Chapter 240 – Trouble? No, Food Fest desu!

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When people gather, there might be times where they can get along but there are also times where they might quarrel.

The same thing is applicable to Big Tree Village.

I think everyone gets along well but there are rare cases of quarrels too.

However, there’s no violence involve.

That’s what I decided.

In order to quell quarrels, I thought of other methods to settle it without the use of violence.

The most commonly used methods are arm-wrestling, sumo wrestling, and chess.

There’s also race and hunting the biggest prey.

One time, there was someone who suggested eating the most food or drinking the most alcohol but as expected, that’s nothing but a waste of food.

I’m not criticizing food contests in general but do that in another city or town if you really want to. I want my villagers to value food.

As for drinking contest, I gave my permission and the two dwarves who are quarreling at that time even laughed. However, I never said that it will be a drinking contest of alcohol so I have them drink water. They are both dissatisfied.

It is not right to use it as a reason to drink.

Alcohol intoxication is dangerous.

You should only drink alcohol for enjoyment.


By the way, along with the development of a place is changes in ethics and culture.

It brings various trouble too.

This time, Shashaato City’s fishermen are troubled with seakins.

What seakins? They are people who mainly live in the sea.

A good example is mermaids.


Since Shashaato City is by the sea, having a port is a matter of course.

Port workers and seamen are led by humans and demons.

You can’t see many of the seakins working there.

Even so, the cooperation of seakin is indispensable to obtain marine products.

For instance, in order to catch fish, humans and demons will depart from the port using a boat.

Upon arriving at the place where there is a lot of fish, they will need the help of seakin to drive the fish towards them.

In addition, the seakin will also inform them if there is an incoming monster or demon beast so they can escape.

After the humans and demons capture fish, the seakin will demand payment which the former must properly compensate.

Sometimes it’s money or bird, pig, goat, other domestic animals like cow, or even medicinal herb that can only be found in land.

They are provided with a month to do so and there has never been any trouble until now.

As for how they got into trouble….

It is because the seakin requested a payment that is not easy to give.


「They want curry?」

「They seem to have heard it from the conversations of the port workers…. 」

However, the Curry Store Marla in Big Roof Shashaato won’t let its product be taken out.

I don’t want to be troubled in case the curry they take home gets spoiled which will make them suffer from food poisoning.

It was explained to the seakin and they said that they don’t mind going to the store itself to eat it.

However, they’ll still need to put them in a feed bag even though they’re already in the city.

It’s not like they can’t walk towards the store but the seakin’s body will dry up if they leave water.

After that, it has become a request for the recipe and ingredients and seasonings so they can make it themselves but….

The recipe is out of the question.

Seasonings and ingredients are expensive.

They can’t just think that it’s cheap because of the price at Curry Store Marla.

Since nothing works out, the fishermen express disapproval which became the start of trouble.

The story has reached me in Big Tree Village after several days when the trouble started.

According to the report the small wyvern brought, they were not able to obtain seafood ever since the trouble started.

Marine products from the Goroun Company also came from the cooperation of the fishermen and seakin.

The seakin even specifically looked for seaweeds and crabs for us.

Normally, this is not something that I need to go to with…

But I can’t overlook the current situation where our seafood supply was cut off.

No, I’ll say it honestly.

I’m really interested in how to settle this trouble.


I came over to Shashaato City.

I went there riding Hakuren in her dragon form.

As for my companion, it’s the beastkin Gulf.

Along with Loo and Tier.

Gulf is the most accustomed to Shashaato City so he is a must.

As for Loo and Tier, I asked them to come with me.

Last time, I’m slightly sorry for leaving them behind.

Next time, I’ll take Ria and Ann.


There will be a panic in the city if a dragon suddenly appears so we land on a considerably far place.

We contacted them beforehand so the Goroun Company already arranged a carriage that will take us to the city.

Michael-san arranged an inn for us and we will stay there until the day we’ll meet with the parties involved.

In the meantime, I’ll take Loo, Tier, and Hakuren to a date while helping out at Big Roof Shashaato.


Neither Loo nor Tier has come to this city but why is it that they know more about it compared to me?

I must be imagining things.

That must be it.

Big Roof Shashaato….the employees increased again.


And the day came.

The meeting place is a beach.

A sandy beach.

The fishermen and merchants of Shashaato City are lining up on the land side while the seakin is lining up on the seaside.

From a spectator’s view, they look like far apart but they are unexpectedly near each other.

Maa, it’s not like they’re hitting each other.


The seakin, those who have an upper-body of a human and lower body of a fish are called mermaid and those who have an upper-body of a fish and a lower body of a human are called sahagin.

There are also creatures like the nyunyu-daphne. The difference is that they are corals.

I thought that the one beside it is a lizardman since it really looks like a lizardman.

However, it seems to be of a different race. They are some sort of sea lizard which is only similar to lizardmen in our village.

Loo and Tier explained that to me.


We are on the side where the fishermen and merchants are.

However, Gulf will be the only one who’ll participate with me. Loo, Tier, and Hakuren won’t be participating.


「Then, let’s start.」

The representative of the seakin said that. He looks like an aged merman.

The table was immediately prepared.

There are ten chairs.

Five for the fishermen and five for merchants.

Randy and two more people from the purchasing department of Goroun Company sits on three chairs.

The remaining two chairs will be for me and Gulf.

「We plan to resolve our conflict with the city, using our old tradition.」

When the old merman declares so, those around made an exaggerated gesture.

「If you lords will manage to overcome the trial, we will follow what you want.」

The fishermen voiced out cheers of joy hearing that.

「However, if you can’t overcome the trial, you city dwellers must obey us.」

This time, it is the seakin’s turn to shout cheers of joy.

Maa, obeying or not will depend on the result of this so-called trial.


「Now then, the first item! Bring it here!」

They brought dishes for the 10 sitting people.

Right, this is the trial of the seakin. You have to eat whatever they’ll show you.

But why is this a trial?

I’m doubtful but I heard that it is because weird seafood comes out during trials….the information was given by the fishermen.

Will poor food or something bizarre be served?

However, the trial considers taste preference so there’s a rule that everyone can use seasonings.


The first item.

Beautifully sliced red meat of tuna.

There are three thick tuna fillet per person.

Wow, delicious.

It tastes great with both soy sauce and wasabi.

I want another serving.

No no, if I became full, it will be troublesome for me to eat the next one.


I’m already thinking about the next item but when I saw the people around, I almost laugh.

All nine except for me.

The five fishermen, Randy and the two merchants, and Gulf.

They’re trembling.

「Im-impossible….raw fish right off the bat.」

「Last time, this came out last.」

The two merchants are staring blankly at their slice of fish, not moving.

Randy boldly grips one tuna fillet…..put it on his mouth but…..he didn’t make it.


As for Gulf, he looks like he is about to cry.

You hate raw fish that much?

Gulf gave up at the first tuna fillet, disqualified.

The five fishermen….two of them managed to eat their share.

As for the other three, they look at me with eyes full of expectations.

Okay, you can give up. I’ll take care of the rest.

The two merchants too.

Don’t overdo it.

It is blasphemy to not eat delicious food deliciously.

Ah, it is probably difficult for them to do so because of cultural differences.

I probably won’t eat it with great relish if I’m not used to it too.


「Fufufu. Three managed to stay? But it will end with the next item.」

The merman directed to bring out the next plates while saying a villain-like line.


Second item.

Living shirasu.

A little soy sauce and….yup, just the way I like it.

The two fishermen also managed to do it.


Third item.

Sea urchin.

You don’t need to eat the husk.

The two fishermen give up there.

I became the sole survivor.


Fourth item.


「Poison is bad news. With that in mind, give me the not poisonous part」

「Lord….are you sure?」

「I’m not a fool to decline a pufferfish.」

When I eat pufferfish, voices of admiration broke out from the seakin.


「Even us dislike that fish….」

On the contrary, screams can be heard from the fishermen and merchants.



Fifth item.


Yeah, crab sashimi is delicious.

I don’t understand why one of the fishermen fainted when he saw me.


「Kuh, let’s see if you can continue to act that way with the next dish.」

「Hnn? It’s that bad?」

「Unfortunately, even among us, there are few who can cook and eat it.」

「I see.」

I’m already prepared.


Sixth item.

Salmon roe.


You cook this?

What did I even prepare for?

I dip it slightly to soy sauce and eat it raw.

Ah, another food I want.


Seventh item.

Horned turban.

It can be grilled in its own shell.



I feel like I have seen some being grilled in a stall in Shashaato City.

「Does the seakin not eat horned turban?」

「No, it looks really gross….」

Ah, so that’s how it is.

It’s delicious.


Eighth item.


This will be more delicious if they have dried it.

I grilled it then eat it.


Ninth item.

Moray eel.

I stew it.

It’s not bad.


「Yo-you’re quite a courageous man.」

No, I’m just eating food.

「Though the next plate will be the last….even a courageous seakin wouldn’t dare to try eating it.」

When the merman said the name of the item, loud screams spread around.

Only a few of the seakin didn’t scream.


Tenth item.


「I’ll sashimi one of its tentacles. As for the rest of the tentacles, they will be deep-fried. As for the head….grill it after removing the internal organs.」

It was very delicious.


Thus, the trouble between the seakin and the fishermen of Shashaato City was settled.

They continued working with each other like what they’ve always done so.

Maa, even though we won the trial, if we abuse them, the issue will happen again next month.

As for the seakin’s request, they want to eat curry once a month so we’ll open a store on the beach once a month just for them.

That is Marcos and Paula’s proposal.

I heard that they also wanted to open branches in other places. It looks like they have already thought of the future.

Are the employees thinking about the future too?


As thanks for resolving the issue, the merchants, fishermen, and seakin bowed to build the store at the beach for me.

I would love that.

However, are you all satisfied with the result?

The fishermen only complained about eating gross food….


But they’re not really gross you know.


As for the seakin, they apologize for causing trouble.

They talk about the expenses in opening the branch store but I declined and said that I’ll propose a business with them.

Of course, the Goroun Company will take care of it.

「I want supply for all the marine products you used during the trial. I want them regularly. Shirasu and salmon roe are hard to find so….just supply them if you have them. Don’t overhunt moray eel too. I want tuna, crab, horned turban, abalone, and octopus as for the amount, give me as much as you can. As for pufferfish….I don’t know how to prepare it…if you can remove the poisonous part….ah, Loo can do it? You know a spell that can do that? Okay. Then, I want a pufferfish too.」

I’ll be happy if there are squid and flying fish too.


Squids are regularly caught by fishermen since everyone knows they can be eaten.

Then, why are you like that with octopus?

Yeah, it’s food culture.

In any case, this trip has a lot of harvests.

TN: Eh(too)? Chapter 35 in the manga, they are sun drying squid. Probably a LN/manga exclusive detail. I personally don’t remember translating something about drying squids but I feel like I’ve translated grilling a squid. Or, I’m just imagining things.



The only ones who can eat everything are me, Zabuton, Ursa, and the cat.

No, I didn’t force them to eat….

Everyone especially dislikes octopus.

How can they not know the deliciousness of octopus?


Ah, I won’t overdo it.

They’ll probably try to taste it too because of curiosity sooner or later.



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