Chapter 243 – For Winter

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Once the martial arts tournament is over, the village will prepare for winter.

All things are going smoothly.

Everyone has thoroughly begun preparations for winter even before the martial arts tournament started.

「Village chief, village chief」

All things are going smoothly.

「Village chief, it is not good to escape from reality.」

The civil servant girls are too strict.


The preparation for winter is late.

As for the cause, half of it can be blamed at the martial arts tournament and for the other half….maa, something.

Villagers were completely taken in by the martial arts tournament that their efficiency has steeply fallen.

Yeah, in addition to the broken stage, the arena was inaccessible, the pool too.

Though everything will be fine once they are repaired, we have to reflect on not doing it fast enough.

Thus, the preparation for winter was delayed……

When are we going to start the preparation for winter?

Maa, the repairs will end soon so we can only do our best in order to catch up.


The other half… caused by ancestor-san.

Ancestor-san took Loo, Tier, Ria, and Hakuren somewhere.

During spring and summer…..during the time ancestor-san was our mode of transport towards Shashaato City, they seem to have promised something.

It seems like ancestor-san needs their help.

Though it doesn’t seem to be dangerous, it worries me a little.

Worry about being NTRed?

Nope, I don’t worry about that at all.

On the contrary, it seems like it’s the other way around.

But fear not.

Because I will absolutely never do something like flirting around!

You don’t have to worry about anything while you’re away.

You beg to differ?

Are you?




Loo, Tier, Ria, and Hakuren are people with moderate influence in the village. They also greatly contribute to winter preparations.

Especially Loo and Tier. They are like my secretaries so I will be really troubled when they are away.

That’s why I’m troubled now.

Even if there are more acting like them now, Loo and Tier perfectly cooperate with Ria’s group every time.

In addition, Loo, Tier, Ria, and Hakuren have given birth to my children.

Ririus is my half high elf son with Ria.

Hiichirou is a mixed-blood because of me and Hakuren but Raimeiren takes care of him with pleasure so there’s no problem.

Alfred is my son with Loo and Tiselle is my daughter with Tier so the onis will take care of them.

Although taking care of them is not the real reason for the delay, we are still delayed.

Because of that, Loo, Tier, Ria, and Hakuren, return early.

According to ancestor-san’s schedule, they will return before full-scale winter begins.


As for the delay for the winter preparations, it can’t be helped.

Let’s do our best with the people present….

I’m the one who should work the hardest.

Mostly in interpersonal relationship…..more specifically, my relationship with the pregnant Frau, Rasuti, and Senna.


A problem occurred because Rasuti is now pregnant.

Her appearance/form is fixed until she gives birth so it is impossible for her to transform into a dragon.

Hakuren is not here too.

The transport capacity of the village has been greatly reduced.

Because of that, Doraim and Grafaloon volunteered to take her place.

They said they will do their best for Rasuti….

There are few people who can order Doraim and Grafaloon.

I think I shouldn’t decline but….

Loo, Tier, and Hakuren who can instruct the husband and wife on what to do are not here.

Even I am unwilling to instruct them.

It’s a good thing that I found the best substitutes here.

Bulga and Stifano.

They should be used to Doraim since they are working for him in the first place.

They will be responsible for instructing Doraim and Grafaloon on what to do.

They are probably thinking that their current job will be all for Rasuti.

They want safe delivery so they’ll work for it.

They even didn’t join this year’s martial arts tournament.

It is hard for them to do that.

「No, please don’t ask the impossible. How can we instruct Doraim-sama and Grafaloon-sama on what should they do?」

Is that so?

I’m doomed.


Though it can be said that Beezel is staying here because of Frau’s pregnancy, he’s commuting to the demon king’s castle via teleportation magic.

He even consulted me a lot about Frau’s condition.

He even asked if he could send a maid that will exclusively take care of Frau.

Frau and I told him that there’s no need since there are still oni maids here but he insisted.

The expert devil midwife is here too but for Rasuti…..

Thinking about it, if Frau and Rasuti went to labor at the same time, she will surely prioritize Rasuti. What will happen to Frau then?

It’s not good to think about it.

As a result of the various negotiations with Beezel, a veteran maid will come and she will live in Beezel’s house.

It seems like that maid has taken care of Beezel since he was a child so he will be able to feel at ease if she’s here.

And of course, since she knows Frau since birth, I know that there will be no problem but Frau voiced out something.

「If Holy comes here, I will be worried of what will happen to our mansion in the capital…..」


The veteran maid’s name is Holy.

Beezel’s house….it seems like she’s the one who singlehandedly managing Count Chrome’s house in the demon king’s kingdom’s capital.

「Compared to ojousama’s pregnancy, the mansion is not even worthy of being mentioned. My best regards.」

Though Holy is an old woman, her back is not curved.

Given her aura and the way she acts, I almost instinctively call her “baaya”.

TN: That’s what you call your wet nurse.

Actually, that’s what Beezel calls her.

Though Holy took two days to get used to the village, she managed to fit in immediately after. As expected of a veteran maid.

Though she’s here as an exclusive maid for Frau, she shares some housework in my mansion with the cooperation of the oni maids.

She’s fond of Alfred and Tiselle too.

Also, being able to see someone scolding Ursa is quite precious.

She’s someone to rely on now that Hakuren’s not here.

I wonder if she can stay here forever.


As for Senna, she’s single-handedly being taken care of by Nashii, wife of Gutt.

The other beastgirls also comes to them in turns to learn various things.

Taking turns…..what are they learning?

Oh, preparations huh.

Also, since Senna is the daughter of the village mayor of the Howling Village, messages from Howling Village come frequently.

There’s even this message….

He said that he wants to meet me.

Thinking about it, I have not been to Howling Village so I never met this village mayor.

Though not meeting the partner of a daughter who was out to marry someone is not unusual, if possible, he wants to see face to face.

I thought of going there but I was stopped by the villagers.

They said that if he really wants to meet me, he should be the one to go here.

Is that the case?

That seems to be the case.

However, isn’t it difficult to travel through the forest of death, especially now that winter is coming?

Hakuren and Rasuti are both unavailable.

I thought of asking Doraim but….I was stopped by Gulf and Gutt.

It seems like being picked up personally by the gatekeeper dragon is not all right.

I reluctantly promised him to meet each other somewhere.

「Village chief, I’m sorry. My father is so selfish….」

「No, don’t mind it. I understand how he feels.」

Now Senna’s mind will be bothered….but don’t be.

It’s normal for a father.

The messages from Howling Village are more personal than usual so I’ll message them whenever I have time.


Someone remained.

The holy maiden that ancestor-san brought to the village stayed here.

Though she remained, she almost always only stays indoor.

She’s not going to settle down here. She’ll only remain until ancestor-san’s business ends. I really don’t mind but….

Are you going to stay there?

It’s a nice day.

Aren’t you interested with the hot spring?

How about horseback riding?

The forest…, I better not let her go there.

Though she rejected all my suggestions, she seems to follow a resident of Village One for some reason.

To tell it more clearly, it seems like she’s obeying several people from Village One.


She’s obeying Ursa too.

Ah, Ursa.

Don’t use the cat to forcibly ask her to obey you.

Do you even understand how awful it is to make someone obey you through fear?

…..and study properly.

You are abusing your freedom just because Hakuren is not here to scold you.

It is fine if you two are cooperating.

Hang in there, holy maiden.

Add another layer of cloth if you’re going outside.

Though we still haven’t breathed out white, we can’t let our guard down.

It will be colder in no time.



Let work hard with winter preparation.



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