Chapter 73 – Gran Maria

My name is Gran Maria.

I’m a little famous angel.

It is the result of me following various orders of Tier-sama.

Before I realized it, together with my colleague, Kuudel and Corone, we are already called “angels of holocaust”.

“Angels of Holocaust”

We never committed holocaust so I don’t know why we are called that.

Could it be because of our battle with the ogre race about a hundred years ago?

At that time, we exterminated several hundreds of ogres but we missed some of them so we basically did not erase their race from existence.

No way, their kingdom no longer exist?

What an unfortunate incident.

When attacking enemies, we always go with full power and destroy them all head on….

Yes, it is truly an unfortunate incident.

However…..I think that’s still insufficient to be considered as holocaust.

They are enemy and they only half collapsed.

In addition, Tier-sama and I were the only ones who attacked since Kuudel and Corone have different assignments.

It is strange that the three of us were called “angels of holocaust”.


Let’s leave that matter aside.

The most important thing is that I’m Tier-sama’s faithful servant.

Whatever what has become my title, it wouldn’t matter.

By the way, right now, Tier-sama is acting independently while chasing her mortal enemy Lulushi.

I don’t know why but every time Tier-sama and Lulushi met, they would start fighting.

They are always fighting but there has never been a conclusion.

The reason is because they’ll leave things unsettled once they’re satisfied.

Perhaps they are on good terms.

When I asked Tier-sama about it, I got scolded.

It seems like behind Lulushi is a mighty vampire clan so killing her would only bring trouble.

On the contrary, since we are angels, even if we are killed, nobody will take revenge for us.

I see.

I have never thought of such a thing before.

Gran Maria, you have become clever.

Nice girl.

I, who have become clever, should only be fought others but should not be killed by them.

I’ll do my best.

I said that to myself and smile.

In any case, I think she’s pursuing Lulushi now because she now has a prize on her head.

Meanwhile, me, Kuudel, and Corone will exterminate the bandits living in a certain mountain.

Normally, I wouldn’t even bother with it but it can’t be helped since we already accepted the request.

Without money, we angels will find it hard to live.

Those bandits are former mercenaries but with the three of us, it will be finished in a few minutes.

This gave me a good feeling and I can’t stop laughing.

I only hope that bandits like this group will increase more. We are troubled because not one group will show up in several years after we crush one.

Well, they are not a match for me, Kuudel, and Corone. Now, let’s get the reward and take it easy.

Ah, although I said that I’ll take it easy, I still have to train.

I must be battle ready all the time.

Otherwise, I’ll die unexpectedly once a powerful enemy suddenly appears.

I don’t want to die so I will spare no effort to win and survive.

Tier-sama returned after a few years.

Did she have fun with Lulushi?

….eh? Prepare for a trip?

Hurry up?

Ah, yes.

Ehto…so where are we going?

Forest of death?

Isn’t that a pretty dangerous place?

I understand.

I will wear my best equipment.


We’ll bring the lizardmen with us?

That doesn’t matter but….why are we buying chickens on the way?

What are you trying to…..

No, I do not have complaints.

I will do my best.

The forest of death is a very dangerous place.

It is not a place anyone wants to go especially if you’re alone.

This is because it is not easy to escape there.

It is necessary to have guards even if it is time to sleep.

Because camping in the forest of death is like seeking death.

Maa, the elusive elves living in this forest and the beastkins living on the nearby village know where the safe zones are but none of us do.

Because of that, when we entered the forest of death, I flew around at a high altitude without going to bed.

This is the best method to deal with our present situation.

If I fly halfway lower that I’m currently doing, I’ll be caught by the webs of the demon spiders living in the forest of death.

Demon spider.

They are troublesome enemy.

It is said that if you saw one, it is the time of your death. It is a monster of terror.

To us angels, you can say that they are our natural enemy due to affinity.

There are also other troublesome monsters in the forest.

A beast monster that is quick and can use magic, inferno wolf.

A group can probably manage if they met one alone but if they met more than one, they should prepare for their death.

Well, seeing them in groups is rare though.

An enormous snake, bloody viper.

It is a monster that nullifies most magic and uses its own huge body as a weapon.

Their most troublesome ability is their regenerative power and vitality.

No matter how much you damage it, it will just recover and that will break the heart of any opponent.

It uses its regenerative power in order to hunt other ferocious monsters…..

Now that I think about it, this forest is really fearsome.

Our movement as a big group can be considered a quite risky move in this forest.

Tier-sama, me, Kuudel, Corone, and 15 lizardmen.

The lizardmen also have the ability to fight but it is impossible for them to do that now since they have a lot of luggage.

We have no choice but to persevere.

I plan on not sleeping because of the dangers I have thought of, but Tier-sama told us to sleep in turns.

Though I don’t know where our destination is, it’s still probably a long way ahead.


I understand.

TN: Nani?

Anyway, I would like to sleep now.

Actually, I’m really exhausted and pressured after we enter the forest.

Kuudel and Corone, you too, right?

I understand.

TN: Well, I don’t!

At first, we’ll take our turn in order of our age but….it was decided by lottery in the end.

It can’t be helped.

Considering our current state, it is necessary for us to sleep in turns.

Our advancement will slow down but at least we are not letting our guard down.

On the way, I saw a grappler bear at a distance. Tier-sama decided to take a detour but it will take a considerable amount of time.

Grappler bear is a huge bear that can kill bloody viper.

Since it is very difficult to kill a bloody viper, it can be confirmed that its offensive capability is high.

It might be possible for the four of us to go on without taking a detour but what will happen to the lizardmen? Thus, it was decided that we’ll take a detour.

Tier-sama’s destination is a residence in the center of the forest of death.


Though I am dubious whether there is such a place in this forest, I was surprised when we arrived.

There is a field in the middle of the forest of death.


But that’s not the only thing that surprised me.

Lulushi was there.

When I thought that she will start fighting Tier-sama, they both looked pleased with their reunion for some reason.

What’s happening?

Afterwards, there were still various surprises.

The most surprising thing is neither the inferno wolves nor the demon spider living in the village but Tier-sama’s husband.

Her partner is the head of this place.


It might be impolite of me to be surprised.

No, but, however….

Leaving all the questions on my head to the side, congratulations.

Oh, Kuudel and Corone also congratulated her without freezing.

When I listened to what they are talking about, it seems like Lulushi is crying while saying something about the husband.

What a fierce person.

Yes, a fierce man.

Let’s not oppose him in any way.

Although this place is too small to be called a village, we decided to call that person village chief.

The others are also calling him like that and he doesn’t seem to mind.

With Tier-sama’s order, it was decided that we’ll also live here.

The lizardmen who came with us too.

My, Kuudel, and Corone’s role in this dwelling and field….no, this village is to protect it.

Repulse what we can repulse and if it is impossible for us, call for backup.

Although it will hurt my pride, there is no choice to do so considering the risk of death and the war potential of this village.

I don’t want to die yet so I’ll do that.


I underestimated this village’s defense.

The defense of this village is already taken care by the inferno wolves, headed by Kuro-san, and the demon spiders headed by Zabuton-san.

Because of that, we’re going to patrol outside the village.

There’s no problem since we can fly but if we fly too high, we won’t be able to properly see the surroundings.

With that in mind, we patrol over the forest at a reasonable altitude…

We were attacked more than expected.

Especially by desert rats.

Though one of them attacking us is negligible, a bunch of them jumping at us and trying to bring us down to the ground is trouble.

I’ve experienced that several times in different places.

The inferno wolves come to protect me whenever they see me struggle.

Though I felt shameful, I am thankful for them helping me against desert rats.

Now, I’m playing with them using the flying disc whenever I’m on break.


I never thought that the day where I’ll play with inferno wolves, who I thought were scary, will come.

The day has gone by peacefully. The only unusual things are us guiding visitors several times.

It is peaceful but not boring.

Being a patrol here is life-threatening but with the help of the inferno wolves, we have killed various monsters that threatened the village a number of times.

I realized that I have become stronger than before.

However, that feeling was destroyed in an instant.

A grappler bear and a bloody viper are fighting and the vibration of their match is even reaching the village.

Although they are far from here, I can feel the intensity of their battle just by looking at the height of the dust cloud.

Moreover, I feel like they are approaching the village as they fight.

This is bad.

This is a disaster at a level of considering relocating the village.

I tried to tell the village chief but he gave a strange reply.

Grappler bear and bloody viper, are they delicious?」



Did the village chief said that due to excessive panic?

I don’t know since I haven’t eaten one.

The village chief changed his gaze from me to the high elf Ria that told him that they are edible.

「I see. So, we can eat them. Then, shall we hunt them? It will be a problem if they come and hurt someone from this village.」

Ehto….hunt them?

Ah, we can do that if all the villagers cooperate.

I see.

If the inferno wolves, demon spiders, Tier-sama, us angels, high elves, and the lizardmen help each other, we can do it.


I will do my best.

「Gran Maria, can you carry me to where they are fighting?」

「I can but….」

Something is wrong.

Let’s resolve my doubt first.

「….are we doing it with just the two of us?」

「That’s the plan….is there a problem?」


「N-no. I understand. I will do it with every bit of my effort.」

It seems like my resolution is insufficient.

That’s right.


At times like this, I should have been prepared to give up my life.

I forgot about it.

It seems like the village chief is still saying something but none of them entered my ear.

The grappler bear and bloody viper were killed by the village chief in an instant.

Am I dreaming?

No, I’m not.

The village chief is amazing.

As expected of Tier-sama and Lulushi’s husband.

If possible, I would like to be linked with him too.

Ah, no no no, I have escaped from reality.

Let’s do our best to guard the corpse of the prey.

The trouble continues.

This time, it’s a dragon.

A dragon raid.

My entire body stiffens and I tremble with fear.

I’m not conceited enough to think that I can win against a dragon.

However, I have not forgotten my role.

I must do something.

When I was thinking of how to fight against that dragon, another dragon came from another direction.

I panicked.

I was not able to move and became flustered until everything was resolved.


She’s a ferocious dragon whose name is well known even to us angels.

No way, I never thought that she the daughter of the gentle Doraim-san who always comes to this village.

When I heard the story in detail, it seems like Doraim-san is the gatekeeper dragon.

I didn’t know.

Isn’t he a super famous dragon?

Knowing that, my knee gave up.

I’m sorry. I thought you were a third-rate dragon.

I’ll reflect.

But, Doraim-san only knows how to eat food and drink wine so how …. No, I must not say it.

Though I’m still not convinced.

Somehow, Rasutisumoon is now living in this village and with that, the village’s ferocity…. I mean, the village’s defensive capability has increased.

I have to do my best to play my part.

Loo-san(we began calling her that) gave birth and Tier-sama became pregnant.

That’s something to celebrate.

Maa, because doing it has become popular, we did it too.

My body also received the village chief’s favor so someday I’ll probably bear one too.

My dream has expanded.

When I was thinking about such a thing, a dragon came again.

This dragon is bigger than Rasuti-san.

That time, Rasuti-san was not in the village because she came home.

The dragon swirled around the village then burnt the nearby forest.

It’s definitely an enemy.

Together with Kuudel and Corone, I charged at the dragon.

The me from that time was not calm.

If I was only calm, I would have noticed that the dragon’s hostility was strange.

Why did it burn the forest near the village and not the village itself?

The village chief noticed it but he wasn’t able to stop us.

In order to forgive ourselves when we panicked during Rasuti-san’s raid, we thought that attacking was our only option.

Trinity attack.

If we use this attack, we can even beat Tier-sama.

We put all of our power to it.

And we fell like pest.

Like pest.

We were lightly whipped by its tail.


The difference in power is too great.

I felt extreme regret again for not being able to protect the village.

While crashing down, I’m thinking of a miserable future.

However, I stopped crashing down.

It was Rasuti-san.

Rasuti-san in her human form caught me before I hit the ground.

Kuudel and Corone were also caught by someone.

Who are they?

Doraim-san is here too, are they his acquaintances?

While I’m being overwhelmed with doubt, the battle between the dragon and the village chief has begun.

The place where we are is dangerous so we moved in a hurry.

The battle between the dragon, who whipped us down, and the village chief ended with the village chief’s victory.

As expected of the village chief.

However, it seems like the dragon was not serious.

If it was serious, even if the village chief wins in the end, it could have killed the villagers and destroy the village first but it did not do so.

From what I heard, she seems like testing the strength of the village chief.

So that’s why it burnt the forest and not the village.

In any case, the village chief has been recognized by the dragons.

I feel offended with how the dragons look at us.

However, it might not be a good idea to be hostile against them.

There are several dragons who came with Doraim-san and Rasuti-san.

It is probably correct to not be hostile.

The village chief seems to judge it like that too and receive them hospitably.

At first, I wanted to retaliate because we were injured but I did not do so.

That is an unacceptable behavior for someone lacking power like us.

It is shameful to demand something since our injuries are already healed with magic.

That’s the final coat of shame…

If possible, I want to receive a piece of scale to forge new equipment…

No, I will not make a demand.

If you could show a good performance at the banquet, that will be enough.

The dragon who whipped us down(who seems to be Hakuren) performed and I’m holding my side laughing.

Just remembering it makes me laugh so I won’t talk about it anymore.

After the dragons left, our everyday life returned to normal.

The only thing different is that I slightly increased the amount of my training.

I am still weak.

I will continue to work hard in the future.

And, I also pray that strong characters that threaten our significance in this village will not settle down in this village any further than this.



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