Chapter 113 – Troubles During Winter

Although I want to relax, problems pop out from somewhere.

There are three major problems during this winter.

One of them is the food problem for the kuros but it was already solved by Hakuren and Rasuti.

The other two were guest related.

It was a good, warm day of winter.

「I beg you!」

It is a man with a height of over three meters.

He’s wearing a full face helmet, a full body armor while, and a big mace.

He has a noble figure.

Beezel is standing next to him with a troubled face so I asked him.

「Who is he?」

「One of the demon king’s four heavenly kings, Glatts.」

「Four heavenly kings?」

「The four heavenly kings are something like ministers in the demon king’s kingdom.」

「Why is a minister here?」

「Demon king-sama is praising this village non-stop so he’s here to, test the power of this village.」

「Demon king………test the power…….ah, is it about the martial arts festival?」

「Yes. Let me fight against the number one of this village.」

「Shut up. Don’t say anything else and let’s return.」


「Mou, unfortunately, even if I want you to fight her, Makura is currently hibernating.」

「If you find him a suitable person to have a fight with, I think he’ll be satisfied and return home.」

「Jaa, the kuros….」

「I’m sorry but, can you choose a different opponent? Even before coming to this village, we already know that they’ll beat the hell out of him.」

「Jaa, Gran Maria.」

「Similarly, even before coming to this village, we already know that she’ll beat the hell out of him.」

「But Gran Maria even lose at the first round. Isn’t he one of the four heavenly kings?」

「He is indeed in charge of military affairs but he is a good rear commander and not the type who rampage in the front line…..」

「Then, why did he come here to test power?」

「The person himself wants to rampage in the front line.」

「Is it alright for someone like him to be one of the four heavenly kings?」

「He is a genius commander.」

「….you have it hard huh.」


Now, I’m troubled on who should I choose as his opponent.

Ria and Ann are absolutely a no go since they are pregnant.

Even if they want to, I will never allow them.

Then that leaves me with the lizardman Daga, the dwarf Donovan, and the mountain elf Ya.

Though Daga was defeated in the first round, he’s strong enough to participate in knight section.

Ya is the champion of the warrior section.

Is it safe to choose Donovan?

But he’s not the type who hold back.

Thinking about it, the beastgirl Senna might be the best opponent.


「Can you please choose someone weaker than my daughter?」

What a difficult request.

Maa, I really love it to have a new time killing event during winter.

But entertaining guests is not one of them.

The second problem is this.

「Please, be my wife by all means!」

One of the demon king’s four heavenly kings, Glatts, proposed to a woman.

That woman is Ronana.

She’s the errand maid that Gordon sent for their village. She’s a minotaur.

She’s a small minotaur, here height is only about 2 meters.

If I were to describe her, she’s like the light-hearted neighborhood oneesan type.

Also, her chest gives off this amazing feeling.

What a woman.

It is also obvious why Glatts fell in love with her.

Every time he fought someone and get hurt, Ronana is the one nursing him.

It must be the reason.

Glatts took off his full-face helmet and exposed his face.

An ikemen.

He also has these small cow horns on his head.

It is probably his way of saying that he’s a minotaur too.


「I’m sorry. I already dedicated this body for the village. I cannot respond to your feelings」

Ronana replied in an instant.

I thought that this is a heartbreaking event but Glatts did not give up.

「You dedicate your body for the village. In other words, you’re unmarried. Good. Should I bring this up to your father? Or to someone else?」

Ronana continues to refuse but Glatts is tenacious in love, unlike his fighting capability.

「There is no other way unless there is a permission from the village chief.」

The result of their talk, my name has come out.

「Village chief?」

I was stared at.

No, please don’t start a fight.

I’m just a representative of the residents of this village.

I guess saying that is useless.

Yes, it will be a waste of time.

「Please state the condition.」


「Please, tell me the condition that will make Ronana my wife」

Give me some time to consult those who are nearby.

「What a do you think about this proposal?」

「A lovely story.」


「But their love was torn up by the village chief.」

……I’m here to consult, not to gossip.

I understand that nothing will be settled unless I state some conditions.

According to Beezel’s advice, if I don’t think he’s not suitable, I’ll just have to ask something unreasonable.

「Personally, I want to cheer on you but I want to emphasize on how you feel with each other. I will not allow you to marry Ronana unless she herself wants to marry you.」

「In other words, if Ronana wishes to get married, you will allow it?」

「However, you must not force her. You cannot threaten her or use any form of violence.」

After telling that to Glatts, I spoke with Ronana.

「You do not have to reply in a hurry. Don’t think about the village, think if that man really deserves you. I will support you if you say that you wish to marry that man. Ah….If you don’t like him, just say so.」

「I understand. Thank you very much.」

With that, the case of Glatts and Ronana settled down a little.

It seems like there is no more problem.

Or so I thought.

「I, will live here.」

Glatts declared that he’s going to live in Big Tree Village.

「What are you saying? You are one of the four heavenly kings. You are also a marquis. In addition, you are the current commander of the western army! What will you do about your job and your territory!」

Beezel opposed.

「I’ll handle those too.」

「You can’t! You can just return here.」

「Then, I will resign. I will also step down as the marquis. I’ll leave it to my younger sister or younger brother.」

「Don’t be impulsive!」

「I live for love!」

This has become a big problem.

For Glatts,  being close to Ronana and getting to know her more is the topmost priority.

For the men in this village(but it’s really just me), they also want him to get close to her.

I understand how he feels but they need to compromise at some point, Beezel is already crying.

The compromise.

Beezel will have to inform Glatts whenever he’ll come to this village.

If he can, Glatts can come to this village again.

Beezel really worked hard to achieve that result, or Glatts probably agreed to compromise when Ronana told him “Please, do your best at work.”. I think it was that line that nails it….

Before going home, he spoke with Ronana how much he loves her for an hour. He doesn’t seem to be a bad guy.

After that, Glatts and Ronana optimize the small wyvern messengers that were supposed to be used communicate with Beezel to communicate with each other. Ronana is like his pen pal.

That is the second problem’s current state.

Maa, I can only watch.

I will not forcibly step forward to interfere.

I also recommended the others to just watch in the sideline.

No, I ordered them to.

In order for them to not do unnecessary things.

No matter what age, other people’s love affair is a good type of entertainment.

The third problem.

Doraim’s younger brother, Domaim, has run away.



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