Chapter 72 – Fraurem’s Smile

「Father? For you to suddenly meet with me, did something happen?」

「A problem occurred.」


「Yes, the princess is gathering soldiers.」

「The princess is gathering soldiers? Why? Is she planning to invade some place?」

「This place」

「This place….this village?」


「The princess….I don’t think she’s that stupid.」

「When you were there, you are the type of person who controls others. Your replacement used the fact that you’re the princess’ favourite to stir things up.」

「My replacement?」

「The second daughter of Count Glitch and the fourth daughter of Count Pugyar.」

「Are they too stupid to understand the word power! How can they get near the princess with that IQ!」

「While I was on the west, I learned that most of the people we’ve sent here were removed. The two of them together with their allies are making their move. 」

「…so, why do they want to attack the village? 」

「Those who remained on the side of the princess requested for your return and the princess agreed. 」

「You mean, they are planning to invade this village because of me? What are you thinking, princess?」

「She probably thought that if this village is crushed, you will return. After crushing the village where you serve as the governor, those two are planning to frame you with sedition in order to eliminate you.」


「Yes, the prerequisite of their plan is “crushing this village” which is a mistake in the first place.」

「But honestly speaking, how do they plan on crossing the mountain at the east of the capital? Or are they planning to reach the forest on a normal route? And even if they arrive here, how are they planning to break the defensive patrol of this village which are the angels and the kuros? They can only possibly set their foot here if they use teleportation….did you find their plan on how they’ll deal with these questions of mine? 」

「I didn’t hear anything about those but….I was told that the princess is fully cooperating with them.」


「For now, demon king-sama is holding them down but the situation is doubtful.」

「Demon king-sama really spoils the princess but doesn’t he know the things about this village? He should stop the invasion at all cost.」

「Many people do not understand the threat of this village. Even if demon king-sama knows how dangerous this village is, he can’t say it in public.」

「Certainly, my governing ability will surely be doubted if the public knows about it. So, what does father want me to do?」

「Those who don’t know the threat of this village, I want you to teach them.」

「Can you be more specific?」

「I want you to gather the strength of this village and kick off the gathered army of the princess before they depart.」

「You want Rasuti-san to go on a rampage in the capital?」

「Dragons will really cause trouble. Angels and vampires too. I want you to knock them off but don’t annihilate them. I also want you to minimize the damage to the capital. But first, do you think they will follow your instructions?」

「Well, I’m living in this village too. Also, I think that if we pay them neatly, they’ll consider it.」

「Is that so?」

「Yes, in any case, Zabuton-san and Kuro-san’s group are excluded since it is impossible for me to control how much damage they’ll make…..the beastkins are still young so it will be the high elves, the onis, the lizardmen, and elder dwarves. Father, can I ask you a question?」

「What is it?」

「This matter, is it alright for me to inform the village chief?」

「This matter is strictly confidential so I’ll go talk to the village chief.」

「Explaining the circumstances to the village chief…. I think Hakuren-san will hear it too and if that happens, it won’t be strange if the capital disappears.」

「The capital will disappear? Who is Hakuren? 」

「She’s the older sister of the gatekeeper dragon. She’s currently living in this village…have you not read my report? 」

「No….I stayed in the west for a long time and as soon as I returned, I heard about the circumstances with the princess. I’m sorry. And that’s a problem. Can you do something about it?」

「Even if you ask me that…. We can’t extract war potential from this village without the village chief knowing.」


The two troubled people suddenly heard a voice of a woman.

「Fufu. You seem to be in trouble.」


「I heard what you are talking about. I have a good idea, do you want to hear it?」


「So obedient. If you gather war potential from outside this village, you don’t have to tell the village chief.」

「Outside the village?」

「The lamias. Though I don’t know how much war potential they gathered, 10 lamias can surely scare them.」

「What do you think father?」

「The main force is gathered by Count Glitch and Count Pugyar.」

「What is their quality and number?」

「They are demon soldiers who are on defense duty and there are about 300 of them.」

「Then three lamias are enough.」

「I think one lamia alone is already excessive….」

「Safety measures. Frau will lead them as she returns home. Ah, I’ll be the one who’ll inform the village chief. Don’t forget souvenirs, my best regards.」

「I understand. I’ll negotiate with the lamias.」

「Don’t forget to bribe them in secrecy. After this….I think they will understand more about this village and anyone hostile against it will not be forgiven.」

「Of course. Then, let’s go right away. Father, the lamias are staying in the dungeon south of here, can you send me there?」

「I understand….you, what’s with that scary smile?」

「Really? You must be imagining things… However, even though I have experienced hardship in this village, the people of the capital are doing stupid things….I’m a little envious of them.」

「That….are those girls alright?」

Behind Frau are 10 ladies. They have gorgeous hairstyles, beautiful skins, but are wearing suffocating, one-piece tunic.

They are demons like Frau but they look like humans.

「These girls want to migrate to this village. They are even “dying” to be here so can you accept them?」

「I don’t mind but….」

I call Frau to the side.

「What is it?」

「Their eyes are dead, are they okay?」

My first impression to these girls, given the clothes they are wearing, are noble ladies who fell into slavery.

「They’re alright. All of them are my acquaintances and will work as my subordinate for a while. Ah, if they do anything against the village, please don’t hesitate to dispose of them.」

「Dispose them? That’s scary. Well, they will probably fail in various ways at first but that wouldn’t matter if we consider the long-term effect.」

「I agree.」

「So, what about that girl?」

There was one lady who was receiving special treatment.

She’s about the same age as Frau or probably a little younger.

That girl has a pure white long hair and is wearing expensive looking clothes. She’s also sitting on a chair and seems to have a high status.

「She’s a guest. She’s like a guest governor…. She’d like to see the everyday life of this village so treat her like she doesn’t exist.」

「I can’t believe that someone will go to this village with such reason. Ehto…I’m Hiraku the village chief. Welcome to Big Tree Village. 」

「Hih 」

She’s frightened.


「By chance, is she scared of men?」

「I never heard anything about that. Yuri-sama, greetings.」

「I-I’m sorry. I’m Yuri. Please take care of me for a while. Nice to meet you too.」

「Of course, if there is something you need, please let me know. Then…」

I gathered the kuros and the spiderlings to introduce them.

If I don’t properly introduce them, the kuros will chase them and the spiderlings will bind them with threads.



The newly arrived ladies, including Yuri, collapsed.

「Maa, it can’t be helped. I made them wear those clothes because I already forecasted this. Please be relieved.」

After seeing the wonderful smiling face of Frau, I head out to gather people who’ll take care of them.

「Frau-san, I had a good time last time. Please invite me again.」

「Aren’t you going to attack the dungeon on the north next? There seems to be a giant residing there.」

「Oh, I never heard about that. Also, there’s a dungeon in the north? Do you know the specific location?」

Later, I saw Frau and the lamias getting along pretty well.

Though it’s a good thing….

What are they talking about?



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