Chapter 247 – Cat’s Partner

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Ancestor-san returned but he only brought back Hakuren and Ria before leaving again.

What they are supposed to do seems to be over but it seems like the other two still have things to settle.

I heard from ancestor-san that Loo and Tier planned to meet their acquaintance.

If they are lucky, they might be able to find teachers for the cram school of Big Roof Shashaato.

Let’s look forward to it a little.

However, I have already asked the civil servant girls to take the position of lecturer for Big Roof Shashaato.

Aren’t we getting too much manpower?

I feel like we’re making a wrong move.

Is it really okay for us to gather people on our own without telling each other?


Let’s not think about it.


I’m a little worried about the salary.

Though we are prepared to pay enough wage, remuneration will be paid according to the number of students they will teach.

It won’t be good if they fight over students……

I can’t help but worry.

Let’s just worry about it when the time comes.


Alfred is practicing magic.

He’s originally being taught by Loo but since she’s not here, Ria will substitute for her.

「I can’t do it well.」

「Don’t say that. The configuration is well done. The rest is magical power manipulation. You need to practice properly in order to sense the right amount.」

「I’ll work hard.」


I watch and listen to Ria’s lecture in secret in order to see my hard working son.

「What’s Alfred’s current level?」

「He’s still in his basics. He needs to train in order to improve his magical power.」

「Is that so?」

「Yeah. He’s still a child so he shouldn’t be taught with offensive magic or else if anything goes wrong, he might hurt himself.」

「Ah, certainly.」

Alfred is quiet. He’s still a child after all.

It will be troublesome if he uses magic while throwing a tantrum.


「That’s the main reason why I’m waiting for Hiichirou to grow up a little more before learning magic.」

I stopped Raimeiren when she was trying to teach magic to Hiichirou.

Yes, it is still too early.


The cat is lying its back on the kotatsu.

It might still feel hot because it was inside the kotatsu until a while ago.

I don’t really care.

That’s its usual habit.

What I’m worried about now is the cat’s partner…..breeding partner to be exact.

Up to now, there are no other cats in the forest of death.

I thought that sooner or later, it will move out to look for a partner like the kuros but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Is it already satisfied with its current situation?

I wonder if I’m thinking too much of unnecessary things.

No, I’m only reminding the cat of its mission as a male.

But it is not good to force it.

It should voluntarily do it….

This is impossible.

It is already an absolute impossibility to make it leave.

It sure like to idle around like the wine slime.

I’m feeling like an obasan who’s trying to be a matchmaker.

I don’t think you’re useless if you don’t get married but it would be better if you could.

I want to see kittens.

As I thought, I should get a female cat from somewhere.


Michael-san is the right man for this job.

However, I’m already asking him of a lot of things.

I’m also hesitant to only ask for one cat.

Since I don’t know if this kind of favor is something I should ask, should I ask for 10?

This time, there will be a lot of female cats.

Then, male cats must….

No, this situation will continue endlessly.

I need to calm down first.

…..why don’t I request nine males and 10 females?

They will surely pair up.

But won’t my house turn into a cat village?


Must calm down.


I must obtain one female cat from somewhere. That’s it.

Since I’m hesitant to order from Michael-san….who else can I ask?

How about Beezel?

Nobles must have cats, according to my imagination.

Let’s ask the civil servant girls.

「A noble wouldn’t keep a cat unless he’s a cat lover.」

「Cats can damage a mansion so a special building is necessary.」

「Nobles prefer dogs.」

「In port towns, you can see them everywhere so there are a few who are willing to keep them….」


In other words, I can’t ask Beezel too.

「No, I must obtain one one way or another.」

「Even if I need to use force.」

No, I shouldn’t.

It’s not like I really want it.

I thought that since I have noble acquaintances, I would be able to get a female kitten.


Since it has come to this, why don’t I catch a wild cat by myself?

I saw wandering cats when I was on the seaside part of Shashaato City.


I returned to the kotatsu while planning.

The cat returned inside the kotatsu from over the kotatsu.

It is in a good position so I can’t stretch my legs.

Move a little to the side.

Don’t resist.

You should be gentler to me.

Since I’m the one who’ll catch you a partner.



When Loo and Tier returned, there was a white cat on her arms.

A normal cat….or not.

There’s a glittering jewel embedded in its forehead.

However, it is not installed by someone and it was born that way.

It seems to be a demon beast called jewel cat.

Though it is a demon beast, it is really valuable and is even worshiped as a holy cat.


And….it’s female.

It seems like I don’t have to capture one.

I want you to get along with cat.


During winter, cat fleeing away from jewel cat can be seen from time to time.

Is jewel cat more aggressive?


Hang in there.


That, areh?

Did the jewel cat just casted magic?

Sometimes, it can perform unbelievable moves.

「Because it is a jewel cat.」

「It is good with physical reinforcement magic. It can also use healing magic.」



It seems like the jewel cat can’t beat any of the kuros or the spiderlings.

Cat usually escapes into a place where there are pups or spiderlings.

…..ah, it seems to have been caught this time.

Cat’s neck was bitten and it is now being dragged away.

Cat has the eyes of submission…..

Here is the time where I should intervene….. jewel cat glared at me.


It is not good to intervene with the love talk of a couple.




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