Chapter 137 – Howling Village’s Trouble

We part from Gulf a little as I listen to Frau’s explanation.

「They must have not thought about what marriage means and treats her like an ornament.」

「If someone wants to deepen his relationship with you and gave you something to signify it, what do you think will happen if that something was not suitable for the village? Can you really just return it?」

「Now that you said it….it seems like they are not willing to deepen their relationship.」

「Right. Exactly.」

「However, what happened here is that it didn’t happen to an ornament but to a person. From my point of view, the Howling Village just don’t want to take responsibility and doesn’t want the trouble of letting her die there.」

「Just like you said, it is a grave misconduct. But there is more to it.」


「The proof of goodwill of the village, are you really just going to let it rot on your side then return it as it rots?」

「Of course not」

「If you feel the same as the other side and wants to build a good relationship with them, you’ll definitely not return it.」


「You will take a good care of that ornament and will never let it rot no matter what. If they really have a good intention, why did it not happen?」

「I wonder….」

「I want to confirm this later but, did they really treat the woman, that is married to their house, in a good way?」

「…..So, you are trying to imply that the Howling Village did not recognize the marriage the same way as the Hyuma Village did?」

「I think so. In addition, the lord is also involved.」

「Yeah. He did participate in the wedding ceremony.」

「Right, in other words, the lord recognize their marriage. However, they returned the woman back to the village….it is a direct slap at the lord’s face.」

「Is it…」

「If you look at it deeper…..there is also the possibility of that woman being an illegitimate daughter of the lord.」


「The feudal lord doesn’t just attend a wedding ceremony of an ordinary citizen.」


「The lord’s daughter from Hyuma Village was returned there without being cherished…..I’m already surprised that the lord did not assemble his army to advance to Howling Village.」


I asked Gulf the thing that Frau wants to ask.

「She’s definitely treated like a wife. She doesn’t seem to be dissatisfied too.」

To save time, Frau sat next to me.

「That’s natural. She was sent there as a wife so she can’t show that she’s dissatisfied.」

「In other words, you are saying that they are treating her badly?」

「If her body did not deteriorate, I wouldn’t suspect so but…..」

「About that….she caught a mine cough. She’ll die soon even if we don’t return her.」

「Die soon….mine cough?」

「Mine cough」

「My apologies but, what is a mine cough?」

「It is like an omen sickness that if you get it, you’ll surely die. Those who caught mine cough, they will immediately die if they don’t leave the vicinity of the mine.」

「…there was that issue?」

「We are living near a mine. We can’t bear to see her suffering so we forcibly returned her but….」

「Did you mention the mine cough to Hyuma Village?」

「We said that she’s sick and will be healed in time if she leaves the mine. However, they broadcast the divorce of the couple and we were not able to do anything about it.」



Miscommunication-desu!!! Damn it!!!」

After that, Frau called Beezel via the small wyvern messenger. Beezel then went back and forth from the Howling Village and Hyuma Village.

He also talked to the feudal lord to put an end to it all.

「Maa, it will not be restored soon but the relationship between Howling Village and Hyuma Village is already moving towards that path. It seems like they are on the verge of going berserk if I have not visited them.」

「Th-thank you. Also, Beezel…」

「Don’t worry about it, the lord is a good and understanding person. Fraurem, this is a form of borrowing my power that you should have not done.」

「I think that this is still better than telling it directly to demon king-sama.」

「You’re right but….in the future, I want you to think about the factions involved.」

「In this matter, which faction is it?」

「Count Pugyaru」

「Ah….I’m sorry father. There could have been an easier way to deal with it.」

「Don’t worry about it. You were not in the court for too long.」

Beezel returned home after eating dinner and taking a bath.

「An easy way to deal with it?」

「Count Pugyaru’s daughter is currently residing in this village.」

One of the civil servant girls huh.

「Will it be easy to directly appeal to a count?」

A count is like the boss of a number of feudal lords in a certain territory and their relationship is similar to a military commander and his subordinates.

Since Beezel is a different territory boss, things will get complicated if words come out.

It might even turn into a conflict.

This time, it ended with the talk of Beezel and the lord so it seems like it will be treated as unofficial.

Even so, I think it is still better to greet Count Purgyaru for the time being.

This mole hill might turn into a mountain if it comes out later.

「It is really troublesome.」

「Yes. I have made a wrong move due to carelessness. I have to reflect on what I’ve done.」

「Maa, at least we solved one trouble. Let’s think of it as a good thing.」

「Yes. And, that……」


The husband and wife, which are the reason of all the trouble, got remarried.

The son of the village mayor of the Howling Village and the relative of the village chief of Hyuma Village.

According to Frau’s analysis, that girl is an illegitimate daughter of the lord.

She gave birth after returning to Hyuma Village….her child is a beastkin.

The Hyuma Village and the woman lowered their heads to the Howling Village and they hope that with their second marriage, everything will be fine.

But for me, I think that if they have talked about everything in the first place, it will not turn to that….

The Hyuma Village is the one that forced the divorce since they thought that the woman was treated unjustly by the Howling Village and almost died. They probably find it hard to lower their head.

At least I think that it is good that it did not escalate to an armed conflict.

But since they remarried….there is a chance of her getting mine cough again if she lives in Howling Village.

It would be best if the husband lives in Hyuma Village instead however, it will be a symbol of Howling Village bending their knees to Hyuma Village.

This is really annoying.

As a result, the two of them and their child moved to Big Tree Village.

Though he is the next village chief of Howling Village, living here is better than going to Hyuma Village.

「Please take care of us from now on.」


The Howling Village’s mayor’s son, the beastkin Gutt.

Her wife is Nashi.

Their daughter is Nutt.

「I think you already know but….」

「Yes. I will forget about being the village mayor’s son and would live here as a normal villager. I am Senna’s older brother but I will lower my head and obey Senna.」


It is good that he’s too understanding….being “too” probably is good, right?

Senna looks pleased with something.

「Cherish your wife and child.」


It has been four years since Nutt was born.

She’s older than Alfred so it will be great if she will be like an older sister.

With this, the case was settled.

That’s what I thought….

「There’s a newly wed couple. Let’s build a new house.」

「Since you will now stay in this village, why don’t you marry here too?」

The high elves suggested and the mountain elves followed up.

「There is a great shrine here.」

Ancestor-san, who has been staying here for a long time, goes with the flow.

「Prepare for the banquet.」

Those who seemed to be waiting for the right timing gathered and it was celebrated grandly.

Let’s think about the details next time.

By the way, Gutt’s family fainted as they met Kuro and Zabuton.

……..are they really that scary?

Though they did not faint, the lamias, who are here to brew alcohol, screamed.

They look scary but they are not bad.

Nutt got used here after a couple of days and she’s even riding a kuro to run around.

Though Nashi is still scared, she’s adjusting to her new life with the help of Senna.

As for Gutt….he was out cold for a couple of days but he managed to recover after tasting the alcohol and food of this village.

「D-do your best, me.」

Off topic.

Gulf planned to stay in Big Tree Village this winter in order to watch over Gutt.

「Is it okay? Don’t you have a wife in Howling Village?」

「It will be fine as long as I explain it properly. Besides, it is my wife who asked me to do so.」


「Our daughter is here.」

「Ah, right.」

Gulf stayed in the inn.

Daga, Uno, and Makura also gather in the garden of the inn to have some sparring match.

I don’t mind but please don’t forget your job.


I understand that you want to participate but you still need to rest.



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