Chapter 56 – About the Food and Beverage

There are two reasons why the dragon Doraim comes to this village: food and wine.

Those two. The villagers are also full of praises to them.

However, I, who retained my memory from my previous world, don’t think about them that much.

The food is not delicious enough and the wine is sweet.

Regarding the food, there are a lot of things from my previous world that are can’t be found here so the quality is not that much.

Even if we have the ingredients, seasonings, and cooking utensils, without the knowledge on how to make them, we are helpless on what should be done.

It’s a good thing that we can cook rice.

For now, I told the onis about different kind of cooking methods and what will be the end result, method on how to season foods, etc. and have them research about it.

Being praised as an accomplished cook is somewhat embarrassing.

That is mainly because I feel like my demand is unreasonable.

However, I don’t want to compromise on food.

I am doing my best so I expect everyone to do the same.

As a result, they were able to cook donburi type dishes.

It is great when combined with rice.

In addition, since we have ceramic ware now, we can individually season our own food on the table.

Speaking of seasoning, we manage to make mayonnaise thus, a cooking revolution occurred in the village.

The important raw material of mayonnaise is eggs and vinegar.

Thank you for the eggs, chickens!

I am afraid of salmonella so I have to sterilize the eggs.

But we don’t have any disinfectant to use.

When I’m troubled, I usually consult Loo. I confirmed the existence of some sort of drug that can be used on the eggs.

Flora made it. Thanks for your hard work.

Loo can make it too but she’s pregnant so I don’t want her to go near to such things.

Because I don’t know what sort of ingredients they have in there.

Next is vinegar.

At first, I thought that when wine became older, it will turn to vinegar but I guess I was wrong.

The next plan, I heard that Japanese sake making can produce vinegar too so I tried that.

The result was good and because of that, I challenged mayonnaise making and it went well.

Since it will be mixed with vinegar, I think that it is not necessary to sterilize the eggs but I have to emphasize safety.

By the way, does salmonella exist in this world?


Let’s not mind about the details.

Mayonnaise has become everyone’s favorite.

Since it can be used with various dishes, I smiled because the flavor has expanded.

Next thing I want is seafood.

Regarding the wine, the main problem is that everyone drinks too much.

They can’t appeal to sleep with me when they’re drunk.

Does this mean that they don’t have much endurance?

It’s a good thing that we expanded the fields of crops that will be used for winemaking.


Now I can sleep in peace.

I can, right?

I hope so.

In addition to wine, we also made juice, tea, and coffee.

That is the result of the research of something else to drink besides wine and water.

The purpose is to reduce the consumption of wine.

However, the villagers did not consume them that much.

The squeezed fruit juice is mainly consumed by beastkins since they are still too young to drink. There are high elves and onis that became tea and coffee lovers. However, their numbers are too low.

On the other hand, the demon Beezel took a liking to the tea and brought a large amount of them that can last until winter.

Thank you very much.

Like an annual spring event, the horns of the kuros fell, the bees made a new hive, and the spiderlings set off.

That reminds me, what happened to the 30 kuros who went out last year?

I hope they are safe….

That moment, the 30 of them returned.

Everyone is full of injuries and they looked like they have overcome a trial since they have this dignified countenance.

I don’t know what they have done but since they are safe, I guess it’s okay. After staying for several days, they took several spiderlings on their back and leave again.

What exactly are they doing?

I hope they’re not doing anything strange…

I made a building request for a bath.

Until now, I used the bath made by me and the high elves and it is also used by every villager.

It is basically a mixed-bath but since I’m the only adult male and the other male are kids, there is no problem.

However, as there are now male dwarves living in the village, I requested a separate bathhouse for males.

But there are more females than males in this village.

Since that is the case, the newly constructed bathhouse will be for female use.

That’s not a bad argument.

I’m anxious about mixed bathing so I can’t use it when I wanted to use it.

Hence, the current bath will be for males and the new bath will be for females.

However, it was countered.

If they build a female only bath, the time the females can appeal to me will be reduced.

No, you can have enough contact with me outside. Why does it have to be in the bath?

As a result, the current bath will be for my exclusive use.

Those who want to do something can bathe with me.

New male only and female only bath will be constructed.


Thinking that I can use the bath peacefully, I thought that it is a good thing.

I think I can take care of that amount of water alone.

However, as the bath increases, I worry about the fuel consumption.

The bath unexpectedly consumes a lot of firewoods.

Though we are in the middle of a forest, I’m hesitant to use a lot.

I’ll think of another alternative fuel for baths.

While thinking about it, I thought of heating water using magic.

It seems like those who can use fire magic are the ones who need to cooperate on heating the water.

That is the specialty of the beastkins and it will also serve as practice for them.


Do your best.


Using magic is more convenient and faster than manually boiling water.

How convenient is it if I can do that too?

I’ll study magic har….No no, I don’t have talent in magic.

I’ll leave it to those who can.

There was a plea about the trees planted in the fruit area.

The petitioner is a bee.

The bee reported it to a spiderling and the spiderling conveyed it to me.

I can’t talk with the spiderling but we somehow able to communicate with gesture.

It seems like it wants to plant a tree from the forest to the fruit area.

Though the trees in the fruit area are adequate for them, it seems like the queen bee is the one demanding for it.

If it is not harmful, I have no problem with it.

Though I have no problem with it, it’s not like we can transfer that tree here.

I can plant any tree using the AFT but I need to know what kind of tree it is.

However, the tree in question can’t be found nearby.

Because of that, they asked for my permission to enter the forest.

They want to find the tree in question.

The spiderlings seem to know the tree that the bees asked for.

With them looking for it in the forest, it will be found right away.

The spiderlings went into the forest while riding at the back of the kuros.

They found it immediately and came back.

They’ll guide me into that place.

We returned right away because I asked Gran Maria to carry me.

And, I planted the new tree right away.

I also expanded the fruit area.

Currently, the cows are on the east side of the fruit area so I expanded it to the west.

I doubled the size of the fruit area so it is now 8 by 8 fields.

The tree the bees asked is a short flowery tree that I’ve seen for the first time.

Because it seems like it can bore fruit, I planted a lot of it.

At the same time, I also planted rubber trees, aloe, palms, and others.

Though I expanded the size of the fruit area, I left enough space for other people in case they want to plant trees too.


The first stage is complete.

Before I noticed it, I became a father.

That’s fast.

To be honest, I don’t even recall any memory mine during Loo’s labor until the time I was about to embrace my child.


I might have panicked back then.

But I am relieved that my child was born safely.

He’s a healthy baby boy.


Is it alright for me to become a father?

No no, it’s too late to ask that.

I have to work hard for my newly born child.

After that, there was a banquet in our village and it lasted for several days.

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