saying the truth.」

And so, Kaara said another sense of provocation this time, looking down at Oracle-chan who was lying on the bed.

Saying shorty just like that.

「It’s war. When you said something about my chest, it’s already war!」

「Oh my, I was talking about your back, but I guess a shorty will also mind her chest.」

TN: Kaara is calling her チンチクリン(chinchikurin) – which means a short person or stumpy

Haa, these guys.This pattern is sloppy so stop it.

Was there a slave who comes and interferes his master’s good sleep?

Ah, when I think about it, there’s a lot in my place….

I really need to reconsider.

「Ah, you two, stop quarrelling. Kaara, I do not trust you, so I can’t let you enter my bed.」

「Serves you right Kaara. I alone is enough to attend through the night!」

Oracle is standing on the bed, triumphantly sticking out her chest that is almost flat.

「I’m here, too……」

「Sharon, do not forcibly enter their conversation and be tainted.」

If the respectable Sharon will be tainted by the color of the demonkin, I’ll be troubled.

The saintess Ria is strange but these demonkins are strange in the opposite vector.

「Hmm. Oracle doesn’t have a curse slave crest but I trust her very much.」

Kaara, who was fueling provocatively until a while ago, sighed with a slightly anticlimactic face.

「I am trusted by Takeru, so there you have it.」

「A hero who trusts a demonkin is really strange….」

Her face seems that she’s discourage. Probably because Kaara, who’s working behind the scenes, effort in reviving the demon king till now was useless.

Somewhat, it may be unavoidable to persevere. It is good if you grow up.

「Anyway, Kaara, you don’t seem to have your usual energy.」

「Do you think so? I’m not sure what I should do after my dream of reviving the demon king collapses….」

It’s a burnout syndrome.

Is it because you lost sight of the goal that you were actively working for?

「Then, were you depressed by such a thing? Kaara, I will make babies with Takeru sooner or later. One of them may become a demon king soon.」

「Hey, I have no such plan!」

Stop it, Oracle.

Don’t get caught in her when she called you shorty.

Besides, if you say such a thing to a depressed person, she will receive it truly.

No matter how much you want to torment Kaara, it is a bad hobby to lie.

「Oracle, that…. true!?」

「Well, if you talk about bloodline, the child(hybrid) of Immortal king Oracle and Hero Takeru is good enough to be the demon king of the next generation.」

「No, Kaara. Don’t take it seriously.」

Kaara kneeled and get the black robe she took off.

Ah, I have a bad feeling.

「No, Kaara. Don’t take it seriously.」

「Oracle, no, your Majesty Immortal Princess Oracle. I didn’t know that you had such noble thought, of my former rude remarks, I humbly ask your forgiveness…..」

「Umu, as long as you understand.」

「Hey Kaara, don’t mind what she’s saying.」

It is useless, the purple eyes of Kaara are sparkling.

Once a man has fallen to the edge of despair, the nectar in the name of hope is too sweet.

But, the side story should have not become like this.

「I had enough. Kaara, go back to your room and sleep.」

「By your will, national father Takeru-sama.」

TN: Kaara called Takeru 国父(guófù)which means father/founder of the nation

She had a curse slave contract so I should have ordered her from the beginning.

There is something in the kneeling Kaara’s purple eyes that is scary. It has a suspicious glow.

What is it? What is this?

I’m not going to make a half demon half human child.

It’s going to have an unfortunate upbringing!

Please stop joking…….



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