Chapter 141 – Hot Spring?

This is the third day of making a road toward the hot spring.

We finally arrived.

The foods we consumed on the way is mainly bloody viper and grappler bear’s meat.

The snake is delicious but the bear is not.

The kuros are pleased with it though.

Apart from the taste, we’re not lacking with the amount.

By the way, Kierbit cooked with me.

「There are various seasonings so even if you are not that skilled, it doesn’t taste bad.」

Kierbit said that but I’m not that unskilled.

I can proudly say that I have some cooking skill.

If she said those words to the oni maids, they’ll probably be burning with spirit right now.

Anyway, she helped me so it’s great that I don’t have to cook alone.

The place we arrived at is at the foot of a mountain. We still need to climb for 20 meters.

Green disappeared and rocky area appeared.

It is quite hot.

「The air smells a little but it is not toxic.」

Tier examines the surroundings.

I’m not particularly worried about the air since the previous investigation team was safe but there is a possibility of hot springs generating toxic gas every now and then.

That’s dangerous.

I jeopardized the safety of the villagers because of my carelessness.

I have to reflect.

「The high elves and the inferno wolves are sensitive to the surrounding air so it’s alright.」

I accepted Tier’s comforting words and checked the hot spring.

It is a small pond in that rocky area.

Though there’s a decent amount of water, it is making a thick bubbling sound as steam escapes from it.

「It looks like even soaking your hands to it is too dangerous.」

「Look like it…. it is exposed to the air, why is it too hot?」

Could it be that there is magma nearby?

If that is the case, this place is dangerous.

「I think that it is because of the rock’s natural property. It’s the one affecting the water.」

「The rock’s property?」

「Yes. The rock around here seem to store heat.」

I don’t quite understand.

So I tried to experience it first hand.

I looked for a rock that can be held with one of my hands.

And pick it up.

My impression, an ordinary rock.

Tier set a rock on fire with magic.

I thought that it would turn black but nothing happened.

「Please take it.」

The freshly baked rock? Are you planning on torturing me?

「It’s alright.」

After she says that, I tried picking it up fearfully.

It’s not hot.

Oohhh, it’s not hot.

「However, it will soon be….」


It’s getting warmer.

「What is happening?」

「That rock will continue to be hot. If received heat of about 100 degrees, it will also have an output of 100 degrees.」

「I see.」

「Since the rocks are colliding with each other, they will continue to exchange heat with one another. The heat exchange might even have penetrated deep underground.」

TN: Just a friendly reminder, this is fantasy.

And because the groundwater was heated up, it became a hot spring.

In that case, can this really be called a hot spring?

Or just warm underground water?

What’s the definition of a hot spring in the first place?


Even if I think about it, I don’t know the details.

Anyway….let’s survey the surrounding.

The hot pond before me is overflowing with water but it is not much to form a river. The water is just slipping through the gaps in the rocks.

It might have been seeped by the soil under the rock.

I had Tier, Gran Maria, and Kierbit search for a nearby river.

If the river is hot, then that’s it.

If the river is cold, I will make a waterway from this hot pond and from the river and make something like a bathtub as a meeting point of the two.

「There’s a river on the west.」

After discovering a river, Gran Maria returns.

「Is it cold?」

「Yes. It is cold enough to drink.」

「Since it’s cold, then the rocks around it…..are the rocks there different from the rocks here?」

「Looks like it.」

「Are the rocks here widespread?」

「They can’t only be found here, stones with the same property are mine in different areas and are widely used as thermal insulation stone.」

「Thermal insulation stone?」

「Yes. They don’t need to be lit up so the can warm up safely. I think the titans are using them to warm themselves up during winter.」

「Ah, I see. It can warm them up even without using fire in the dungeon.」


Is that so?

If I use this rock, can I build a greenhouse?

Thinking about it, it may be useful in various ways.

This looks usable even in cooking.

I got derailed.

Tier and Kierbit also came back after finding a river but it looks like the river that was found by Gran Maria is the closest.

What happened next is simple.

It’s the AFT’s turn.

Let’s have the side of the river first.

Yup, an ordinary river.

It is flowing from the mountainous north to the south.

「Is this river connected to the river by the village?」

「No, it is another river. It will turn west after going down southward a little.」


I made a place for the bathtub at the immediate side of the river.

A wide one is good.

In order to make this 25-meter long pool, I have to deforest this area.

By digging.


The shallow pool was made in a very short period of time.

Even the minotaurs, centaurs, and titans can use this.

Let’s make the middle deeper.

I also made a waterway as the drain.

I reconnected it to the river.

Next, make a temperature adjustment area at the north of the bathtub.

The merging of river water and hot pond water will occur here. It will be controlled to make the right temperature.

The deforested trees will be turned into both walls and tub.

Of course, there’s a male section and a female section.

I also made a dressing room….however, there’s no roof.

Only floor and wall.

At least it still takes form.

Good, now, it’s time to make a waterway from the hot pond.

I dig a waterway towards the hot pond by being lead by the kuros.

Yup, this is fun.


Thinking about it, it has been three days since we arrived at the hot pond.

In order to take a hot spring bath, the hot water must accumulate.

Meanwhile, I’m making pails and other bath tools.


The thermal insulation stone.

If I use that rock, can I make a sauna?

I’ll give it a try.

Recently, I thought that my construction skill was becoming dull because I left all the construction works to the high elves but I managed to do it.

There is now a four and a half tatami mat sauna. Meanwhile, the hot water has accumulated in the bathtub.

「Ah, great bath!」

So the result of the hot spring investigation group is having an open-air hot spring? Let’s enjoy it.

Beastkin Gulf and lizardman Daga’s POV.

「Daga-san, the village chief is absurd.」

「Is he? He usually gives off that feeling.」

「In a normal standard, this kind of facility can’t be built in a short period of time.」

「That would be the case if the village chief did it alone. However, you and me helped him. We should be proud.」

「We only help by lifting things. I also never thought that deforesting the trees of the forest of death was so easy, and did I already say that he also carved those rocks like it was the simplest thing to do…. I am now convinced that he built that village alone.」

「Right. Ah, how about you drink too?」

「Is it alright?」

「The village chief permitted to do so if it’s only a little.」

「An understanding village chief, how envious.」

「Hahaha, I’ll tell the village chief that you wish to migrate.」

「I want to do so but I’m currently holding a certain position. Maa, I’ll think about it…..Yummy.」

「This is handmade by the village chief.」

「Kuh….my heart wavers.」

Angels Kierbit and Gran Maria’s POV


「Ara. Kierbit, giving up already?」

「O-of-of course not….」

「The, let’s add water….」

「Don’t don’t don’t. No more.」

「Don’t you want it warmer?」

「No more, why are you doing this?」

「Fufufu, that’s because I heard that sauna has beautifying effects.」



「……I’ll persevere a little longer.」


Kuro’s offsprings(wolve’s POV)

「Well, that hot water is good. Super comfortable.」


「Don’t tell me you’re scared of taking bath….」

「Your turn is earlier than mine. It’ll be my turn soon.」

「Oi, don’t slack off. Check the surrounding. Bloody vipers and grappler bears might appear anytime.」

「I know. But won’t boss village chief will just exterminate it as soon as one appears?」

「I’m not referring to where he is, I’m talking about the angel-neesans.」

「My apologies, I’ll do it for the angel-neesans.」

「Yeah, they are amazing if the three of them will be working together but it will be a problem if they are alone.」

「They are our good partners, let’s do our best for them.」

「For the time being, our role is similar to alarms.」


My and Tier’s POV.

「Great hot water. I could finally relax.」


「This is the first time that Tier and I were alone outdoor.」

「Outdoor…. right, first time alone outside your room.」

「Let’s bring Tiselle next time.」


Is the hot spring found by the hot spring investigation group a hot spring? Well, I thoroughly enjoyed it.



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