Chapter 190 – Sumo Wrestling Before the Martial Arts Tournament

The guests have begun to gather for the martial arts tournament.

The first ones are ancestor-san and Fushu.

「I’ll enjoy this year’s festival too.」

He comes here so often that it doesn’t feel like I haven’t seen him for a while.

「Aren’t you Girar-kun? It is unusual for you to come out of your mountain.」

Ancestor-san smoothly participates in the dragon’s banquet and started enjoying it.

He looks more energetic than before.

Did he have a break from work?

When I asked Fushu, she said that a country that has been giving them trouble has been crushed so the cause of worry disappeared.

Isn’t a country being destroyed something serious?

And won’t that cause them to be busier….that seems to be tough.

「Aren’t you going to join, Fushu?」

When I tried to guide her next to ancestor-san, she slipped out with a smile.

Ah, she’s probably worried about Village One’s residents.

But they’re not here yet.

Next is Michael-san.

He came over with the additional marine products I ordered.

It looks like he’s also here to watch the martial arts tournament.

As for the logistics, Rasuti went out to pick him up at Doraim’s nest.

It seems like he’s talking about something to Gulf.

And the three lamias from the southern dungeon arrived too.

Twelve titans from the northern dungeon came too.

They were the ones who worked in Big Tree Village before.

The martial arts tournament is scheduled to be held three days later.

Suddenly, a sumo wrestling tournament began next to the martial arts tournament venue.

At the beginning, it was due to some people who won’t be joining the martial arts tournament asking me on what they could presently do.

It is not difficult to make a sumo ring.

The rules are simple too.

I also thought that they would not be injured so I suggested it. I guess I’m wrong.

Most have abrasions and bruises.

Even before the tournament, Flora is busy.

I recommended them to have a match with the same race as much as possible.

If they fought against titans, who were more than three meters tall, they are already at a disadvantage.

The spectators gather and it has become something like the martial arts tournament.

The dragons and ancestor-san are there watching too while drinking alcohol.

But there are still three days to go.

The sumo match between lamias is difficult to judge.

I think that the harpies should not overdo it.

Also, don’t fly.

Two days to go.

The internal battle of the kuros took place at the martial arts tournament venue.

It seems like they are doing this to decide their representative.

Even without the civil servant girl’s management, they were able to hold their own tournament.

This is the next most popular thing now after the sumo wrestling.

However, I can’t tell who is who.

The moment they entangled, I already don’t know which one is which.

Ah, the spiderlings put some clothes to those who are having a match.

Good, they are distinguishable now.

Both of you, do your best.

And Flora,

It must be hard for you so thank you very much.

One day to go.

The demon king’s group have arrived.

They are the demon king, Yuri, Beezel, Glatts, and Randan.

Hou was not able to come.

Hnn, memo?

It’s an alcohol list.

Are these the souvenirs she wants?

I’ll give it to the dwarves.

For the time being, I’ll lead them to where the dragons and ancestor-san are.

Other than the demon king, the others scattered quickly.

Yuri and Beezel went to where Frau is.

Glatts goes to Ronana.

Randan goes to Gulf and Michael-san.

I understand why Glatts went to where Ronana is but why is Randan strangely close to both Gulf and Michael-san?

Is it related to Randan’s little sister’s engagement?


Let’s guide the demon king to where the dragons and ancestor-san are for the time being.

「Ehto… chance…. dark dragon?」

「You know of Girar? If that is the case, then it’s good. The others are Dors’ relatives. Ah, that little girl is Girar’s daughter, Guraru.」

After that, I decided to leave everything to the dragons but the demon king grabbed my clothes so I was forced to stay there for a while.

The dragons are mainly talking about sumo wrestling and the power struggle of the dragons on the northern continent.

Even though it is said to be a power struggle, the dragons on top is Dors’ clan.

Girar’s clan is the only power that can resist Dors’ clan so all others are under Dors’ clan’s control.

However, because Girar showed that he’ll obey Dors, the dragons can be now said to be monolithic.

It would have been nice if it will be peaceful now that the top has secured its position but it seems like there will be a dispute at a lower level.

「Our place is what Dors trusted the most.」

「What are you talking about? Sleep talk only when you’re sleeping.」

「That’s right.」

It seems like the lower level dispute has broken out.

Aside from Girar’s clan, it seems like Kworain’s clan, the clan where Kwon and Kworun belong to, is strong although Kworain himself is not that strong.

It has been said that he was driven away by the wyvern that previously attacked this village.

I see.

There are different kinds of dragons too.

「I disagree. The other party is “that wyvern” after all. Aside from esteemed mother and father, I think Girar-dono will be the only one who’ll win against it.」

Doraim defends Kwon and Kworun.

Is that true?

「That wyvern has gone wild and even the whole wyvern clan was not able to handle it. I find it really mysterious that it was really versatile even though it is not a dragon.」


The only thing I remember about it is me being irritated after it attacked the village and it was delicious.

「Were you acquainted with it? My apologies.」

When I apologized, everyone laughed.

「I wanted to have a taste of it too.」

「I agree.」

「Me too. I guess it was delicious.」

It seems like the law of the jungle is thoroughly practiced.

Is it the law of the dragons?

For the meantime, I took that chance to escape from the demon king with the pretense of getting food and alcohol.

He should be alright.

Even I was able to talk normally.

Hang in there.

The oni maids are in full blast.

They are already preparing the food for the martial arts tournament tomorrow.

The dragons are always having a banquet so them doing it now is just right.

Kierbit is also helping them.

No, she’s not. It seems like she’s forced to do so?

I see.

She’s really dexterous so it is expected.

There’s also this rule for her.

If you get in the way, you’ll be kicked out.

Hang in there, Kierbit.

People from Village One, Village Two, and Village Three have gathered.

I don’t mind you doing some sumo wrestling but don’t be injured.

Loo and Tier, please help Flora.

The real thing will start tomorrow.

The night before the martial arts tournament.

The final matches of each race in sumo wrestling were held and they were really exciting.

Glatts managed to go to the minotaur’s final and win.

It seems like Ronana’s support is effective.

And don’t flirt on the sumo ring.

The other final matches were held too.

The most exciting one is the titan’s.

Yeah, amazing power.

The sound of them colliding is resonating.

After comparing their body strength at the center of the ring, they had an arms match.

Since they should not use martial arts, one of them put his arm around the side of the other party and throw him down.

The three-meter titan fell to the ground.

The winning titan raised both his hands in the air.

A loud cheers of joy.

The dragons are pleased too.

Though I’ve already said it, the real thing will be held tomorrow.

Free sumo matches began afterwards….those who will have matches tomorrow, stop.

Sumo is for people who will not be able to participate tomorrow.

If you really want to, do it after the martial arts tournament.



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