Chapter 57 – My Son’s Birth and Raid

My son’s name is Alfred.

He was named by Loo.

She rejected the names I suggested.

I’m anxious if my son will be sick since he’s half otherworlder.

I received “healthy body” from god but will my son also have such divine protection?

Since there is no way for me to know, I had no choice but to pray.

I want him to grow up healthily.

Also, since he’s the child between me and the vampire Loo, what is his race?

Is there a race called half vampire?

I tried asking Loo but she said that this is the first time she gave birth and she doesn’t know of any vampire who gave birth before so she doesn’t know.

I see.

Looking at my son, he’s no different from any other human.

According to the onis, it seems like racial characteristic will show up as one grows older.

To the onis, it is their horn.

During their infancy, it is not noticeable but it will grow slowly as they grow old.

Certainly, it will be troublesome if they already have a horn when they are born.

I wonder if my son is like that too.


Though I’m worried, there’s nothing I can do.

Whether he is a human or a vampire, it won’t change the fact that he is Loo and my child.

I’ll do my best to raise you.

After giving birth, Loo has no particular problem.

Though as expected, her character changed after she gave birth.

Probably because she’s a mother now.

In any case, I am happy because both mother and child are healthy.

Regarding child care, the onis took the initiative so there is no lack in helping hands.

No, you can even say that there are too many helping hands that Loo and I can’t get our turn.

I want to do my job as a father too.

I’m motivated to do something new.

The reason? We now know where the 30 kuros went.

The 30 kuros + 30 spiderlings were capturing a dungeon southwest of the forest.

What a dangerous thing to do.

The entrance of the dungeon was discovered by Gran Maria by chance.

Though that place is distant from the village, if the dungeon was left alone, rogue monsters will overflow. Because of that, we organized a group that will be led by the high elves to check the condition inside.

I also appeal to participate but all of the villagers rejected it.

Mou, dungeon exploration.

My adventurous spirit is tingling.

When the dungeon capture group were checking their equipments at the dungeon entrance, the kuros, with spiderlings riding on their back, came out of the dungeon.

After that, they explored the dungeon with the kuros. It turns out that the kuros are capturing the dungeon all these time.


It seems like they are exploring the dungeon on their own.

Never thought that the kuros has such a habit.

By the way, the spiderlings are accompanying the kuros are in charge of places where the four-legged kuros can’t go.

In any case, the high elves collected the bones of monsters in the dungeon which are probably beaten down by the kuros and put them in the warehouse.

I’m thinking why they would bring home bones but it seems like they can be used and are valuable.

Even though the high elves have returned, the kuros seems to continue exploring the dungeon.

You should come home from time to time.

A sudden incident happens.

It is early in the afternoon.

Zabuton’s warning resounded.

The direction is south.

There is something flying in the sky.

Another wyvern?

When I recalled the previous attack, my anger resurfaced.

The flying object is heading straight here.

I instinctively know that its target is this place.

And judging from its speed, it is not a friendly visit.

I turned the AFT into its spear form and took a throwing posture.

I’ll pierce you down.

When I was about to release the AFT, I saw another flying object.

That other flying object is Doraim.

There is no mistake since I have seen his dragon form many times.

Compared to Doraim, the flying object heading towards here is half his size.

I realized now that it is not a wyvern but a dragon-like Doraim with a different color.

The dragon hits Doraim’s body but it is a good thing that Doraim managed to stay in the air.

It seems like it is battling with Doraim.

For a moment, I thought of letting Doraim handle it but it seems like Doraim is losing.

Should I help him?

When I was about to throw my spear, I suddenly felt a strong bloodlust behind them.

It’s coming from that direction.

I turned a little and threw my spear to the source of the bloodlust.

In that direction, there was a pure white dragon that’s about slightly larger than Doraim.

I thought that my spear will pierce through the dragon but it managed to evade before I hit it.

What kind of evasion is that? It lost is posture and almost fell on its own.

A chance.

I prepared to throw the second time.

But when I was about to throw my spear, I was interrupted.

「P-please wait a moment! She’s not an enemy!」

It was Doraim’s servant, Gucci. He stands and spreads both of his hand in front of me.

Afterwards, there are three man and women in front of me.

Doraim, a beautiful blonde woman, and a beautiful blonde young lady which seems to be their daughter.

There are two splendid dragon horns on the daughter’s head and a big dragon tail underneath her skirt.

「This is my wife Gurafaroon and my daughter Rasutisumoon.」

According to Doraim’s explanation, the first flying object that came towards here is his daughter Rasutisumoon and the dragon who came later is his wife Gurafaroon.

「I am unaware so let me apologize.」

I really should.

I just threw a spear aiming at Doraim’s wife.

「I, I’m really sorry. I have done something that leads to a misunderstanding….」

The daughter Rasutisumoon bowed while hiding behind Doraim.

Her voice also sounds frightened.

How cute of her?

However, Doraim is full of injuries because of her.

「I have made an inadvertent approach too. I am sorry. It was simply because I wanted to protect my daughter and husband…please laugh at this stupid woman.」

Of course, I did not laugh.

「Let’s consider this matter as settled because both of us committed mistakes.」

I’m sorry for the trouble.

According to Doraim, it all started when his daughter suspected that he’s cheating when she heard that he has a house in Big Tree village.

Moreover, she thought that the birthday present that Doraim prepared for Alfred was a gift for his cheating partner.

Doraim denied but his daughter did not believe his and went straight to the village.

It seems like she wants to burn this village.

I see.

I’ll mark her daughter as a dangerous person in my heart.

「I, I’m sorry.」

It’s a good thing that she obediently apologized….it will be troublesome if she’s too aggressive.

Doraim chased her daughter who’s heading for this village and used his body to stop her.

It was supposed to end there but Doraim’s wife was informed about what’s had happened between Doraim and their daughter and came here at full speed.

In that case, why did she came here with strong bloodlust….

「It’s love.」

I’ll mark her as a dangerous person too.

Because of the wife’s killing intent, most of the kuros, spiderlings, high elves, lizardmen, and onis panicked.

Those who were able to endure it took a while before calming the others down.

There’s no damage but the kuros are looking at Doraim’s wife with their tail down.

The spiderlings don’t even dare to approach her.

Though I forgot it because Doraim is friendly, dragons are really strong creatures.

Is it because of her strong mother?

Alfred seems to be sleeping in peace.

He’ll surely grow into a great man.

「Daughter, I want you to believe in me a bit more.」


「I already have Gurafaroon so I’ll definitely not cheat. If by any chance, I cheat…」

「If you cheat…?」

「I’m too frightened to think. Daughter, remember this, your father doesn’t have guts to cheat!」


「Also, didn’t I tell you a long time ago….did you get now why I said that we can’t be hostile with this village?」

「Yes, that attack breaks through all of mother’s barrier…and it was directed to me first, right?」


「…….that was dangerous.」

「Really dangerous. I’m glad that you’re fine.」


「It’s good that you made up but you have not forgotten about me, right?」

「U-umu. As expected of Gurafaroon. When you were attacked, I was really frightened.」

「A kind spider has just rescued me. I never thought that that attack can fierce my barrier, shield, and wall in a dash without any resistance. I was not thinking of evading that time.」

「A kind spider?」

「An old friend of mine. She pulled my body when I was about to get hit. Otherwise, I will not be standing here.」


「Rasti, Doraim has a house in this village. You will live there.」

「Mother? Why?」

「That offensive ability, we can’t leave it alone. I won’t ask you to restrain him from using it but I want you to have him not point it to any dragon.」


「Your answer?」

「Y-yes! I’ll do my best!」

Thus, the number of residents increased without me knowing.



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