Chapter 61 – Wyvern Communication and Michael-san from the Port Town

My child has become considerably big.

I’m looking after him every day but….umu.

He’ll be able to stand up soon.

I’m really a doting parent.

Recently, Tier and the high elves are really aggressive.

I understand how they feel but a child is a gift from heaven.

It is good to make an effort making them but they should not push themselves.

Also, given that Rasuti and Frau are living here, Doraim and Beezel often come here too. They are also indirectly asking for a grandchild.

I won’t do anything as long as the person in question doesn’t acknowledge it.

The question is, will the person in question acknowledge it?

Well, the two of them are really beautiful….eh? Wait, will Rasuti lay an egg?

Also, isn’t Frau-san a noble’s daughter?

I don’t care…

I don’t wanna think about it.

Let’s not talk about it further than this.

I don’t think I can handle the strings attached.

We are communicating with others regularly using Rasuti’s wyverns.

Regardless whether we need to say or report anything, we send wyverns in a regular interval. The wyverns are also bringing message from the other side as they come back.

The standard is one trip a day.

If we or the other party wants to report something urgent, it will increase to two or more in a day.

If I don’t forget about it or if there is really nothing to say, once a week or once a month is good too.

Either way, I need the other party’s consent too.

We’re communicating with Howling village once a week.

The contents are mainly written letters from the beastkin immigrants to their parents.

TN: Fantasy world has a literacy rate of 100%. Even remote rural village beast childrens can read and write.

From the other side, they talk about bartering grains and minerals.

When the talk of our barter finally settles, Tier will directly go there to execute our agreement.

In regards to the transport of grains and minerals, we formerly ask Doraim to do that for us but now it is Rasuti’s job.

This dragon girl was hesitant about being the means of transport first but I manage to bribe her with sweets.

According to Tier, it seems like their village wants an arrangement like they will be fully dependent on Big Tree village with regards to food and put all their manpower into mining and making ironwares.

Though the other side judge that it is a good trade, once ironwares spread in Big Tree village, we will no longer buy more.

In fact, covering all the food needs of Howling village will be really hard unless we further expand our field. And what are they planning with all the ironwares they are going to make?

Maa, the demon king’s country is at war so iron is needed.

However, it is not like it will be war forever.

I think the Howling village should continue to produce their own food.

In the south is the mountain where Doraim’s nest lies. Beyond that the iron forest and after crossing it, it will be the sea.

It was suggested to do business with humans in the port town.

The one who proposed that is Frau.

The purpose is to acquire marine products.

It was probably because of what I said while eating.

「If we only have marine products, we can taste a variety of flavors. 」

Excluding me, everyone else in the village was unified.

The name of the port town is Shashaato.

It is called the Shashaato City.

It seems like Frau knows a merchant with shop there so we decided to do our seafood dealings there.

If they deal with marine products, I’ll be delighted if they’ll cooperate.

Because of our dealings with Howling village, we know that it is possible to trade by bartering so we are now choosing what to barter.

I proposed wine at first but it was dismissed.

「To trade our wine, what a cruel thing to say. 」

「The wine is the treasure of our village. 」

「We should keep the wine for ourselves. 」

The dwarves and high elves are unified.

Since there is no other choice, we decided to choose the crops.

「We don’t know what the other party wants so let’s bring our surplus crops. 」

「I agree. 」

For the time being, leaving the regular business transaction aside, let’s think about how we’re going to obtain the necessary marine products.

After that, we should gather information there.

I wanted to go but I know it is impossible.

The member who’ll go to Shashaato City.

The representative, Frau.

The one in charge of transport, Rasuti.

The ones in charge of lifting and guarding, five lizardmen including Daga.

「We’ll get going then. 」

「I’ll do my best to transport it. 」

「Leave the lifting to us.」

The Shashaato City is a bit distant from here and considering the load and the passenger’s safety, it will take Rasuti half a day to go there.

I told them to stay overnight in order to not overwork them.

It seems like they are planning to stay at the nest of Doraim on the mountain in the south.

I hope we’re not bothering him…well, since Rasuti is with them, it is like returning to her parent’s house.

They’ll go to the city the next day and return to Doraim’s nest again to stay for the night.

Their trip will be three-day long so they will return three days later.

My only wish is their safe return.

They returned.

A lot of luggage were on Rasuti’s back and the number of people riding her increased.

「Village chief, we brought the merchant Mr.Michael from Shashaato City.」

Frau introduces a well dressed middle-aged man.

「He-hello, nice to meet you. I am the president of the Goroun Company, Michael Goroun.」

「I’m the village chief of Big Tree village, Hiraku.」

I bowed in an obsequious manner.

Ah, how nostalgic.

「Village chief, these two will be my servant and they’ll stay at my house from now on. I hope you don’t mind.」

Rasuti introduces the two in maid uniform while still on her dragon form.

「I’m Bulga.」

「I’m Stifano.」

They look like humans but they are not….when I was looking at them, they spread their bat wings on their back.

They are probably devils.

It seems like they are relatives of that servant of Doraim, Gucci.

Rasuti seems to have chosen these two because they worked for her before.

I understand why she brought these two here.

But why did they bring the merchant Michael-san here?

Michael-san answered my question.

「I was surprised with the crops that came from this village so I decided to greet you as soon as possible and hope that we can continue our business dealings in the future.」

「Thank you for stating your purpose.」

「Hahaha. It was a wonderful experience. To be able to ride a dragon and even stay a night at the dragon’s nest…」

Oh, his face is turning blue.

It seems like he’s really scared. He’s probably thinking of his return trip.

「Please, take a rest today. Let’s talk about the details tomorrow.」

「I understand. I will do so. Ah, my baggage are…. 」

I showed Michael-san and send his baggage to the inn. I also arranged to have someone take care of him.

Until a little while ago, Frau was the one living in the inn but since her house was completed, she moved there.

It was her first time living alone so the onis helped her in variety of things.

Sooner or later, she might also bring servants like Rasuti.

「Thank you for your hard work. As for the result? 」

「As you requested, we bought a lot of marine products. 」

「The luggage has already been unloaded from Rasuti’s back. 」

「We iced them up to maintain freshness. Here is the list. We’ll carry them to the cellar. 」

Daga hand over a list to me.

Names of fish and shellfish I have never heard of are written there.


I inspected the baggage and found fishes similar to tuna, bonito, saury, and mackerel. There are also shellfish that looks like scallops.

Are they the same kind I know of with different names?

Like this one, no matter how I look at it, this is a squid.

Anyway, since there is a risk of poison and parasites if we talk about fish and shellfish, I’ll ask someone familiar with them for a moment.

Was there a person like that here?

Maybe I should ask Michael-san tomorrow.

「This is a processed product in Shashaato City. It seems to be used as seasoning. 」

Daga brings a pot and says that.

It seems like this is the specialty product of Shashaato City.

Looking at it, it looks like fish sauce…right?

Anyway, I’m glad there is a seasoning that I don’t know.

The flavor will broaden.

They also bought a variety of other small items and utensils so I distribute them to the villagers.

That night, there was a banquet in the pretext of showing appreciation to the group who bought marine products.

I thought of giving Michael-san a welcome party but it seems like his welcome party will be held the next day.



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