Chapter 245 – Mage

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My name is Gableslow.

I’m a mage.

When I was younger, I took active roles as an excellent mage in various places. I walk on the road of a magic researcher with research funded by a country.

My achievements?

When I was young…..I have a lot of achievements.

Have you heard of Marghost Dungeon?

That place has become a tourist spot now.

I am a member of the party who captured it.


Though I’m a substitute, the dungeon was captured when I joined.

Don’t doubt me!

Look, I even have a medal that I received as commemoration for capturing the dungeon.

Sculpted in the medal are the members of the group that captured it.

Here, this one is a thank you letter from the country.

Look, my name is written.

Now, you finally believe me?

I really have a lot of achievements.

My number one achievement would be…… I encountered the wyvern of the iron forest and live to tell the tale.

Yup, “that” wyvern of the iron forest.

Though it seemed to have been exterminated, I managed to escape from it.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any evidence for that.

But don’t hesitate to look at me with reverence.



Results of my magic research?

That…. Though it might be hard to understand but, I managed to improve the power of a tier 3 fire magic making its power equivalent to tier 4 magic.


Oi, you’re supposed to be surprised after hearing that!

Yeah, it is similar to inventing a new kind of fire magic.

Do you get it now?

Why am I not that famous?

It’s because, in this field, great achievement is not that much recognized.

Yeah, that’s right.

My research is mainly focused on improving intermediate tier magic.

Though I can research of producing new types of magic but once I failed, the damage will be humongous.


Look at the first test site, it exploded yesterday morning.

That’s why I won’t do something like that.

Safety first.

Well, I improved some magic and even wrote a book for them.

Isn’t this profitable?

It is.

Those who want to read my book will even cover a whole mountain.

I’ll be waiting for gold coins to pile up.


This is great.

Want to see it?

I’m sorry but that’s a bit….

It’s not that I don’t trust you.


I will show it to you by casting the magic in front of you instead.

Let’s go to the test site.

The second test site.


「Hey? Is this the result of your research?」

「Let me see desu ne.」

「No matter how I look at it, I can only call this shabby magic.」

「Well, the magical power consumption decreased so it is more efficient….maa, the difference is minuscule.」

Before me are two women who are exchanging opinions about my research.

One of them seems to be an angel….



Why are they here?

I came here to the second test site to boast of the result of my research.

Before I knew it, these two women are already here.

These two women.

Both of them demanded me to show my magic.

I feel they are important so I somewhat obey…..

Should I get angry now?

「Hey, I just want to confirm something. Are you Gableslow, Attoma’s disciple?」

「Eh? Y-yes. That’s me.」


Do you know my master?

Moreover, you call my master’s first name.

Are you master’s acquaintance?

Though my master is a super famous mage, he’s not good at socializing so he shouldn’t have any acquaintances.

「Good, you’re the real one. Though you were recommended by Atomma, it is much better to know your skill first hand.」


blood pressure soaring (sfx)

I am burning.

Something exploded inside me.

How dare this little girl treat me like this?

If it is just skill, I have long surpassed my master….. I think.

No, I’m sure!

If you think that I’m just a mild old man, I’ll overturn your perception!

「If you’re really targeting magic efficiency, you must at least able to do something like this.」

When one of the women said so, a wooden doll target was instantly incinerated.


No chant tier 7 magic?

Moreover, she only used magical power comparable to tier 1 spell.



I am a mild old man.


And, by the way….. why are you two here?


They are talent scouts.

It seems like they’ll be starting a cram school and they are looking for lecturers.


Is it a cram school for a royal family?

That’s not it?

A cram school where commoners will be taught of magic?

And that’s where I come in?


B-but, I am an eminent researcher in the world of magic…..



Master will also participate?


My master?

Did he really go outside?

Ah, you pulled him out.

I see.

But, I know my master he won’t easily agree. How did you…..

I’d like to see master personally, where is he?

It has been 30 years, he would want to see me.


Though you said something amusing, I still have a job to do…..


I don’t need to continue?

That explosion idiot will take my place?

But I want to continue my research here.


I’m not fired up.

I’m cool.

I know that it’s not a good idea to get fired up here.


Oh, you’re going back?

Then, you may take your leave.



I’m all right.

I’m cool.



Like that’s possible!!!!!!!!!!!

How can they think that that explosion idiot is better than me!

I’ll leave here and prove it!

Let me go with you!


That aside, there’s someone my master was always boasting of.

That person is Lulushi Loo.

Do you know her?

That Lulushi.

She’s a vampire called blood sucking princess and also a rare mage.

She’s in the top three whether we are talking about magical tool creation and magical pharmacology.

Being master’s disciple, he naturally influences me.

The only way to describe Lulushi Loo is unbelievable.

She has a rival, an angel called Tier.

She is also called angel of annihilation and a rare mage too.

I heard that she’s the number one golem master in the world.

She’s unbelievable too.


I will take my work as the lecturer of magic in the cram school seriously.

It is not as bad as I thought it would be.


Isn’t that Flora Sakutou?

She wants me to teach her healing magic.


The faces gathered here….

Isn’t this place incredible?

Why does it look like they have assembled master mages?

Ah, it’s okay for me to continue my magic research when I’m free?


I will show you my ability.


By the way, the person, who I came to cover, has returned before I noticed it.

Didn’t you run away?

Isn’t that the reason I replaced you?

You beg to differ?

You’re a mage who was scouted along the way?

You want to work with me….

Ho ho.

In other words, you know about my achievements.

We’re both mages…..

…, what are you saying that those are lies?

I’m hurt.

Maa, let’s just be normal companions and get along peacefully.

For the time being…..let’s gather students.

There’s no way we can’t find anyone.

Since I’m…..cough

Since you and I are here, they will gather soon.

Let’s do our best.

TN: Below is the explosion idiot. That place is the first test site. You now know why she was chosen. lol




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