Chapter 242 – Martial Arts Tournament of the Civil Servant Girls

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The post autumn martial arts tournament ended safely like the previous years.

Though it was necessary to remake the stage three times and there are also wounded.

This has been the 4th consecutive time that we need to hold it for two days.


Everything’s great.

No problem has occurred.

Therefore, there’s no need for anyone to lower his head.


This time, I left everything related to the martial arts tournament to the civil servant girls.

That made everything for me easy….or not.

When I was called to fix the stage, I became a referee of the kuros versus a drunk dragon…..

Though it doesn’t feel anything unusual.

Or rather kuros, it is not good to start a fight just because you don’t want me to be bothered.

Be good pups like you are.

And, Girar.

I didn’t know that you were there but can you stop shoving your face inside that barrel?

If the wine slime is here, it will be delighted seeing what you’re doing spilling it all over.

No, what really happened?

It is probably related to Guraru….

Hnn….were you shocked seeing Guraru holding Hiichirou’s hand?

Oi oi, Hiichirou, you’re only turning 1 year old…..

1 year old.

1 year old?

Time quickly flies by.

Not long ago, you only know “hai hai”.

Before I noticed it, you are already standing without anyone trying to help you.

Maa, but isn’t it too early to be jealous of the partner of your daughter?

Are you already feeling that you’re going to give your daughter away?


I will not let Tiselle be a bride so I’m all right.

I got derailed.


I think the civil servant girls did great.

There were a lot of slightly unexpected things during this martial arts tournament.

First of all, the guests.

The demon king’s group and the dragons are already expected like ancestor-san.

Michael-san has not participated this time.

He seems to be very busy with his work in Shashaato City.

Perhaps it is connected to Big Roof Shashaato.

My apologies.


The dragons are Dors, Raimeiren, Doraim, and Doraim’s wife, Grafaloon.

In addition are Hakuren’s imouto, Suiren, Suiren’s husband, Maxbergak, and their daughter, Helzernark.

For the demon king’s group, it’s the demon king and his daughter Yuri, and the four heavenly kings, Beezel, Randan, Glatts, and Hou.

Ancestor-san came with Fushu.

They are the usual guests.

However, each group brought new faces with them.


The dragons brought a male devil.

Gucci has come too and those who acted as midwives before so who’s this….

It’s a guy that gives off the aura of a general.

I thought that he’s going to shout at me but he was pretty calm when he greeted me.

He’s here to join the martial arts tournament.


As for the demon king’s group, they brought two men. Two old men.

Though they seem to be at a lower level compared to the demon king, they converse with the four heavenly kings in an equal manner.

Beezel told me quietly that those two were members of the previous generation four heavenly kings.

I see.

They seem to have granddaughters among the civil servant girls.

When I was wondering how I should greet them, they suddenly dogeza.

They are humble people.

They are even more modest compared to the slime and the horse who are currently playing.

Please take care of me from now on.


Ancestor-san brought a girl who seems to have a strong personality.

Externally, she looks like a 15-year-old ojousama who won’t let anyone come near her.

According to ancestor-san’s introduction, she seems to be a normal ojousama until she obtained divine protection from god. She’s now considered as a holy maiden.

Depending on the place, she can even be called as an apostle of god.

Why would he bring her to see the martial arts tournament?

Or did you bring her here to worship the statue of the god of creation?

But that statue is something that I carved using the black rock.

Isn’t it better to favor another one?

Why did she curl the bridge of her nose?

Is there a meaning in doing that….

Maa, if you don’t mind it then I won’t mind it.

However, she, was frightened of the cat.

She’s even asking for help.

Ursa chased her while holding the cat.

The kuros joined too.

Oi, don’t chase her.


The new faces confused the guest management of the civil servant girls.

This is not something that they can just group then put in a tent. This is completely different if we are just talking about food and drinks to serve. They are at lost on how to arrange seats for them.

Where should their seat be?

The seating arrangement is now a problem since there are few guests…..even so, we must satisfy them.

I shouldn’t think about it too hard?

They are not that great as we think?

But, isn’t seating arrangement something that might even cause a fight?

That might be the case normally but we shouldn’t worry about such a thing…? Ah, so they are all understanding people!


TN: Dude, you had the poor holy maiden chase by a fallen god, a former ghost king, and a legion of Inferno wolves. They’ll surely understand.


As for the others, the titans of the northern dungeon and the lamias of the southern dungeon came too, a total of 20 of them.

Moreover, they are completely fired up.

It seems like they trained for 1 whole year for the martial arts tournament.

Are you guys war freaks?


The lamias and the titans are dancing with each other.

They seem to have built a friendly relationship.

A good thing.


I’m wrong?

It is some sort of war cry?

A dance to uplift their fighting spirit before a battle?

Uplift fighting spirit….but isn’t the martial arts tournament tomorrow?

Maa, it might be okay since they look happy.

The minotaurs of Village Two and centaurs of Village Three are here too.

Ah, a preliminary skirmish started…….

Don’t get injured before the real thing.

According to the civil servant girls, we shouldn’t try to stop them…..ah, are they going to rampage in this place?

It can’t be helped.

I’ll have them move.

Yes, everyone, move to the right.

The dwarves who are arm-wrestlinging move towards that place too.


Maa, everything is out of order now and none of what’s happening is according to schedule.

In addition, martial arts tournament is basically divided into three sections which are common, warrior, and knight. We have to establish new sections called Inferno wolf, made for Inferno wolves, demon spider, made for demon spiders, and king….

Yeah, blame everything to over capacity.


Of course, the civil servant girls will not just stand idly.

They already anticipated the increase of participants and even the battles starting before the festival.

They thought about various measures and prepared them.

They asked for the hands of the beast girls in case of manpower shortage and even asked Doraim to take charge in case of trouble.

However, something happened that they never expected… crushed everything.


The one who’s holding all the civil servant girls, Frau, is pregnant.

Her stomach is obviously big.

It looks like she’ll give birth in the middle of winter.

The person in question is not even conscious herself. She thought that she’s just getting fat so the news about her pregnancy was only known now.

Beezel, her father, is really delighted hearing the news.

It took a while before anyone was able to properly speak with him.

I’m already thinking of names.

Though I might get in trouble with Frau because of it….


In addition, the pregnancy of the representative of the beastkins, Senna, has come to light.

She was really active recently.

This is to be expected.

The beastkins are overjoyed.

According to the message from Howling Village, it seems like they are also merrymaking over there.


By the way, Rasuti’s pregnancy comes to light too.

Rasuti is…..she looks like a junior high school student in our everyday lives but she has a mature body at night.

Exactly at my strike zone….

Did she learn it from Loo?

Because her figure/form needs to be fixed during pregnancy, Rasuti’s status came out immediately.

To stabilize her spirit, she will be in her most mature form while pregnant.

Doraim and Grafaloon are both pleased with her pregnancy but for Rasuti herself, I’m not sure what she’s feeling.

Gucci, who came with Doraim, quickly made some arrangements.


Is everything clear now?

Frau, the representative of the civil servant girls, won’t join because of pregnancy.

Senna, the representative of the beastkins, won’t join because of pregnancy.

And Rasuti, though feeling confused, was stopped by Doraim….

The civil servant girls worked hard and were able to make proper last-minute adjustments.

They did not fail.

They succeed.

You don’t need to cry.

It’s all my fault for impregnating Frau and Senna.

Let’s give the summary.

I did my best.


Common Section: Winner – many

Warrior Section: Winner – Dwarf Donovan

Knight Section: Winner – Angel Kierbit

Inferno wolf Section (male): Winner – Devil Gucci

Inferno wolf Section (female): Winner – Cocytus Wolf Fubuki

Demon Spider Section: Winner – Zabuton

King Section: Winner – Raimeiren


You can tell from this list that this contest is a bit chaotic.

The common and warrior sections are just regular matchups but when it comes to the knight section, Kierbit crushed everyone.

She could have had a better match up if Uno or Makura joined but they are already in their own sections.

As for the Inferno wolf and demon spider sections, the Inferno wolves already did a preliminary match before the festival and it seems like the demon spiders did it too.

For the Inferno wolf section, the Inferno wolves strongly suggested to divide the section one more time, by sex…..and so there’s a male and female section.

I thought everything will go smoothly as it is but to my regret, an intruder appeared.

That intruder went to challenge the Inferno wolves.

Quite brave.

As for the others, they stepped forward one after another to join.

Good thing Zabuton showed up. Everyone cooperated instantly.


The king section is the winners of each section in addition to the dragons and the demon king.

Raimeiren is strong.

Though she was not supposed to participate since she’s taking care of Hiichirou, she seemed to have cooperated.

The first round is Kierbit vs Raimeiren….maa, let’s not talk about it.


In any case, the civil servant girls done well.

It worked hard.

Okay, let’s hand over the reward medal as promised.

They stubbornly rejected and demanded punishment.

You don’t need to put it in your heart….

Maa, if you really want punishment….

I’ll request about something.

There is a lack of manpower in Big Roof Shashaato.

Oh, not workers.

What I need are teachers for cram school, which I have already consulted with you before, and manager of the inn.

There is a limit on how much Marcos and Paula can teach their employees.

The civil servant girls are noble’s daughters.

You can even introduce your acquaintance if they are suitable for the position.

Ah, anyone of you can do it?

Don’t worry, if you work in Big Roof Shashaato, you will be properly compensated.

As for the number….about 10 of you?

Ah, you will undertake it?

You really want it?


It is not a punishment so think of another punishment?

You’re too strict on yourselves.

However, there is a reason why I can’t punish you severely.

If you are punished, Frau and Senna will both worry.

Therefore, this time, you can just reflect on your own.

This meeting is adjourned.



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