Chapter 60 – Beezel’s Daughter and Slime

Beezel’s daughter is going to live in the village from now on.

Since she’s not someone we need to guard against, we treat her as an ordinary migrant.

I would have preferred if the one who migrated is a son and not a daughter….

At any rate, it is his daughter.

She’s a demon but looking at her, she’s no different from a human.

I only heard that demons possess a higher quantity of magical power compared to humans.

I was worried if she will be able to fit in with the citizens of our village.

Since she seems to be on the same generation as Rasuti, I left her to her.

I thought of greeting her that night so when I went to the inn and found out that she’s getting along with Rasuti, I’m relieved.

My mind is now at peace.

Let’s talk about the slime.

Tier brought 17 slimes here.

They worked hard as the purifier of toilets and sewage.

I don’t know when their numbers started to increase but I saw them moving around the village one day.

I even see them from time to time at the mouth of the kuros. It seems like they are forcing their way there even though that place is off limits.

They are selfishly moving to where dirty water is and they never left anything dirty untouched. So far, they never caused any troubles.

The current number of slimes is unknown.

But their number obviously exceeds 100.

By the way, these slimes….

When Tier brought them here, all of them were blue.

Now there are different colors.

There are the green green slime, the yellow yellow slime, and the red red slime.

Their difference is not only their color but the magic they can use.

Though their numbers are few, we also have the black black slime, and the white holy slime.

Those two are very rare and the lizardmen cherish them.

Maa, since they are not doing anything wrong I guess there’s no problem.

That’s what  I thought.

A problem arose.

A slime crawls in a barrel of wine and drank all the wines inside. It turned into a purple slime.

Will it be right to call it wine slime?

Its unique feature, it reeks of alcohol.

Its special skill, wine breath.

I want to leave it as it is but I can’t.

Because majority of the villagers who love wine are furious.

Our village held our very first trial.

The result is a unanimous “guilty”.

Now its punishment is being discussed.

Maa, it really stole and drank a barrel of wine so there is no way I can protect it.

What will be its punishment…?

Capital punishment, death penalty.

Someone suggested cooking it since it might taste like wine. The eyes of the villagers sparkled when they heard that.

As for me, I have to decline.

Slimes also purify excrement.

I don’t want to eat it no matter what.

I wonder if it will be obedient enough if we tried to dry it under the sun.

If we go with light punishment, we’ll only imprison it.

We probably can imprison it in a jar.

After an extremely violent discussion, Beezel’s daughter’s, Fraurem, words shook everyone.

「Assuming that we really punished it, do you think the slime will understand it?」


「We’re talking about a slime here, is it really normal to seriously consider punishing it? 」


Those who participated in the trial blushed and the trial was dissolved.

Let’s make sure to keep the door of the warehouse where we store wine close.

After that, the wine slime remained as a wine slime.

Unlike other slimes, it no longer participates in the purification job. It only loiters around the village.

It participates in banquets or shows up whenever someone is drinking wine.

Maa, it might be nice to have a slime like that around.

Though it will be troublesome if slimes like that increase.

Beezel’s daughter, Fraurem.

During her first day, she’s wearing a dress and looks out of place. I was worried that she won’t  be able to fit in since she’s so fashionable, she even changed her clothes several times. However, on the second day, she’s wearing trousers and even tie her hair. I was surprised that she’s even willing to do farm work.

Is it because she was influenced by Rasuti?

She waited for my instructions with a smile.

To be honest, I’m glad that she wants to do farm works rather than being a war potential like Rasuti.

Do your best from now on.

After working with her for 10 days, I was able to get along with her so I can now call her Frau instead of Fraurem.

If Rasuti is like the student council president and the chairman of the disciplinary committee. Frau is the ace of a sports club.

She learns quickly, moves steadily, and is energetic.

She also became friends with the spiders, the kuros, and the high elves.

Sometimes, she mofumofu the tail of the beastgirls.


If I say I want to touch their tails too, they will misunderstand it as an invitation for bed.

Because of my conversation with Rasuti and Frau, I learned a lot about the foods and drinks outside the village.

First of all, about cooking.

Though I already had an idea because of how the onis cook before, it is really lacking.

All they do is to either boil or grill.

As for the reason why those are the only cooking methods…probably because of culture.

It seems like majority of the people here are looking at food as mere energy supply.

Anything edible is okay.

Moreover, the government doesn’t think about providing variety of food and only recognize a single type of crop as their staple food. The will ask the farmers to only plant that specific crop.

Therefore, since the crop to eat is fixed, the method of cooking is limited.

According to my memory of my previous world, that eating habit is unhealthy.

I like rice but I can’t eat only rice.

If that happens, I will try to find something else that will complement rice…..

However, people of this world probably doesn’t have that kind of luxury.

It seems like only the rich or the ruling class can afford to eat like that but there are only few among them are concerned about food.

They also can’t recklessly enter the forest to hunt or go to the sea to fish because of the existence of monsters.

Ah, that’s probably it.

There are monsters.


I understand now.

I finally understood why people from the outside complements the food in this village that much.

It seems like the circumstances of wine is similar.

Wine is mass produced in places where it can be made in order to supply places that lack drinking water. It can also be stored for a long time which makes it a good alternative.

Because of that, it tastes the same anywhere you drink it.

Since the amount is more important than the taste, it is even diluted with water in order to make it inexpensive.

Because it is more favored than cook foods, the rich and powerful can brew good wine but such thing rarely appears in the market.

People who have them drink them so why would they sell it?

It seems like the wine in this village tastes better than the good wine of the rich.

It is not because of brewing technique but the difference in quality of raw materials.


Now I understand why the villagers wanted to drink.

It is also the reason why Doraim always comes here and demand wine.

「If you are only planting a single type of crop, won’t it be a problem if an epidemic occurs? Won’t it be the cause of a downfall of a country?」

「You are right. That’s exactly what happened in a human country a few years ago….I heard that a great famine occurred around the kingdom of Full Heart.」

「Is that so?」

「Yes. That is the reason why they waged war against the neighboring country. They are searching for food….they also troubled the demon king’s country.」

「They waged war because of food?」

Though their purpose is probably plundering, they might also be reducing the mouths to feed.

「Did the demon king’s country overcome the famine? 」

「Yes. The demon king’s country is an alliance of different races so there is a variety of staple foods. 」

「I see. Although you didn’t know what caused the famine, the damage was not that much because you didn’t plant a single type of crop.」

「Right. However, it’s not like we didn’t take any damage. The demon king’s country also doesn’t have much left. Nevertheless, the kingdom of Full Heart thinks that the demon king’s country is rich….」

「But, won’t you be able to easily beat a starving army? You can even completely destroy them if you want.」

「It is possible but we can’t just conquer their territory.」


It will take a while to gain profit from a conquered exhausted territory.

On the contrary, they must invest in it that will only increase their debts.

It makes me realize that this is not a game.

But what can I do? I’m only a village chief.

The only thing I can do is to respond to the food demand of the demon king’s country in order to lower the price.

Let’s do our best so we can produce more crops.



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