Chapter 52 – Magic Armstrong Cannon



「Long time no see Takeru.」

「Oh, Sarah-chan.」

I met her after a really long time. A girl with silky blonde hair.

She didn’t grow that much even after not seeing each other after a long time. I’m worried about the future.

It was Sarah who took the position of commander of my personal guard corps of my volunteer army after using her connection with me but….

The battle is getting more intense so Louise stated her opinion “There is no excuse if you let the daughter of Rod family killed in combat.”.

I force her to withdraw to her hometown by  promoting her as the magistrate of Losgow village.

By the way, Losgow village is not a part of my territory but a part of Marquis Donovan territory. I specifically asked them to employ a magistrate in there.

If I gave her the management of Losgow village that we were previously doing and even recommended Sarah to take the volunteer corps to display men in uniform in her hometown, I thought that she would listen obediently.

TN: Remember that Lyle was the one who’s previously managing Losgow village

Still, “I’m Takeru’s personal guard.” is what Sarah complained about while hesitating taking the promotion.

It gave me a hard time persuading her and tell her that I’m going to pick her up after she becomes an adult.

Frankly speaking, Sarah’s household, the Rod Family, is just a slightly big farmhouse but…

In our adventurer era, before I met Lyle-sensei, Louise and I have been genuinely indebted to them. There is such consideration.

Though she’s still 13 years old, Sarah-chan reigns as a magistrate of Losgow village leading the volunteer corps(which are also children of Losgow village). It seems that she also developed the village and raised the Rod’s house as the village’s richest farmer but that is another story.

「Natal asked me to bring the new cannon and cannonballs here.」

「Oh, is it the armstrong cannon?」

It is the breechloading-type cannon which has a rifling.

Did they finally complete it?

By the way, Natal Dacole is an engineer who took care of me during my merchant days.

He, too, has succeeded as the head of the Mine Association Guild of the Ye Mountain Range from a small iron mine governor near the Losgow village.

As Natal is also an excellent engineer, I have use him with intermediating with the Blacksmith Guild to make cannon and gun.

「It was hard, because it was so heavy. It cannot be carry by an ordinary wagon so we needed to make a big wagon or the horses won’t even start walking.」

「I’m sorry for that. If possible, I want to buy each carriage, I’ll pay the price.」

A large wagon enough to carry a fixed cannon, there will be considerable usage with it.

Well, for now, when I went to see the rifling cannon, it was finished in a tremendous long battery.

What is the shape of it’s cannonball?

Hey, Sarah-chan. This shape is quite different from what I and Lyle-sensei cooperatively designed ….

「As ordered by Takeru, this is the Armstrong cannon.」

「The shape is entirely different.」

「But it is written in the specifications properly.」

「No, the problem is probably my writing. I purposely wrote it in high rank letter so that it won’t be read easily.」

「If you eagerly combined it with the previous part, someone (I’ll do it) can deliver it in three days.」

「Uwa, that sounds like a smart thing to do… but have you already learn the letters?」

「Lyle-sensei was the one who taught me and I’m still receiving homework.」

「Well, Sarah-chan was also a student of the Cheat Lyle-sensei.」

By the way, using this world’s standard, only a genius child can read and write high rank letters if he comes from a farming village.

Whether Sarah-chan was originally smart or sensei’s teaching method is a cheat, it’s a delicate point.

However, the Blacksmiths.

Though there were specifications, they created this with using my writing mischief.

「What is the magic detonator(Mahou Raikan) on this rear part?」

「Ah that, because it was impossible to create the detonator that Takeru says, the frustrated Natal-san put a fire iron wand to initiate the explosion.」

I’m sure this is going to be a decent rifling cannon.

Even if I’m an amateur, the structure is strange…

「There’s a rifling groove.」

「That groove is probably not working. But it is all right because it fires bow magic “spiral arrow” as a discharge.」

Isn’t that different from the original design?

This cannot be called armstrong cannon anymore, this should be called magic armstrong cannon.

「They said that the exterior cladding has taken reference from the strange metal that Takeru get from the miasma hole of doom.」

「Oh, that erosion-resistant alloy? I will be thankful if it this would be rust proof.」

Even if I sent the blacksmith of this world a neat design, I never thought they’ll make it without any basis.

To make a precision cannon is one thing that I’m not suitable for.

「For now, the risk of accidental discharge seems to have decreased.」

「That is dangerous…」

Sarah gives an ambiguous tongue and says “There’s a little gas leak in breechloading type.”.

Is that really okay?

Oh well, there are a lot of place to put it in the fortress city of Ox anyway. Let’s place it in and test it.

I’ll have the gunner to wear fire-resistant armor for life protection just it case it accidentally explodes.

In a sense, since real fantasy has magic, it can be said that cannons can be operated safely compared to the real middle ages.

It’s a strange feeling to compensate for the lack of science and technology with magic.

「Oh, about the magic gun (rifle), you have to wait a little longer for production.」

「Ah, that’s right, it can’t be helped.」

It seems to be more difficult to make a precision rifle than a cannon.

There’s no way I can make it, so it’s frustrating to leave it to the experts.

「Although I said that, interesting cannonballs were made too.」

「Eh? What kind?」

「It was in Takeru’s project document, the net casting bullet.」

「Oh, the one that shoots net instead of cannonballs.」

It was one of the advanced knowledge that I remembered vaguely.

If I’m not mistaken, I got this idea from the japanese police that uses something similar to shoot a net.

「This net is fire proof. It spreads out covering the enemy as it falls.」

「Eh, amazing. It would be great if it is sticky. Oh, does it have thorns?」

「Ah, do not touch the thorns absolutely. It has the giant spider’s deadly poison so you’ll die if you were pierced.」

「Oh, you mean the one that we got in large quantities in Oracle’s Great Cave? Well, I thought Wake has taken them back to the Thieves guild.」

「Lyle-sensei and the Thieves Guild made it together. Because it has the viscous threads of the giant spider, a large monster such as a wyvern and its dragon knight will fall if they were caught up.」

Indeed, I understand that this will be more effective in fighting a flying enemy than using bullets. Not only that it will seal the enemy’s movements but it also has a deadly poison.

I have no intention of designing a heinous weapon but … ….

「Besides, there are a lot of grapeshot bullets there too.」

「Eh, this…. It is for the shotgun that I asked to be made.」

「That is for cannon use. It is an experimental cartridge that has six small bullets and nine cartridge were created as prototype.」

TN: Basically, they created a shotgun type bullet(grapeshot) for the rifle cannon. One cartridge has six small bullets embedded to it. This is basically a cannon that has rifling and has the ability to fire a shotgun shell.

「Are you serious …?」

I am certain that the grapeshot bullets is necessary for the cannon. It has a short effective range but it can be drafter for anti-infantry.

Did they take my idea of a shotgun shell to make a bullet for the cannon?

Certainly, an old style cannon has the advantage of being able to use it as a bullet since you can stuff it with anything and use it as bullets.

You can stuff it with pachinko balls and strike it out.

「Sensei also said, if the fuse gets wet, it will be unusable. To be able to use it, attached a knife at the tip of the muzzle and use it as a spear.」

「It’s not a bayonet… I forgot about that idea.」

The gunman corps are now equipped with swords for close quarters.

In some cases, they are carying spear at the same time, but it is certainly much more efficient to use the gun as it is.

But why did Lyle-sensei, who is a man of this age, came up with a bayonet idea.

I do not remember saying such a thing to Lyle-sensei ….

Well, it’s useless to think about it now.

It is all because of Lyle-sensei’s magic modification cheat.

Sensei probably rushed the development of the new cannon and cannonballs before the magic gun(a rifle). Perhaps it is about the possibility of war with the Germania Empire.

Sensei doesn’t say anything unnecessary so this is just my guess.

Perhaps if the empire will attack, the capital and the fortress city of Ox will be the final line of defence to hold the enemy in check.

If that is so, the Kingdom of Silesie can fight for 10 years with the food and woolen products of Marquis Est territory and the mineral resources form the Ye mountain range.

…. I think that that is the strategy.

Although it seems to be peaceful now, Lyle-sensei judged “To prepare in a hurry” considering the tight international situation.

「Hey, you okay, Takeru?」

「Oh, sorry, just thinking a little.」

「You are a bit tired, you had better take a good rest.」

「Sarah-chan should also take a rest for a while.」

Traveling on a horse-drawn carriage is quite tiring.

Now we don’t have to worry about war so it’s okay for Sarah to stay here.

「I’ll have a bit but as soon as the tests of the cannon’s are over, I will return soon.」

「Oh, that’s right.」

It’s a little strange.

She was reluctant to be promoted that much.

I thought that she would stay again.

「Working as the magistrate of the Losgow village has become interesting and I was satisfied when I saw Takeru’s face after a long time. If I don’t study harder, I’ll just get in the way if I were at Takeru’s side.」

「Fuu, Sarah-chan has become an adult a little.」

Her appearance hasn’t changed that much but her character is growing.

There are many more childish people around me than Sarah-chan.

I might be one as well.

「Yes, Takeru will come to pick me up as soon as I’m an adult. By that time, I’ll be able to do as much as sensei.」

「Aiming to be like Lyle-sensei is a bit too ambitious but allow me to use you when you reach a certain point.」

「Ah, I’ll be of use. Don’t forget it.」

「Yes, please administer Losgow village firmly. When Lyle-sensei and I have left our job there, I have been half anxious so…」

「Yes, now I’m going to put it to good use in that respect. Two years is fast. Until then I will also build up my studies and become a good woman, so please wait and look forward to it.」

She’ll be an adult in two years?

Ah, in the world, 15 years old is considered an adult.

I can only see her as a child now and I don’t think she’ll be a good woman when she turns 15….

I will not say such unnecessary things to the girl who seems to be a lady even if she’s still small. I am also growing up.

「Then the next time I’ll see Takeru, you’re also a better man.」

「Oh, yeah, that’s right.」

The words Sarah said when she left.

Strangely remained in my ear.

By the time Sarah-chan is 15 years old (adult), I should also be 20 years old (adult).

—Scene Change—

「Well, I wonder what to do.」

Somehow recently, every time I meet a person I am told that I should take a good rest.

I wonder if I have such a tired face.

The castle of Ox is a very comfortable place. It has the best bath and bed.

Rather, Oracle-chan who’s in the vicinity is saying “Recently, I’m sleeping all day.”  (Well, Oracle-chan says that but she’s only sleeping beside me.).

I don’t think I don’t have enough rest.

Speaking of tiredness, Oracle-chan is directly massaging me (it is so comfortable that I raised some strange voice) so I’m in good condition.

At such time, you should do something you want to do rather than rest.

I decided to call Louise immediately.

「Have you called my lord?」

「Yes, I think it’s about time for me to formally bestow Suzanne and Claudia as knights.」

Although they are still small, they have come to be able to play an active part well enough after they have obtained a lightweight, high-defense black cedar big shield.

At their current level, I think that even if they are formally knighted, they will not be too enthusiastic to be killed in battle.

「Takeru…… you, you really grew up.」

「Well, that’s right, I must reward the work of the two.」

Louise came in front of me and gently touched my shoulder.

I’m glad to be praised by Louise but aren’t you praising me too much?

「There is that too and before you make them a knight, you wanted to speak with their direct superior first before telling them.」

「Er, yes.」

「The two are still young and still do not know the etiquette of a bestowed knight yet. Rather than telling to the two directly, you call for me to teach them.For my lord to have such a consideration …..I am truly proud.」

「Ah, well.」

No, I was not thinking that far, but somehow.

Louise’s red-colored eyes were moist to tears.

「Okay, let’s have a big knight bestowal ceremony. I’ll prepare.」


Thus, between the audience where the red carpet laid in the castle, two of them, Suzanne and Claudia, officially became my knights.

The two of them has a solemn expression. When they state their oath, their voices were trembling in an inspiring way.

It was impressive that Louise was crying violently in the back for some reason.

She was like a mother with two daughters graduating.

Louise who usually looks like a cool knight is very emotional.

「Yossh, Suzanne, Claudia. You may wish for anything you like as a gift for your knighthood. I’ll grant it if I can.」

You can give me half of the world.

Well, such a request is nothing but rude as it will halve the world of man.

Suzanne and Claudia were consulting each other. Suzanne, as the representative, says.

「We’d like to take bath with master.」

「Okay, but is it such a good thing?」

To be honest, I have been secretly making long spears of black cedar as gift for the two of them.

Apart from that, is taking a bath that good?

When I think about it carefully, the two of them have been severely served as my guard, but I did not do that kind of thing.

「And we also want Commander Louise to join!」

As Claudia said so, Louise had rounded her eyes.

Well, I have never seen Louise taking a bath in a bathroom, but is it okay?

—Scene Change—

「What are you doing, Louise?」

The bath attendant Roll has already gone in a dash.

I do not intend to force you.

Louise’s naked body, my desire to see it is at the level that it came from another world. It is true that I really want to see it.

I also want to celebrate the bestowal of the two but it is much lower than my overwhelming desire.

「I don’t care if it’s good, but I don’t like baths very much.」

When she says so, i somehow feel that she stinks of sweat.

The climate in the kingdom of Silesie is quite dry, so it is enough to just wipe it with hot water.

Because I’m taking a bath, all of our slave girls have grown to like baths, but Louise is not so fond of it.

When you become an adult, there may be resistance to adopting new customs.

Louise is one of the few “adult women” in the house.

「It’s okay Louise, this might be a good opportunity. Come in with me.」

「If my lord says so…」

That’s, there’s no ulterior motive.

I’m sorry, but I really want to refrain from the truth this time.

「Naa, my lord…. Although it is a hot water bath, taking off clothes in front of other people is…」

「Louise, you can hide it, you know.」

Surprisingly, Louise is wearing a cute scarlet brassieres.

By the way, there are brassiere in this world but it has a slightly unstylish design.

Intellectual curiosity, no, I thought it would be a kind of business so I secretly ask Ria about it.

It seems that it has been created by the Founding King Renz. He made a practical women’s underwear called brasher and spread it between the sisters of the church and the aristocrats.

Until then, ladies were wearing cramped corset like restraint to maintain a beautiful figure so it was a hit and become explosive among wealthy women.

On the other hand, there is a social inequality in this real fantasy world that the common people just wore shirt and doesn’t even wear underpants.

I have started this commentary suddenly.

It was because I do not know how I should express how I felt at the glimpsed of Louise’s gentle bra.

Don’t dye your cheeks red with shyness Louise, you’re really moe so stop that kind of gesture.

Maybe Louise is much more of an ojou-sama than I thought.

If it’s a female knight, I had the image of Jill that will unbashfully go to the bath naked in a cool manner and even saying “gahahaha”.

Louise has a proper shyness.

「Louise, roll a big towel to conceal it!」

「Ah, yeah, I’m sorry.」

Because Louise is using a small towel and tries to hide only the important part.

Her body line looked beautiful.

I also unintentionally diverted my eyes.

This is embarrassing.

Louise’s body, of course, is trained to be a warrior’s body.

It is made to feel the elegance of a girl is firm like in the chest or the stomach.

Even the fiery red hair is beautiful.

Hmm, Louise might be a good lady.

No, this is bad, I should try not to think too much deeply.

If you are too conscious in the bathroom, you will be in trouble.

Because it is important, I’ll say it many times.

For my woman’s preference, both appearance and personality, is undoubtedly Louise.

In the midst of my memory, Louise it the first person I saw when I was thrown out into a different world.

Perhaps my women’s standard may have become her.

「Well, Louise is going to take a bath after a long time, so enjoy the bathtub first. I’ll wash Suzanne and Claudia.」

「Ah, is that so…」

Perhaps this is the first time she’ll bathe in the castle, Louise bashfully head towards the bathtub.

When Claudia went into the bathtub, she laughed and says it’s just hot water.

Suzanne is also accustomed to it.

Oops, it is unwise to see Louise as she takes the towel.

「Okay, I’ll wash Suzanne’s body first.」

Suzanne who came to me abruptly has a hair color that resembles Louise.

If Louise is burning deep red, Suzanne is bright red.

It’s easy to wash because she has a short hair.

Rather, soap easily bubbles with short hair so it is quite good.

「Suzanne might want to have a longer hair.」

「This is better because it’s easy to move.」

I guess it is good if the person in question says so.

Does she looks good in it? The shape of her head is beautiful so it can be said that she suits an active hairstyle.

I did not hesitate and washes her back. Suzanne also seems to feel pleasant.

Incidentally, it seems that it has been a long time since I wash Suzanne like this.

I always ask them for help in combat and it seems that I am not repaying these children that much.

She has a reliable back with a relaxed body with no wasted fat and a good practical muscle.

「Then, next is Claudia.」

「Yes, please.」

When I pour the hot water over the Suzanne, I whipped the soap on Claudia’s hair and wash it.

Claudia, hair and pupils are light brown (hazel). I untied her hair and wash it carefully.

Claudia always makes her hair stretched around her shoulder blades and tie it with a ponytail.

They are knights so they might want to move easily, but maybe they’re imitating Louise.

Suzanne was a child of a sentry in the capital and Claudia was a child of a soldier that is assigned in the bow corps.

As a girl who fell into slavery, they have a decent background.

Without Gale’s conspiracy, their families would not have been separated, and no cause and effect would have come to their house.

If you think about it, you can’t help but feel that this is a call of destiny.

「Claudia has become a knight, so you’re going to take a knight apprenticeship.」


「To me?」

「Suzanne too, we’re both slave girl so please educate us well.」

I made arrangements with Louise like that.

An official knight always have to be an officer’s attendant first.

After they learn from an officer, they will become knight before long.

「In the future, our company will organize a knight team of slave girls and I want Suzanne and Claudia be the core of it.」

「「Yes! Master.」」

Both of them made a good answer.

So, it is just hypocritical that you do your best not to get killed in battle.

The usefulness of the cavalry is high even in the age of guns and cannons.

Those who are skillful at horse riding and became a knight will be a valuable force.

After I scrub Claudia’s back, we went to the bathtub together.

It might be an unpleasant thing to say but I force them to fight as they are my slaves.

If possible, I don’t want children younger than me die.

That’s why I want to be stronger.


「What!?… Takeru.」

No, why are you surprised so much?

She didn’t see me looking at her with very erotic eyes.

「No…… I thought Louise might have never used soap herself.」

「Well, I’ve never used it before.」

No, please use it.

Everyone took part of making it with great pains.

「Then, shall we wash commander Louise?」

Claudia says such a thing.

「That’s good. Suzanne and Claudia are very good at helping with washing the slave girls. By all means, polish Louise cleanly.」

「Hey, guys, I’m good.」

「Louise, resign yourself. It’s a celebration today, so why don’t we just let them do what they want?」

「To my lord, that said, Argh…… I have no choice.」

Louise also wants to experience the things others like to do once in a while.

If she thinks that way, she’ll be soft headed too.

Of course, I had turned away my eyes when Louise is making a lovely chatter as she was surrounded by Suzzane and Claudia and her body was full of bubbles.

Because there was not confidence with my self-control, I floated on the bathtub and looks up at the ceiling.

As for today, we had the two of they take a day off in their guard work and let them eat a lot of delicious things.

I wonder if we should sleep together slowly….

Sometimes relaxation necessary to everyone.




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