Chapter 58 – Rasuti

Doraim’s daughter, Rasutisumoon.

Everyone calls her Rasuti.

When in her dragon form, she’s about 15 meters but when in human form, she looks like a junior high school student.

She has a long blonde hair and looks well refined.

She gives the vibe of either a student council president or a disciplinary committee chairman.

Suspecting her father of cheating and acting immediately afterwards, she has a strong personality.

During the first time I saw her, she’s wearing a dress that can be worn at a party. Now that she’s living in the village, she now looks like a village girl.

Perhaps she’s the type of person that changes her outward appearance according to the situation.

Well, no matter what clothes she wears, her dragon horns and tail still stands out.

「Rasuti has adapted here quickly.」

「It is the effect of something worth their time like the foods and entertainments here. Dragons are basically free.」

「So that’s the reason why Doraim always comes here?」


Rasuti eats all kinds of food.

And she seems to like them a lot.

When she eats something for the first time, she’ll repeatedly say “Father, unfair.”.

When it comes to fruits, she prefers sweet rather than sour.

She especially loves dried persimmon.

「Only this much remains….」

She said that while standing at the entrance of a warehouse with a face full of despair.

There’s a few of them to begin with and a lot of dried persimmons are consumed during winter, however, I think it’s still enough for everyone.

Rasuti enjoys reversi, mini bowling, and chess.

But she’s not that skillful.

She always plays with the beastboys.

You’ll notice if she wins or loses with her expression.

When she’s outside, she occasionally plays with the kuros with catching the flying disc.

She can’t win against the four-legged kuros in her human form but when she’s on her dragon form, she’s always victorious.

Perhaps she’s more childish than what she looks.

The kuros complained to me that it’s unfair.

No, even if you complain to me….

At first, I was planning to treat Rasuti as a guest but Doraim and his wife told me to give her something to do.

I don’t know what kind of things she can do so I had her do some various things.

Even though she’s young, she’s still a dragon so had her hunt but she can’t catch anything because the prey won’t show up when she’s around.

I thought of mining so I had her dig but she can’t do it.

The chickens and cows are scared of her so she can’t take care of them.

I had her do some housework but she has no experience at all so it only increased the workload of those around her.

As for farming….crops are important so I can’t let her approach them.

Conclusion, she’s an ojousama that can’t do anything.

Well, she came from a combat oriented race.

I had her guard the village like the angels since she has an astonishing war potential.

Rasuti’s job has been decided.


She was able to meet and negotiate with guests.

The guest is the demon king’s envoy, Beezel.

His purpose is not only buying crops but also to investigate the matter of Rasuti rampaging earlier.

「Hahaha, if there’s no problem then it’s good. Ah, do you still have the yellow fruits before? We consumed it all during winter.」

「Is it the mandarin orange? Though we still have stock….we don’t have that much since the season has just started. Since it is spring, how about strawberries?」


「Yes. They are sweet and sour and if you dip them to sugar or milk, they’ll be tastier. Of course, they’re delicious enough as they are.」

「Good. Then I’ll take 10 boxes.」

「How about sugar or milk too?」

「You’re right. I’ll have both of them too.」

「Thank you very much. As for the charge with discount….it is around this much.」

「Since there’s a discount shouldn’t it be around this much….」

「Then how about this much….」

I was surprised that I can’t find the trace of the short-tempered dragon who came to this village to burn it.

Is it something she got from her father?

In addition, she uses several small wyverns of about 1 meter in height as messengers.

As a result, we kept in touch with the demon king’s castle, the Howling village, and Doraim….

The lizardmen are taking care of the small wyverns.

「There are 20 of them.」

「It doesn’t matter whether they are 1 or 20, leave it to us.」

「Is that so?」

The hardest part of raising the wyverns are making sure that they won’t attack the cows and chickens and making sure that they won’t be attacked by the kuros and spiderlings.

「Are they bullied?」

「No, they see them as prey.」

「Is that so?」

「Anyway, I’ll request them to not attack wyverns with collars.」

Do your best.

「Daughter, are you doing well? If you need anything, don’t hesitate to tell me.」

「I’m doing great, why are you coming here frequently? You just came here 10 days ago.」

「It’s okay, I left Gucci there. Oi, give me the usual.」

In response to Doraim, the oni working at Rasuti’s house begins preparing food and wine.

「Oh, have you tried the bath? Awesome, right?」

「Yes, however, I find it hard to use since there are a lot of other users.」

「Ah…might be because it’s the female bath. The men’s bath is spacious. Even Gucci goes there every time he came here.」

「Father, unfair.」

「Hahaha, you probably know now why I had a house build for me here.」

「Yes. By the way, when will you send me servants? Though I’m being taken care of by the onis, I’m only borrowing them.」

「I already ordered Gucci to choose a suitable person. However, there has been trouble.」

「Are they dissatisfied working under me?」

「No, it’s the opposite. Since everyone knows how good the food here, we are flooded with applicants. Even Gucci said he will go.」

「I understand how he feels but father will be troubled if Gucci left.」

「Yes. In any case, I’ll send one as soon as possible.」

「Thank you.」

Demon king’s castle.

「Where’s Beezel? Didn’t he returned?」

「Yes but he immediately went to his house.」

「Not his chamber?」

「Yes, he is in a hurry for some reason. Ah, the souvenirs are here.」

「Umu. Excellent. However, what is Beezel’s urgent business? It would be great if it’s not because of any problem…」



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