Chapter 51 – Trading with Beastkin’s Result

Immediately after hearing about the migration from Tier, I began building a house in the residential area with the help of the high elves.

It’s a big house where 30 individuals can live.

We made private rooms but most are large rooms that can accommodate two to four people.

We did it like that in consideration that they might get lonely if they are alone in a room.

It will still take some time before they get used to this village.

25 individuals migrated.

Three of them are kindergarten children.

The oldest is as old as a high school girl, Senna, so she became their representative.

There are some migrants that look like junior high schooler but most of them are at elementary students age.

Although I’m a bit uneasy if those girls can live alone on their own, they volunteer on helping with housework and so far, there is no problem.

I’m just thinking, though the Howling village population is about 500, is it really alright to send 25 individuals out?

Won’t it be dangerous for them since they sent out a whole generation of females?

I talked about it with Senna but it seems that the migrants are second daughter of crowded family so the village still has enough females.

However, because the migrants are all too young, Senna, as the village chief’s daughter, was sent out too.

To advertise that the migration is a great opportunity, the village chief sent his own daughter.

However, from an outsider’s point of view, they are sent out because they are good-for-nothing.

Senna asked me to take care of her and all the other migrants.

So that’s how it is.

I now understand why Senna was really sad when she first came here.

Don’t worry, we won’t treat you like that here.

You are not a good-for-nothing beastkin, Senna!

I know that from the bottom of my heart!

Therefore, Senna….

You don’t need to come to my bedroom.

I don’t swing that way.

Absolutely don’t come.

I already told you so, why are you still in my bedroom?


Did the door just closed by itself?

Why can’t I open it?

I don’t remember making it able to be locked outside.

「It is rude to not lay hand on a woman who already resolved herself.」

「For the sake of Howling village, please accept me.」

I don’t get that last line.

This is completely different from my previous world, or at least really different from Japan.

「There are no noticeable problems with the migrants from Howling village. They are fully motivated to work and demand work if they are not doing anything.」

I received that report from the person in charge of the migrants, Ramurias.

「Did they experience any major problem?」

TN: Ramurias talks about problems with the migrants while MC is asking about problems of the migrants.

「There is….since they are young children, they cried upon seeing Zabuton’s spiderlings.」


「And peed upon seeing the kuros.」


Those are the major problems?

I might seem bad but I value the kuros and the spiderlings more than them.

They should get used to them.

By the way, since the beastboys are small, the beastgirls are taking care of them.

Thinking about the future, I think that’s good.

I would like you to become onee-san lover by all means.

The things we bartered from the Howling village.

Iron cooking utensils.

Kitchen knife, frying pan, large pan, small pan, small pot, etc.

Cooking will be easier now.

The onis and I are pleased.


Knife, fork, spoon, flat plate, deep bowl, cup, glass, and so on.

Because of their luxurious appearance, we put them at the inn for guest use.

A part of them is already dedicated to Doraim.

Glass bottle.

They will play an active part in storing seasoning and medicines.

Though they brought back a number of it, the person who wanted them took most of it and run at once.

It’s a good thing that I manage to take five to store seasonings.


Hatchet, ax, candle, needle, yarn, leather, accessories, etc.

Hatchet and ax are given to the elves and onis since they are using carved stones made by me.


Though magic can be used to light things up…candles are important.

Especially for me who can’t use magic.

Though I said that they are candles….I thought it is made of wax but….

The thing before me is different.

It seems like the raw material is some sort of tree.

I’ll be the one who’ll use this.

Zabuton took the needle, yarn, and leather.

She insisted on being in charge of weaving.

I am grateful.

Accessories are small boxes, bags, leather belts, and so on.

The person who likes one took one for themselves.

Currently, there are no currencies in the village.

Though we can barter, the only personal things each of the villagers owned are the things they brought here.

All crops are shared equally.

When the population increases more, should I review this issue?

I consulted others and this is what they all said.

「Everything here belongs to husband(village chief) so do what you want.」


Is that the normal way of thinking?



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