Chapter 246 – Rough Eater

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Just before winter.

We have come to the hot spring.

As for who are accompanying me, there are three high elves, Kuro, Yuki, and Doraim.

Though I want to use the hot spring, our main purpose here is to maintain the facility.

If it will be used without being maintained, that would be painful…..areh?

This is too much.

Is ancestor-san using magic first before using it every time he comes here?


Then, let’s clean this place first.

Though there are ghost knights here and cleaning is a simple task, their main duty is to keep this place safe.


The ghost knights are patrolling the whole hot spring area in turns.

And since they also have to look over the lions, their patrol coverage area has expanded.

It is a good thing.

Monsters and demon beasts that approach the hot spring area are basically hunted down.

Though the lions seem to have made this place their territory, there are still monsters and demon beasts who are constantly invading.

As a result, the pride of the lion has been damaged.

Can’t you just overlook it?

Is that so?

I don’t mind you expanding your territory but don’t overwork yourself.

Just don’t drag the ghost knights too much….are they still okay?

How’s the condition of your wooden armor and shield?

There is no problem.



After soaking in the hot spring, I am now cooling down my body by sitting in the accommodation hall with my legs under the kotatsu.

Yeah, as expected, the kotatsu is still good.

There’s an orange on the table. How relaxing.

The high elves and Doraim have just got out of the hot spring.

Kuro and Yuki are warming in the kotatsu in turns.

It is not big so they can’t both get in at the same time.

A ghost knight is also using kotatsu but it took off its armors first.

As for the lion… apologies.

It can’t fit in.

I’ll make a kotatsu you can use this time.



The ghost knight, who was supposed to be in patrol, jump into the room.

It’s panicking.

There seems to be an emergency.

The relaxing atmosphere has become tense at once.

The ghost knight who’s relaxing under a kotatsu immediately wears its armor by using magic.

It looks like a hero transformation.

Immediately after, Kuro, Yuki, and the lion went outside. The high elves, Doraim and I followed them too.

We found a lion cub who accompanied the ghost knight who went to patrol earlier.

It has grown a lot.

It looks like the lion cub is not injured so we all felt relieved.

The ghost knight pointed at the big bug who the lion cub has in its mouth (he’s eating it).

My impression upon seeing the bug…..big.

It’s about 1 meter long.

It looks like a grasshopper.

I felt a strong sense of incongruity.

What is that?

Is that a grasshopper?

But it is almost winter, can there be grasshoppers in winter?

This world is really mysterious.

When I looked at the high elves, I noticed that their faces were all pale.

「Village chief, this is bad desu. This calls for an emergency desu.」


If the high elves are saying that, this insect must really be bad news.

Which means that even in this world, it is weird to see grasshoppers in winter.

Yes, that might be the case.

「That demon bug is called rough eater desu.」

It will breed in winter and flies all together in a group when the spring comes.

It is a dangerous creature that will eat everything in its path.

Is it some sort of locust?

No, it seems to be more terrible than that.

In any case, this thing even eats things that are not considered as food.

「This is the first time we see rough eater in this forest but…..we can’t leave something this dangerous alone desu.」

「For safety purposes, we must find the rough eater’s nest this winter and crush it desu.」

The high elves proposed to return to the village and immediately assemble forces.

The ghost knights are also appealing to me to take care of it immediately.

And it seems like they are even going to summon their subordinates.


Can you really do that?

Can you really summon skeleton soldiers?

Oh, there’s a time limit?


I want to see it.

「Village chief, why are you even in the mood to play around?」

One of the high elves is angry.

It’s not that I’m playing around. You high elves and even the ghost knights are panicking so…..

Kuro, Yuki, and Doraim are all calm.

As for the reason, Doraim explained.

「The bug king of the forest will not let that happen so there won’t be any problem.」

To back up Doraim’s statement, Kuro pointed out a part of the forest.

When I focused more on that place….

I saw spiderlings.

There are big ones and there are small ones. There are about a hundred of them.

Noticing my gaze, a big one raises one of its legs.

Ah, Makura.

They started moving all together.

Thank you for working hard even though it is almost your hibernation period.


There will be no more rough eater.

That’s how I feel.

Maybe they have been dealing with things like this in secret.

Thank you.

We entered the hot spring and relaxed at the kotatsu again.


The rough eater that the lion cub has in its mouth…..ah, you’ve eaten it already?

Is it delicious?

It’s better than meat?


Then, do you want yakiniku this evening?


「Though I don’t mind having yakiniku, we shouldn’t stay here tonight, don’t you think so?」

I look at Doraim and nod.

All right.

I understand.


Loo, Tier, Ria, and Hakuren are accompanying ancestor-san right now.

Even so, I’m still not free at night.

I somehow managed it until now for some reason.

In addition, the reliable Senna, Frau, and Rasuti are all pregnant.

My burden has multiplied.

Though there are still Ann, Flora, and Ya…..Ann is already at her limit by taking care of Alfred and Tiselle.

Flora took one step away too.

She finds it more pleasant to study magic or make fermented food.

As for Ya……she’s quite aggressive herself.


The fact that I have come to the hot spring means that my night burden has affected even my day so I had to escape.

Loo, when are you going to come back?

No, it will be embarrassing if you come back because of that.


I’ve roasted meat in the hot spring area a slow as possible.

Later, I’ll go to Frau and request if Holy can manage the vicinity.

My trouble has multiplied.

TN: Incoming death by snu snu.



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