Chapter 50 – Meeting While Drinking Wine and New Residents

A banquet happened in the name of a meeting.

Since Doraim is also here, we decided to do it at the inn.

I had Tier summarized their experience and report it.

It starts at the time they arrive there.

It seems like the village panicked when they saw Doraim in his dragon form.

They managed to calm them down and unload the luggage on that day then spend the night there.

Food on that village is really scarce so the emergency ration that Tier’s group brought are consumed by them earlier than they thought.

The next day, as soon as the sun rises, they open shop for business but no one approached them for a while.

Because of that, they tried attracting the customer by free tasting products.

Before they noticed it, all of the luggage they brought were traded.

The most popular are the fruits and wine.

Though all the grain type products were traded, we’re not sure what among it they really want since the one who bought them are the village chief, the village heads, and those who have big houses that can stock them.

TN: Remember, Howling village is five villages combined.

The thing we obtained by bartering are, as expected, paints, iron products, silver products, and glass products.

The barter trade continued until the sun was about to set. Because they were able to trade them all earlier than usual, they had thought of returning as soon as possible but they were stopped by the village chief and the village heads and asked them to stay until the next day.

The reason, they want to continue our trade relations because they can’t trade grains unless they go to a city.

Their dinner is the crops and wine the villagers bartered from them and no one seems to be dissatisfied.

The next day, they reconfirmed what they have discussed during the night. They brought the luggage to Doraim’s back and came home during the afternoon.

I see.

Let’s move on to the next topic.

Next is the state of the village.

That village can neither be considered as poor nor rich.

Thought village moves every time they changed their mining site, it is clean.

The children hunt and forage while the adults mine.

However, since the ore they obtained from the mine and the products they made from them can no longer be traded to the human village, they are in a quite perilous state.

Just like what Gulf previously said, even though this place is far, they came here to look for food.

Unfortunately, even though Big Tree village has the food they need, they can’t go frequently because of the danger even though the things they can carry per trip is limited.

Therefore, they will be saved if we can trade like this in the future.

They are even willing to trade even outside their village.

They also said that if there is anything that we want, we just need to say a word and they will prepare it as much as possible.

That seems to be the state of their village.

Why do I feel like the last one is some sort of appeal?

Because the drunk Doraim is now sleeping happily, we end the meeting.

I thank the group who went to Howling village then leave.

「Husband, is it all right?」

「Is there anything you didn’t tell me during the meeting?」

「No, I honestly forgot it during the meeting.」


「The village chief there asked us if we could migrate some of their villagers here. I did not answer immediately and said that I still need to think about it.」


「Yes, it seems like the Howling village is trying to decrease the mouth to feed.」

「Ah, is that so?」

They want to hit two birds on one stone. They will be able to decrease the mouth to feed while increasing the food each of them can eat.

「I don’t mind increasing our population further but….I wonder why Tier did not immediately reply to them?」

「Because all the immigration applicant are young beast-women.」


「They cannot let beastmen migrate since they are their labor force. They can’t also send the elderly since we can’t use any of their wisdom and it will worsen the image of their immigration plan.」

So the only choice are young beastwomen.

How nice of Tier to not reply immediately…

But what they’re up to is really obvious.

Fortunately, the Big Tree village has room to spare.

The more helping hands, the happier I am.


Will they do the same if we are the ones in trouble?

As for me, if I can help, I would help.


「How many will migrate?」

「Maximum of 22. However, if we are going to accept them, we need to dedicate 1 or 2 people to educate them.」

「….Let’s accept all of them under one condition.」


「Ah, tell them to add a few young men.」

We don’t have a good relationship so I can’t accept one-sided help.

I would like them to help with my trouble too.

Male shortage.

「That’s the condition?」

「Yes. At least two young males but the more the better.」

「I understand.」

「Also….if one whole family wants to migrate, tell them we’ll accept them.」

「You want a whole family to migrate?」

「If they are to send their daughter to an unknown place, it is not strange for them to worry.」

「I’m not sure if anyone will think of it that way but…I understand.」

Not everyone will think that way?

So it is only a common sense of my previous world?

The next day, Tier alone went to Howling village to finalize the migration.

10 days later, I asked Doraim to carry them here.

One request to a dragon cost one barrel of wine,  is it cheap? Or expensive?

New residents arrived at the village.

25 beastkins.

Twenty-two beastwomen.

Three males.

My long awaited males.




The three males are kindergarten children.

「These are the young men.」

「Was it intentional?」

「I don’t think so.」

Maa, they followed my condition but…….

No, I won’t give up.

Even if they are useless now, they will be break water in several years!

In addition, even if they are young, I can use them to avoid being a seed bag eventually!

Not bad.

Not that bad!

Now, I just need to train them slowly.

Good luck being men raised by carnivorous women!

「I am Senna. I am grateful for accepting our migration.」

Senna is the representative of the migrants.

Among those who came, she the eldest and she has dog ears.

She seems to be a daughter of the village chief of Howling village.

「We will endure anything you’ll do to us but please do not abandon us.」

「Ah….don’t be afraid. You’re a migrant now but you’ll be a citizen of Big Tree village in the future. You’ll be one of us.」

「To treat us like that…. thank you very much. Honestly, I am prepared to be treated less than a slave.」

「I apologize for wasting your sorrowful resolution. For now, we’ve prepared a place for you. All of you will live there for a while.」

「For a while?」

「Ah, once you get accustomed to life here, I will listen to your request like where do you want to live or what kind of house do you want. 」

「I-I understand. 」

I called one of the oni maids.

「I am Ramurias. I was appointed to be your caretaker. Please take care of me.」

「If there is something you don’t understand, just ask her.」

「Yes, thank you very much.」



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