Chapter 55 – New Sacrament


The stalking activity that was unfolded in the City of Ox halts as the nuisance in the form of Brynie disappeared.

It was refreshing but since I’m already thinking of a strategy to king him out, it’s anti-climatic.

Neneka, who was monitoring the Earl, came to report immediately.

「He was surrounded by angry people in the city and fled in a hurry.」

「How did that happen?」

「Earl Brynie and his vassals kept spreading bad rumors about Hero Takeru-sama on public places such as bars and squares.」

「As I have heard」

「Everyone in this city is grateful to Takeru-sama for the restoration of the city. In addition, the Earl has a conceited character so you can imagine what happened.」


The various strategies Lyle-sensei thought of become useless.

Spreading bad rumor himself makes that maro noble to self destruct.

It’s a bit scary that Brynie’s stupidity sometimes exceeds Lyle-sensei’s expectations.

「Anyway, you had a hard time, Neneka.」

I gave Neneka the reward for this job and let her withdraw.

In a sense, it has become a pattern, isn’t it amusing?

「I thought this was going to be the case when that human strategist and Takeru-sama were the one who planned it.」

Kaara appeared from the shadows while laughing triumphantly.

「You have to tell me that kind of stuff earlier, Kaara.」

「Ja, I’ll do so from now on.」

Kaara and sensei are like, competing with each other.

I don’t know how much of a genius demonkin are you but you’d better stop because you’ll never beat sensei.

「Oh well, it’s good that one troublesome thing was settled.」

「I’m not sure about that…」

「Hnn? What’s wrong?」

「Perhaps the miasma pool of Germania Empire, the Hotbed of Corruption and Delusion, was resealed.」

「If that’s true, it’s too early.」

It was a little hard to believe. Sealing an open miasma pool is pretty tough.

If it is true, I think that someone deliberately open it.

Just like what we’ve done on the Hell’s Gate of the dukedom.

「What Kaara says is true. I’ve also felt the enormous flow of miasma from the beginning.」

Oracle also came to tell me while sticking out her chest proudly.

Well, if Oracle says so.

「Takeru-sama! Why didn’t you believe it when I say so but you believe it when Oracle says so?!」

「Trust and achievement, immortal girl Oracle has both.」

She’s a former dungeon master. Oracle has been living in a dungeon for 240 years while desperately gathering miasma.

Then, suddenly, a young Kaara came and wasted miasma of the dungeon.

「Oracle, you have worked hard to report it. I’ll give you a reward later.」

「Yay, I’ll have mint ice cream for tonight’s dessert.」

「I reported it first…. So Takeru-sama. It seems that the day when the empire starts to move in earnest is near.」

「Yes, that’s right. I need to consult sensei about it.」

「If it’s suggestions I’m here!」

「Yeah, you are there Kaara.」

I wrote a letter immediately and decided to report this to Lyle-sensei who was returning to the capital.

I know that you’re busy but we need to discuss corrective measures.

—Scene Change—

According to the letter that came back from sensei, it seems that the prince of Germania Empire personally sealed the Hotbed of Corruption and Delusion himself.

By liberating the town and rebuilding the church that the monsters attacked, he have been appointed by the Archbishop of the A-sama church as the new hero.

The Crown Prince becomes a hero. The empire seems to be having a feast.

It would be a pleasure to have more heroes, but I only feel ominous.

He did not meet the last condition to be a hero.

He didn’t defeat a demon king.

In that short period, it is impossible for someone to evolve to a demon king. He has defeated the monsters? Everything is deployed too quickly.

There is no choice but to ask the expert here.

There is no other way. I ask for Ria’s room.

Ria’s room is always rustling. It seems that the rustling sounds were somehow created by holy alchemy.

「Hey, Ria.」

「Ara, this is, is this not propriety…」

She rested the hand that kneading the holy pots and smiled at me.

「Propriety is it…」

「It is unusual for Takeru to directly visit my room.」

I do not know. Perhaps, this is not the first time?

If I don’t have an errand, I won’t approach Ria’s room.

「Don’t start an unnecessary topic. The Germania Empire prince became a hero.」

「Oh, so about that?」

The face of Ria who always smiles is a little cloudy.

「After all, Ria also think that this is doubtful?」

「It is the archbishop, Cardinal Nicolas, in the empire’s capital, City of Northmark , who recognized the Golden Lion Prince as the hero.」

「Golden Lion Prince?」

「His real name is Prince Freed. He was called “Young Lion of Germania” from his looks. As of now, he has kicked all other princes and seized the power of the Empire and became the Crown prince. He is called the Golden Lion Prince because the late emperor was called the Golden Lion Emperor.」

The Crown Prince is the title of the prince who will succeed the throne.

Did he plot all of this? I don’t know cause I don’t know the ability of the crown prince.

「Hmm, I did not know that.」

「Takeru is a different world person so it’s natural. Crown Prince Freed is famous for being the man who holds the greatest power in Eura continent.」

「In the case of golden lion, is it possible to compete with him?」

「Though the A-sama church has authority, it doesn’t have enough power to resist the power of the next emperor of the empire. More than that, Archbishop Nicolas is also a saint so he can certify a hero up to a first grade. He is also regarded as one of the candidate to be the next pope. If you think about it, there’s no chance.」


The crown prince who was appointed as a hero and the archbishop that appointed him. Is it possible for them to be helping each other for their ambition?

「The opponent is a certified first grade hero. Though you were promoted to second grade, he is still too mighty to turn to an enemy. Since it has come to this, I propose to perform an update with a new sacrament as soon as possible. 」


Why did the talk changed to that suddenly?

Just by hearing the word sacrament, my heart already feels like a whirlpool. I’m traumatized!

Seriously, the crown prince and the archbishop are men. They might have done the sacrament but they should never done that taboo curse.

「So, they have done it?」

Two men doing it is absolutely no good.

Or rather, even the opposite sexes!

「We have lost our taboo curse advantage. It is necessity to take off and make a few wet scenes by all means.」

「You’re obviously saying some useless erotic scenes!」

「If there is a way to win against the certified first grade hero Prince Freed without wet scene, I would like you to tell me.」

「No, at least say sacrament….」

At least decorate your words!

Even so, your existence itself is said to be guilty.

「If he really is such a strong person, I’ll avoid fighting and run away if I couldn’t win.」

Yes, the materialistic fellow name Gale was doing such style of fighting.

I don’t have chivalry in me so I don’t think it’s shameful to avoid a fight that can’t be won.

「Then, even if the lion prince started a war, kill Takeru’s important companions in front of you, and overrun Princess Silhouette by force, will you still run away?」

「That’s… you…」

「Whatever choice you make, your saintess will only believe and stay with you until the very end.」

Ria kneeled in front of me. She raised her white-silver ankh to pray.

—Scene Change—

At the changing room, Ria gently took off the robe she’s wearing on the floor.

「Really, why did this……」

「Takeru! The holy sacrament has already begun. A-sama is watching over everything we are doing.」

「A-sama! If you’re watching, stop the sister who is breaking your commandments now!」

Although he has heard the cry of a philosopher that, God is dead.

Did the goddess of this world perished along with ethics?

「Takeru, you can’t…. You should read the atmosphere since a brasher is also a fashion statement of ladies.  Don’t say something unreasonable like “Guhehe, let me take it off quickly.” and say a compliment like, that brasher is cute.」

「I won’t say it!」

Where the heck did you get that “Guhehe” character? Oh shit, I’m completely on Ria’s pace.

Generally, your brasher(this world’s brassiere) is always pure white.

「In my case, everyday is my winning brasher in case of Takeru come for me.」

「I didn’t hear that!」

I can’t take it anymore, I’m at my limit. I quickly took off my clothes and rushed to the bathroom.

Ria also becomes naked in a hurry and runs after me.

「Takeru, if you’re impatient, you’ll be disliked by girls.」

「Ugh, this exhibitionist sister!」

So, why do you always not wrap a bath towel?

I know you’ll take it off anyway but at least mess around with it a little!

「So, how are we going to start today’s taboo curse? From the front? Or from the back?」

「I know that you’re not deceiving me. I really need a power up.」

Ria showed a niya face like smile.

TN: Below is a sample of niya face.


After pouring hot water, I sank myself into the bathtub. A part of my body is floating in hot water.

「In fact, both your magical defence and physical defence will be strengthened.」

「I understand but, is there really no other way? Are you doing this just to keep me silent?」

Ria swam to me and pressed something big and soft on my back.

She hugs me from behind and softly whispers to my ear with a sweet voice.

「Of course, there is another way, do you want to hear it?」

「No, I do not want to hear it after all.」

If one is cornered and struggled poorly, he’ll fall into an unnecessary terrible situation.

It is necessary to wait quietly for the storm while being firm like a solid stone.

「Ara, it’s getting hard….po」

TN: She said ポ which is a japanese sfx for something dripping or something was plunked. I don’t think that she plunked Takeru’s weewee.

「Shut up! Of course that will happen after you said that! Don’t use your mouth to say po. Are you the princess of the first Dragon Quest?」

TN: There are a lot of Dragon Quest reference in this WN, should I start playing it to be able to explain it better?

Even if I try to ignore it, Ria’s words and phrase are very annoying.

I think that she’s a genius in rubbing up my feelings the wrong way.

「It looks like it’s already hard, but let’s further strengthen your defense.」

「Ah… please do whatever you like but at least shut your mouth.」

「Well, don’t a man like you have something than can clearly shut a girl’s mouth?」

「Please give me a break really, please!」

However, I was not pardoned by Ria.

She wants my lips to close hers.

The opposite happened…. I’m the one who shuts up.

She’s pouring saliva with her tongue and I understand that it is necessary to strengthen my throat by a hundred steps.

And can you explain what is the meaning of you sucking saliva in my tongue?

Even if I want to stumble, my tongue is completely pinned down by Ria.

Ria is too intense. Ria’s breathtaking smell and taste chokes my heart and is sending my consciousness away.

My self-control, I have to endure it here, I can do it seriously ….

For a while, the battlefield,  in the name of Sacrament, stupidly continued.

And there.

Princess Silhouette and Princess Caroline with rolled towel on their bodies came in. I was so surprised that I am stunned.

I was solidified for a moment. What is going to happen…

「Hey, Ria, you, you didn’t clear people out of this place?」

「Ara, how thoughtless of me, my bad.」

Lie! You absolutely did it on purpose! What are you thinking!

「Oya, hero-sama and saintess-sama, you were bathing together?」

「Princess Silhouette, you’ve unluckily seen an untimely event!」

Ria, don’t laugh. Say something, we’re in a sacred ritual!

「Eh, hero-sama?」

Princess Caroline steps in the bathtub and got her face close to us.

Ah, she’s not wearing her glasses. Is she shortsighted?

「Eh, eehhhh? Kyaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!」

The loud scream of Princess Caroline echoed in the bathroom.

I was surprised too. The bath towel that was rolled on Princess Caroline’s body who crouched fell down.

Uwa, the princess is also splendid……

No, this is the the time to say such thing although I feel like scratching this somehow. I feel refreshed on the contrary.

Yes, the princess is right.

Ria is out of the question and the calm Princess Silhouette is wrong.

「Kyaahhhhh! Iyyaaaaaaahhhhh!」

Princess Caroline is still screaming while panickingly trying to pick up her dropped towel. Her foot slides and rolled grandly.

The ribbon that tied her hair was untied and her long brown hair spreads quickly.

It is hard to tell the princess but… her most important place is fully exposed.

Haa, what should I do now?

When I was speechless in the out of control situation, Ria rose from the bath with a splash.

She dumps a pail of hot water towards the princess who was fluttering in panic.

「Cool your head by all means, Your Highness Caroline!」

「A, ah… but saintess-sama.」

Don’t be unreasonable, Ria.

How can you ask a person to cool her head when you pour hot water on her head?

「Hero-sama and I are in the midst of a sacred ritual now.」

「Eh, ah, but the two of you are naked and are intertwined in the bath.」

「What do you mean by naked and intertwined in the bath? Right now, this is the holy spring of the sacred ritual. There is no doubt about that… Your highness Caroline, were you thinking that Takeru and I are doing something unpleasant?」

「No, I never thought of anything like that! Ah, just don’t want ah, I, such a vulgar appearance.」

Princess Caroline who collapses finally picked up the towel that falls on the floor in order to desperately cover her naked body.

She’s intimidated by the standing saintess in her defenseless state. She’s unable to stand up.

However, what Ria means is clearly obvious, she defeated the princess!

「Did you say vulgar just now? Surely, you don’t think that executing the ritual in our form when we were born is vulgar?」

「No, it’s not like that.」

「Then, why are you hiding your body? This holy spring is being monitored by the magnificent goddess. In front of the shrine of goddess A-sama, concealing yourself is an evidence that you feel guilty!」

Monitored? Is Ria making a mistake?

I think even A-sama will be amazed if she looks at this situation….

「That’s… But I am not as respectable as saintess-sama so I am not confident of exposing my body before the goddess.」

「No, even Your Highness Caroline has quite a thing. Given your age, you’ll still grow.」

Ria, what the hell are you talking about…….


Hey Ria! It doesn’t matter anymore, Princess Silhouette has gotten negative again.

Pay attention to your surroundings.

「Princess Silhouette, A-sama says “Scarcity has value, be confident”.」

「Is it true? This concubine has worth too… Thank you very much, A-sama.」

Princess Silhouette’s azure eyes are glittering as she smiles.

Ah, that’s good. Perhaps this is the power of religion.

「Come now, both of you. Expose your figure you were born with before the goddess.」

「But hero-sama is also watching!」

Unlike Princess Silhouette who had already tossed off the towel, Princess Caroline desperately resists.

Her reaction is natural.

She was poisoned by Ria before she knew it.

She is in the same dangerous place as Princess Silhouette who is completely brainwashed by Ria.

「I’ll ask you this Your Highness Caroline. Do you Hero Takeru-sama is a little boy who’ll lust over your naked body in this divine ritual?」

「No, saintess-sama… I’ll never thought of something like that.」

No, I’m already completely holding it down.

That’s why if I can’t stop this, I need to escape.

「Then, there is no need to hold back. Drop the towel that hides your body immediately. If those words are the truth, prove it in front of the goddess.」

「A, ai!」

Princess Caroline, who’s face is red, shakes her trembling hand.

While biting her lower lip with shame, with tears floating in her brown eyes, she finally took off the towel she was holding.

When the towel fell down into the sacred bathroom, everything that was hidden was revealed under the broad daylight.

It seems that her shyness has already passed. She had two line of tears on her cheek and had a somewhat ecstatic expression.

「Your Highness Caroline, put your hands behind you and stick out your chest. There is nothing embarrassing about the naked figure of a person. The only thing that is painful is the first but it gradually change to ecstasy.」

「Yes, Saintess-sama…」

Hey Ria, I noticed it late but we already crossed the line.

This is no longer a matter of the sacrament!

I’m absolutely sure that humiRiating the princess is just Ria’s play.

Well, I guess I have to see this through till the end?

If you think about it carefully, a gentleman should turn his eyes away. Is this a man’s true character?

I’m sorry Princess Caroline, I’m bad too.

「Hero-sama, please rejoice!」


「Just now, due to the courageous devoutness of Her Highness Caroline, A-sama awarded her divine protection. The sacrament is complete, level up desu!」

TN: Level up is written in english.

Silver wings flew down from the ceiling of the bathroom and gently wrapped the naked body of Princess Caroline.

The dukedom’s princess now wore a robe of an angel. She has tears in her eyes as she slowly kneels down while chanting prayers.

「What’s this, a sense of unknown emotion……」

Maybe because it was so hot in the bath, I had a headache.

「Hey Ria.」

「What Takeru?」

「May I speak with you about the goddess?」

Although I felt lucky this time, Ria is terrible to have a shame play on a princess of a country.

I think the one responsible for this is the maker of this playful, cruel, real fantasy…

If the goddess is in a distance where she can be reached, I’m going to preach her and release an Imagine Breaker.

TN: Imagine Breaker is the ability of Kamijou Touma of To Aru series. It is the power to negate magic..

「Is that so? Then please come to the A-sama church so we can properly wet talk each other.」

「I’m not going!」

I really can’t understand her.

Should I think that things are better now that the taboo curse has ended with only this?

It is far from safety (or, that damage spreads beyond me).

This time, I managed to avoid falling into a fatal situation and survived the forbidden sacrament.




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