Chapter 189 – New Migrants and Others

Gulf’s son, when he was still in Howling Village, he’s working in the mine.

He can still continue what he has been doing in the mines in Big Tree Village but the workload is lesser.

The mine is in the forest so only the high elves can mine there.

Because of that…..Gulf’s son is now troubled with work.

As a result, Gulf’s son started working as a mason.

It is a stone focus job and he is currently breaking rocks to make stone pavement.

According to the plan, he’s going to make a stone pavement from my mansion all the way down to the southern direction.

As of now, the stone pavement from my mansion is about 50 meters.

Even if it is only that short, I feel like having stone pavement increases the degree of civilization.

However, why is it that it hasn’t been lengthen this past few days….did something happen?

If you need help, let me know.


You’re making cobblestone floors for the arena?

Won’t the stones there break later?

Making stone floors is cool?



Do your best.

Make lots of spares.

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The dragons, or rather, their dragon clan, have not returned home.

Yeah, none of them left.

Their official reason for not going home is the upcoming martial arts tournament.

As for the unofficial reason, they are showering Hiichirou with their love in addition to the food and drinks here.

Though we are also supplying them with ingredients, cooked food in this village is better.

Presently, the supposed to be devil midwives are being taught by the oni maids in cooking.

The ones responsible for serving the dragons are the devils.

It is already expected because there are too many of them.

Just eating together or tasting newly experimented dishes makes it looks like we’re having a banquet….

However, considering that they have given us a mountain of gifts for childbirth, it feels like we still haven’t treat them enough.

Let’s ask Michael-san for seafood.

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Hakuren, who just gave birth……

Is now flying around in her dragon form. Perhaps it is due to built up stress after not being able to fly for some time.

I don’t mind her flying around but I would like her to stop flying low near the village.

It because doing that will surprise and provoke monsters and demon beasts.

As a result, the kuros and the spiderlings are busy.

Though I’m thankful for the stockpile of food.

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The twin angels, Suaruriu and Surarukou, seem to have been used to the life in this village.

Their coordination with the harpies has improved and they are unlikely to be hurt by monsters and demon beasts now.

The kuros and the spiderlings are also relieved.

Maa, I don’t think that it is already time to let their guards down.

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Kierbit, like Gran Maria’s group, are either patrolling or assisting Tier.

You can say that she’s a jack of all trades.

She’s really good.

During busy times, she’s someone that can be relied on.

Presently, she’s even helping the civil servant girls.

「Tier is also doing something like this?」

「Yes, Tier-san is doing this job too. When you’re done with that, please take care of this too.」

「That seems to be a fair amount of work.」

「I don’t think we’re being unreasonable since this is Tier-san’s order.」

「I’m not complaining. Piece of cake. Leave everything to me.」

Seems like she’s really working hard.

However, don’t overdo it.

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The centaur’s migration has begun.

The will be teleported in Big Tree Village first with the help of Beezel.

「I am the demon king’s kingdom Baron Fuka Polo. On behalf of everyone, I would like to express our gratitude for accepting us.」

A 10-year-old girl greets us on behalf of 40 adults.

「I am Village Chief Hiraku. Nice to meet you. This is Viscount Cole. She’s the representative of the village where the baron will live.」

「I am the demon king’s kingdom Viscount Glueworld Rabi Cole. Please call me Glueworld. It is pointless to address me with title.」

「I-I understand Glueworld-sama. Please take care of us from now on.」

「You don’t need to add sama too.」

「Y-yes, Glueworld-san. Please call me Fuka.」

「Okay, Fuka-san. Please take care of me from now on too.」

Next is a meeting with Glueworld and Rasshashi, the centaur’s caretaker.

「My name is Rasshashi Droir. Nice meeting you.」

「Droir…..? Are you, by chance, related to Droir house?」

「I’m the second daughter of the current head.」

「Ah, I’m sorry for my rudeness. This lowly one was unable to recognize Droir-sama….」

「You’re young but it is quite good that you are courteous…. Viscount Glueworld-san’s standing is better than this mere daughter of a count.」

「My apologies. E-ehto….」

「We are Glueworld-san and Rasshashi-san. Title is useless here. Please keep that in mind.」

「Yes, my best regards.」

「You’re still stiff but…..maa, I guess that’s fine. By the way, Count Chrome should have told you various thing before coming here, right?」

「Eh…..AHHH! VI-VILLAGE CHIEF-SAMA! I’m very sorry. I will take responsibility for all our rudeness.」

I hope she’s not that intimidated.

Things are overly serious.

She’s a little girl so we should talk to her gently.

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Before coming to this village, they have prepared some gifts.

They originally wanted to bring food since they have to go over winter in their migration destination but it was cut down since it was unnecessary.

However, they are embarrassed to come empty-handed.

I remember Loo saying that back in the old days, the way someone will be treated is dependent on the present they’ll bring.

So as a gift, they brought a wagon loaded with two sheep.

Although there are only two of them, it is possible for their population to increase because they are young ram and ewe.

I gladly receive them and have them go to the ranch area.

…….will they be okay even though there are already goats, cows, and horses there?

The goats might bully them.

One of the pups looks like it’s saying that it will not let it happen so leave it to him.

Let’s give some to Village Three once their population increases.

It will be a good job for the new migrants.

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After giving the new migrants a tour at the facilities of Big Tree Village, they were escorted to Village Three.

The reason why they were not sent there via Beezel’s teleportation magic is for them to meet and greet the residents of Village One and Village Two along the way.

With the centaur’s feet, that distance is not that far away.

I planned it that way.

The formal theatrical introduction of them to the kuros and spiders has already ended.

I had them lined up before Glueworld meets with the migrants.

Rasshashi proposed that on the pretense of making them immediately obedient.

I think that meeting with the kuros and the spiderling should not be daunting but even so, I still followed her suggestion.

Yeah, it seems like she’s right.

It seems to be better to have them panic altogether than have them panic individually.

And I thought that we could continue what we’re doing as planned but….

Hakuren, Rasuti, and Guraru suddenly showed up flying….in their dragon forms.

The migrants lost their minds and have faces as if it is already the end of the world.

Yeah, that was unscheduled.

I was surprised to hear Glueworld and Rasshashi murmured the same thing while watching them.

「I used to be like that.」

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After the centaurs recovered, Glueworld explained to them.

「The first in command here is the village chief and the second in command are her wives. The third in command is the dragon who gave birth to the village chief’s son recently and will also soon to be one of his wives.」

It took them a while before they get what she said.

After all, only becoming a wife after giving birth to a son might hinder fully understanding things.

That’s true even for me.

Even though she’s not my wife yet, it is already planned that she’ll be.

I don’t really get what’s happening.

Maa, I’m sure that I’ll feel easier if we’ll become a married couple.

As for my sons, including Hiichiro, I want them to be able to freely choose their partners.

Ah, but I don’t want them to marry any woman just because they are free to do so.

I’d like them to consider their morals in terms of their partners.

As for how many…

I have no comment.

Though I don’t want them to learn from their father.

TN: This part did not say it directly but it seems like Hiraku is not the one who decided to make Hakuren his wife.

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After saying goodbye to Beezel, the newly revived centaurs go to Village One, then Village Two, and finally to Village Three.

There are several new houses that were just constructed.

As for their winter clothing…. I think it’s alright since there’s a sufficient amount of fur but if it is not enough, contact me.

Only half of them heard what I said.

The other half already ran to find their acquaintances who were waiting for them in Village Three.

Though you can just ask Rasshashi, let’s not stop them.

It will be tactless of us.

Let’s just explain what needs to be to those who are listening.

For those who didn’t hear it, I’ll just have Glueworld tell them later.

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The Big Tree Village is using a lot of places in preparation for the martial arts tournament so there’s no place to hold the welcoming party.

Let’s just introduce them to everyone at the martial arts tournament.

My apologies but let’s just have a small party here at Village Three.

「Eh? This is for everyone? You can eat all you can?」

「Th-these are superb tablewares….」

「The bread is also freshly baked….」

「Meat, there’s meat.」

「Fruits too….」

Even if this is a small-scale party, we need to keep our face so I had Loo and Rasshashi join.

Beezel, who brought them here, is also participating.

「If not for the dragons, this should have been more luxurious. Oh, my bad. 」

「No no, don’t say that. Doing this here is much better. Please don’t think that way. 」

I don’t really get it but I heard it hard.

「Father, we can sleep with roof on top of our heads today? 」

「Yeah, that’s right. 」


Though this is a simple-programless welcome party, it is full of smiles.



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