Chapter 244 – Justice League

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Yes, finally.

I have known the crisis since 40 years ago.

I was 10 years old at that time.

It was heaven’s revelation.

The voice of god told me to save the world.

It is not my delusion.

I’m sure that it is god’s voice.

My prayer reached him.


And so I began moving.

Moving in order to save the world.

I have to prepare an army that will fight against evil.

To be precise, I’m studying.

Without knowledge, I will never obtain a certain position.

Without position, it is impossible for me to hear what’s happening in the world.

For instance, I can be an administrative official of a certain heavily populated commoner area.

If different kinds of people will say something, the one who is most likely to be trusted is the administrative official.

Obtaining a position means obtaining trust.


In addition, having a connection is another but more important thing.

Being connected to great people is important.

It is a good thing that I’m blessed since birth. I am born as a noble.

Though I’m only the third son of a baron, that slightly increases my chance of meeting great people.

For commoners, that is something impossible to happen.

I was involved with the government in my 20s and was entrusted with a city in my 30s.

I’m currently in my 50s and I’m currently the prime minister.


Of course, I did not only work.

I worked hard in my private life too.

I married when I was 25 and eventually have 5 children.

My eldest son married an influential noble’s daughter and I already have a grandchild.

My second son is kind of prodigal but he’s useful in some key points.

My third son is a knight and he fights from one place to another.

Though he is called a brave candidate, for me, he still has a long way to go.

My eldest daughter is a bit rough so I was worried that no one would want her but she managed to do it somehow.

In this world, there are curious people.

Ah, no, I mean, thank you for taking her.

I mean it.

My wife is also worried.

But I guess everything’s fine.

My second daughter is an introvert who only reads books.

Though she seems to be interested in magic, she doesn’t seem to have talent.


Fortunately, my house is rich.

She can study to her heart’s content.

Personally, I want her to give up but as long as she doesn’t give up, I will support her.


By the way, others might see me as someone doing everything for my own good….

However, I have never forgotten my purpose.

It is to save the world.

Therefore, I must prepare an army that can fight against evil.

I did my best.

And the result is this.


In a pitch-black conference room, a candle was lit.

Me included, there are 13 men and women sitting around a round table.

「Chairman, you forgot your mask.」

「Ah, my apologies.」

We are obligated to wear a mask since we will never know when we will be identified by evildoers.

In consideration of breathability and ease of talking, a triangular mask covering the entire head has been adopted.

TN: I guess they look like this.

All members are using the same kind of mask so there’s a number on them indicating identities.

I am No.1.

Recently, I’m not really happy.

I find it strange.

No matter what we do, we can’t do it steadily….it will eventually disappear with time.

However, we must not give up.

Even if we have to paste the numbers.


The meeting continued with No.2, the vice-chairman, as the lead.

The vice chairman’s true identity is an executive officer of the Korin religion.

He has a strong sense of justice and gives off the impression of all evil must cease to exist.

「We have to destroy this town for protecting evil.」

However, I think that even with the presence of evil, that is too much.

「The mage corps is ready to go. As soon as you give an order, 2000 will immediately move.」

The one managing the mage corps is No.4.

What is the mage corps? It is a group of powerful mages.

Their original purpose is to become escorts but for some reason, they have reached this scale.

If we’re seriously going to gather them, they would be around 5000.

「Presently, person 8 is still following behind the hero. According to person 5, his activity has decreased greatly and the cause is uncertain.」

That was No.8 reporting what our spies found out.

「Decrease in activity? Did he fought someone?」

「Yes but I feel like he just doesn’t want to go out. He started a business for some reason too…. To be frank, I’m at loss.」

「It is impossible for anyone to understand the hero’s behavior. We don’t even know how strong is he.」

「Right. Let not talk about the movement of the hero. Let’s talk about our favorite….the holy maiden.」


Holy maiden.

A person who can hear god’s words and will be the object of faith depending on the place.

If she can hear god’s words, we are comrades.

I thought so and planned to get in touch with her but….

She was brought to the headquarters of the Korin religion.

It is regrettable that we are not able to meet each other.

「The building where the holy maiden is being protected has been found. She only has a small number of guards. It is possible to make a move.」

Make a move, are you sure?

I don’t think it’s a good idea to be that aggressive.

「My army will go. Fufufu」

Though the mage corps is an armed forces, there is no one in this group who can mobilize an army.

The one who confidently volunteered is No.11….areh?

No.11 is a prince of our country.

A prince doesn’t have his own army.

Could it be, he intends to make the royal knights move?

Given our budget, the military affairs minister and the finance minister are worried.

The main purpose of the royal knights is to look good so they take a lot of money.


The building where the holy maiden is residing is being protected by another country?

If our royal knights go there…..won’t there be a problem?

Are you sure this is okay?

Prince…, I mean, No.11, what is the ground of your confidence?

「We are doing this for justice.」



If it was the me from before, that line will convince me but……I can’t accept that guarantee.

Could it be that something’s wrong with me….


「Enemy attack!」

The person guarding the perimeter of the conference room raised his voice.

Everyone except me holds their weapon.

At such time, I looked at everyone.

It only took them a moment to raise their weapons…..are you that bloodthirsty or brutal?

It is okay to hold a weapon since it is the embodiment of justice?

Is that so?


The organization I made in 40 years was smashed.

There are around 5 or 6 assailants.

I don’t even know who the other party is.

However, the mage corps that we are proud of are destroyed by a single dragon breath.

However, no one died.

That’s what the assaulter said.

When I wake up,

It’s a mystery.

The organization was smashed but somehow, I feel refreshed.

Did I make some sort of mistake?

Was the voice of god I heard 40 years ago a mistake?


Just once, let me hear your voice again.


「The situation has changed….I’m sorry.」

Those are the words of god conveyed by the holy maiden.



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