Chapter 65 – Food Culture

Medicinal herbs field.

I never noticed it because my God-given “healthy body”makes me unable to contract disease but the villagers are using medicinal herbs in various ways.

I thought that Loo, Tier, and Flora are using them for the sake of research but it seems like medicinal herbs are hard to find especially when you need them.

Hearing that, I decided to make a medicinal herb field.

I ask the high elves to bring me every medicinal herb they can find.

There seem to be trees that can be used as medicine too but I have to look at them myself so I only have them look for herbs this time.

Thirty kinds.

There are more type of medicinal herbs than I expected.

I guess it is because each has a different effect.

For the time being, I’ll look at the actual thing then think of them while plowing using the AFT.

The medicinal herb field is on the east side of the field.

It is a four by four field.

If it goes well, I’ll expand it further.

According to Loo, Michael-san might buy medicinal herbs because they are quite expensive.

And because they are medicine, no one will mind their price.


I recognize this herb.

Criminals in police drama posses this.

Ehto….is it ethically alright to raise it?

「It depends on how you use them. It’s a highly valuable herb.」

We raised it but under strict management.

The alcohol brewing of the dwarves is doing great.

New kinds of alcohols are now available.

There are three types of alcohol now.

Wine, beer, and distilled liquor.

It seems like they are challenging it by trying various raw materials.

There was a time where I told them the method of brewing alcohol using rice with the help of my faint memory about it.

I thought that they would only produce result after a few years but they were able to make something similar in no time.

The taste is a bit lacking but I’m already expecting it.

By the way, the number of dwarves increased again.

Are they being attracted by alcohol?

There are currently 8 dwarves in the village.

I began making cheese and butter after I was able to secure milk.

Butter making is relatively easy because you only need physical strength but cheese making requires an enzyme to solidify the milk.

I can get it off the calf’s stomach ……

I will not do such a thing.

The calf is cute.

I won’t kill it just because of cheese.

By the way, the number of cattle and chickens is growing steadily, but I have not eaten any of them yet.


Being a dairy farmer sure is tough.

It’s a good thing that I have the AFT.

I wished for the enzyme that solidifies milk while stirring the milk using the AFT in shamoji form.

That happened last year.

Right now, there are cheeses in front of my eyes.

Thank you, AFT.

I offered the newly made cheese and alcohol to the shrine under the big tree.

We soaked the soybean in water.

For about a whole day.

After that, we took the soybean out of the water and mashed it.

Then, boil the mashed soybean.

Afterwards, strain the boiled soybean.

Then, simmer it one more time.

We also add salt in that process.

After solidifying, we put it in a mold.


We gently squeezed out the remaining liquid.

「The taste….it doesn’t have any?」

「It is some sort of diet food. Let’s eat it with the seasoning we obtained from Shashaato.」

I can’t wait until we made soy sauce.

Grind fish meat.

Then, strain the ground meat.

Add salt and knead it.

When it’s no longer sticky, shape it to whatever shape you want and leave it for about an hour.

Boil it and let it cool.

The kamaboko is complete!

The color looks awful but it tastes good.

「What is straining?」

「It means filtering using a fine cloth. You do that to remove unnecessary things. This time, we used a cloth Zabuton made.」

Red pepper, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, cardamom, cumin, and laurel, I challenged making curry using those ingredients.

Though I don’t know how much of them should I use, I crushed them into fine flour and mix them.

I adjusted the amount of each ingredients depending on the smell and color.

I made curry powder just like that.

Though I’m uneasy, it is a challenge.

And the result.

A curry-like soup was completed.

I want to try making again to make it more curry like but…

That curry is already popular with the villagers.

「The spiciness is somewhat addicting.」

「The taste changes depending on how you mix it. I want to research it.」

「The smell alone makes me hungry.」

It was included in the menu and was served for about two to three times a month.

Agar-agar is indispensable for making sweets.

I obtained agar-agar from the seaweeds I asked Michael-san to find for us.

Agar can be obtained by washing and drying seaweed a number of times, adding vinegar and boiling it.

It takes time and effort but the procedure is simple.

I utilized the freshly made agar……I made a jelly by simply adding fruits.

I made various jelly using different kind of fruits.

The jelly was nicely received and continued to be served as dessert after meal. Because of that, our stock of agar immediately disappeared so I have to ask Michael-san again.

I cook various dishes but all the raw materials are my crops. The hunted preys are lined up on the table and they are either boiled or roasted.

They can only boil and roast meat in the past but because of my guidance, the onis learned how to properly cook and the food they cook now are delicious.

Especially the meat.

Their roast beef is splendid….well, it’s not really beef but boar so I guess it’s better to call it roast boar.

They also learned how to pair foods with the right sauces.

They are recently enthusiastic in making sauce from wasabi.

Doraim especially likes the roast boar of our village that he demanded to eat it every time he comes here.

I made a new oven for bread and started doing research to be able to mass produce and make new kinds of bread.

Not only the onis but even the high elves are enthusiastic about it.

As a result, we manage to make bread we made undergo the second fermentation.

Though I had completely forgotten about it, unlike the first fermentation, which is mainly making the dough, the second fermentation is the part where bread takes shape.

With the second fermentation, it became possible for us to make big bread.

That’s great.

At the same time, dressing your bread before baking it became popular.

We made a variety of sweet roll.

We have a lot of sugar so there’s no problem.

Apart from that, I also baked pizza.

I already made cheese so I want to eat pizza.

I thought of making it as my snack but it has been eaten immediately by the bystander.

Pizza became popular after that.

It is a good thing that we can eat a variety of foods now.

That being said, I have to work harder.


Because Tier is pregnant.

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