Chapter 59 – Fraurem

My name is Fraurem Chrome.

Member of the Count Chrome’s house.

My father is Beezel Climb Chrome, one of the demon king-sama’s executive.

So far, I have been an active friend of the princess in Graizen.

And I’m not a self-proclaimed friend.

We are classmates in a school established by demon king-sama.

Of course, my school record is excellent.

You can put me anywhere and I’ll definitely standout. Even my military arts and actual combat ability are above average.

And if something were to threaten my life, the princess will surely protect me.

In the future, I am expected to be an active aide of the princess.

Moreover, even if I don’t say it myself, my look is above average.

No, it might be better to say that I’m beautiful.

This is not self-conceit but an actual fact.

Because I’m such a wonderful person, being flooded with marriage proposal is a matter of fact.

They shouldn’t propose to me directly though. They should apply to our house.

That’s how it should be.

I am not the one who’ll decide who should I marry. Father will be the one to decide.

I’m not dreaming of marrying the man I desire too.

I am resolved to marry father’s choice.

Because of that, I want father to decide my partner soon since there are a lot of candidates to choose from. However, father seems to be hesitating because of various things.

I’m glad that he’s doing his best to find his daughter a good partner but if you don’t decide my partner soon, the eyes around will be really anxious.

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By the way, I am….

Suddenly ordered by father to go to a certain village.

I asked if my marriage partner will be at that place fearfully.

What should I do after arriving at that village?

Can I even stop going to school?

Does that mean that I will no longer have ties with the princess?

Ano, father?

Why are we flying at night?

Father also doesn’t laugh with my joke.

On the contrary, he looked at me with a serious face.

「We’re flying tonight because there is no moon and I don’t want to alert anyone….this matter will greatly influence the fate of the demon king’s kingdom. Bear it in mind.」


Father looks tired.

Maa, every time he comes home, he always complains to mother about work and colleagues endlessly. I’m sure I can’t measure his anxiety.

Seeing a hint of insanity in father’s eyes, it seems like a good idea to not go against him.

I’ll accompany you for a while.

It is regrettable to leave both the school and the princess but that place was boring.

I’m glad that I can showcase my talent there but…

It seems like our destination is a village.

I don’t expect much.


Should I control it as I like?

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「Nice to meet you. I am Rasutisumoon.」


I decided to change clothes as soon as we arrived at the village.

Because it will affect my dignity, I can’t say the reason.



Why am I greeted by a dragon right away…?

Moreover, it’s Rasutisumoon.

She’s the daughter of the gatekeeper dragon.

The citizens of demon king territory all know that she’s a dragon to watch out for.

She’s like a mad dog that will attack anyone who’ll meet her eyes.

Because I met her, I have no choice but to change my clothes.

When I was thinking about our meeting….

I saw high elves in the village.

The forest guerilla. They are a violent group of people that are also called man-eater.

They live in the forest and kidnap men from nearby villages.

Moreover, the high elves who live in the forest of death and iron forest are the fiercest one man army.

Now, I am meeting those who live in the forest of death.

My knees began to crumble but I managed to persevere and greeted them with a smile.

I want to praise myself.

But wait, there’s more.

A flock of inferno wolves.

Yes, I’m really going to die.

I never thought that father would give me as a sacrifice.

You’re cruel, father.

While I changed my clothes again, Rasutisumoon told me that they won’t harm me.

I see.

Everything here is under the rule of Rasutisumoon.

I’m relieved.

Speaking of inferno wolves, they are at the upper echelon of the forest of death.

They are atrocious wolves that are capable of destroying a town alone.

And here….there are countless of them.

I also confirmed the existence of the special mutated species called cocytus wolf.

I will just think that this is a valuable experience.

However, no matter how much I think that way, my brain couldn’t accept it.

Are they really under control?

Some inferno wolves are pulling Rasutisumoon’s skirt in a playful manner.

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Yes, I saw another one to watch out for.

Demon spider.

I met its stun bash head on and fainted.

Stun bash” is a racial ability of demon spider. It is a mental attack that will affect those who see it for the first time.

Because I was not eaten when I fainted, the demon spider is harmless too.


This is the third time I changed my clothes.

I wonder if it’s better not to wear underwear already.

To think that she has placed the apex of the forest of death, the inferno wolves, under her…Rasutisumoon is a frightening existence.

Please, keep them under your control.

I beg you.

There is only one word capable of describing the demon spider, fear.

And there are a lot of spiderlings here.

Shadow spider, car spider, drow spider, trap spider, death spider, neck hanging spider….

Every one of them is larva of a demon spider but even if they are still larva, they are fearful existence.

There are countless of them.

When I thought about what would happen if they are released in the demon king’s country…. I froze.

Let’s not think about it.

No, I should erase it from my memory.

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Now, after seeing the demon spider’s family, I’m not surprised seeing a Gnostic bee hive.

I am not surprised but I didn’t say that I am not scared.

Gnostic Bee.

They are monsters that collects honey from flowers like ordinary bees.

However, their honey’s price is off the roof.

The reason? It is the best tasting honey of course but soldier bees are protecting the gnostic bee’s hive.

Soldier gnostic bees are ferocious and said that even inferno wolves don’t approach their hive.

In other words, in order to get gnostic bee honey, you should have the fighting power to annihilate all soldier bees first…

“Aiming for Gnostic bee’s honey” is used as an idiomatic expression that refers to dreamer, delusionist, or a person drowned with greed that is willing to do dangerous things to get what they desire.

One must not desire gnostic bee’s honey.

Even if someone put it in a jar and place it in front of you….you still shouldn’t want it.

Though I never expect seeing it at tomorrow’s breakfast.

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I let my guard down.

It seems like I was overwhelmed by the gnostic bee’s honey.

I shouldn’t have relaxed at this place.

Before me are four angels.

Every one of them are angels with titles.

Angel of annihilation Tier.

Angels of holocaust Gran Maria, Kuudel, and Corone.

Although they are not as dangerous as Rasutisumoon, they are cunning angels that need to watch out for.

But it seems like my luck is good, I don’t need to change my clothes.

Probably because nothing seems to be that appealing anymore.

From where I am, I can see that they are having a friendly conversation with Rasutisumoon so I judge that there is no danger.

Please, let it be like that.

When I was wishing for that, someone came.

Bloodsucking princess Lulushi.

It is said that she’s the eternal rival of the angel of annihilation Tier.

Since they are rival, she’s naturally as dangerous as Tier.

I was wary that a magical battle will suddenly begin but that didn’t happen.

They are happily talking about what’s going to be their dinner.

Was them being rivals only a rumor?

If it is these four angels and the bloodsucking princess, they might be a good match against Rasutisumoon.

That means….it is dangerous to obey only Rasutisumoon.


What a troublesome higher ups composition.

However, I will survive.


I saw the vampire Flora too.

Rasutisumoon is probably on a lower seat because of the four angels and two vampires.

No no, since Rasutisumoon is here, the gatekeeper Doraim will surely meddle with her affair.

That must be it.

I continue to think.

….given the number of inferno wolves, they can overwhelm the angels and vampires.

The demon spider alone can fight against the angels and vampires too…

Since Rasutisumoon is the one controlling them, my best choice is with Rasutisumoon.

But the depths of my heart is shouting that choosing her is dangerous.

I wonder why.

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After that, I met rare races like oni, lizardman, and elder dwarf but I’m not surprised anymore.

It’s not like I can do anything.

Thanks to the beastkin children, I’m healed.

Their tail is mofumofu.

The slimes, cows, and chickens healed me too.

My heart calms down.

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After being guided around the village, I returned to the inn.

I will be living here until my house is ready.

I did not expect a good room given the scale of this village but I was surprised that it is really good.

Especially the fabrics like the sheets. It is of the highest quality and is something rare even in our house.

The foods are something I’ve never seen before and they are really delicious. The wine is good too.

I was dissatisfied having needed to use the bath with others but the experience of using it exceeds my dissatisfaction.


Everything’s so good so far.

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I don’t know the intention of my father by making me live here but I won’t collect information yet. I don’t want to make an enemy with anyone for the time being.

I’ll do what I can tomorrow.

Though it has already grown dark, the village is still active. They are using oil generously.

Is Rasutisumoon still awake?

Rasutisumoon…should I add sama?

Or should I call her Rasuti like everyone else?

I’ll ask for her permission first.

Anyway, I want to meet Rasutisumoon and consult her regarding some things for tomorrow.

「Human over there. Guide me to the place where Rasutisumoon-san stays.」

I failed.

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I should have thought about things carefully.

Although it makes sense that I talk that way since I am a noble’s daughter and my father has a high status on the demon king’s territory.

There are few people that can be said to be higher than me, like the leader of this village.

Therefore, I was convinced that I would never be able to meet the leader of this village without permission.

That’s a mistake.

To think that my first greeting with him is ordering him to do something.

I haven’t realized that Rasutisumoon was doing her job for the village.

The apex of this village is not Rasutisumoon.

The apex of this village is the village chief as his title implies.

A human village chief.

After guiding me to where Rasutisumoon resides, Rasutisumoon told who that man is with a serious face.

「That human is the village chief. He took Loo and Tier as his wives. He is also the master of the inferno wolves and demon spiders and the high elves and the others are his attendants. He is also my father’s friend and my mother wants to avoid any kind of hostility with him. I don’t know what you demons are trying to achieve but I ask you to not involve us dragons.」


I, as a noble’s daughter, died that time.

I am now reborn as a faithful servant of the village chief.

TN: If you are still thinking why she had to change clothes a number of times, I’ll give you a one letter clue “P”.



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