Chapter 248 – Pleasures of a Happy Home

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Even if jewel cat is slightly different, it is still a cat.

It is often in the kotatsu of my room.

Once it feels hot, it will cool itself down over the kotatsu.

Though it is not lying on its back yet, it’s starting to get familiar.

Sometimes, it sleeps on my knees too.

Aren’t you precious?


However, that place is too precious for a newcomer so Kuro barks at it to move away from my knees.

Afterwards, Kuro will put his chin on my knees.

Okay okay.

We’ve been acquainted for a long time.

I understand.

I’ll pat you too Yuki so you don’t have to push Kuro aside.

Yes yes.

Loo, I’ll also pat you but you don’t need to line up.

Oh, Alfred is here too?


Alfred, what are you going to do today?

Swordsmanship class of Daga and Gulf?

Is that so?

If you improve fast…’ll be stronger than your father in no time.

Do your best.

And it should be Daga-san and Gulf-san.

It is not good for you to call them without honorifics.

Ursa taught you so?

I see, I’ll scold her.

Ah, no, I’m not angry at all.

I’ll tell you if I’m angry.

I managed to sweet-talk him this time. Let’s be careful next time.


Tier and Tiselle have come?

You may join us.

Don’t worry. No one will mind.

Ann brought Torain too.

As I’ve been saying for a long time, Torain is also my son.

He is Alfred’s younger brother.

If the person in question doesn’t want to, I will respect his decision and will not force him to be Alfred’s subordinate.

I’ve been saying that to Ria too but it is hard to get results.

I don’t want to treat my children differently.

However, the culture of this world….each race has their own culture too.

I know that when in rome, you should do what the romans do but I want you to understand how I want to treat my children.

Hah, let’s continue the negotiation next time.


Since we have a number of people here, why don’t we play cards?

It’s winter.

Then, how about calling other members too.

Hiichirou is….taking his nap.

My apologies for the disturbance.

Where’s Ursa?

She ran outside with Guraru?

They didn’t go to the forest, did they?

Ah, they are with Hakuren.


I can now clearly imagine how they go into the forest.

Maa, even if they do, I’m sure they’ll be fine.

It seems like they are accompanied by a pack of kuros too.

As for Ria’s group…..I won’t ask what they are doing or where they are.

Yes, no need to ask about anything.

Just bring them here.

Good good.



Did Alfred and Tiselle have good cards?

But it looks like Torain and Ririus get good cards too.

I don’t really mind but Loo and Tier are not the types who give others leeway.

Ann too.

Got it?

We are playing cards.

It has come to…..we didn’t separate adults and children.

We’re playing in pairs.

A pair is composed of mother and child.

Loo and Alfred, Tier and Tiselle.

As for me…

Come on. Come to me and don’t just stay there in the corner.

My partner is…..ah, jewel cat.

Yeah, don’t look so sad.

It’ll be fine.

I know how you feel.

Let’s do our best.

Then….Kuro and Yuki.

Have you asked the spiderlings equipped with thermal insulation stone to move on the spiderwalk?

Hey, don’t raise your legs altogether.


After that, I was able to read all the cards in their hands.

I’m a shameless winner.

But I enjoyed my peaceful time with my family.

TN: Congratualtions! If I’m not mistaken, this is his first ever win in anything?


During winter, we refrain from hunting so we welcome fresh meat.

Though I said that…..

「Hakuren, what on earth are you thinking by bringing Ursa and Guraru to hunt at the forest?」

「Not in the forest but in a dungeon.」

「That’s even worse!」

「Is it?」

「It is. Is it the southern dungeon? Or the northern dungeon? This demon beast doesn’t look familiar but….. I’ll go there and apologize.」

「Ah, don’t worry. We were at the eastern dungeon.」


「Yeah. The inferno wolves found it.」

「I never heard about it.」

「We’re the first one to hear it.」


「We only checked the surrounding and exterminated the monsters within the perimeter.」

「You did not enter?」

「…..a little. Just a little.」

「Then, how do you explain the number of these preys?」

「Ahahaha…..When we arrived, we thought that place is dangerous so we inadvertently….」

….I have a feeling that the dragon Hakuren is the one who’s dangerous.

「Haa. Fine. I’ll let you go since both Ursa and Guraru are safe but don’t do this again in the future.」


Ursa and Guraru are tired so they are now sleeping.

I’ll scold you once you wake up.

「Now then, Doraim.」

「Hey, anee-sama threatened me so it can’t be helped…..I’ll reflect on it.」

Dragons Hakuren, Doraim, and Guraru….maa, just stay safe.

「Daga, Gulf」

「It seems to be interesting so…..I inadveterntly」

「Same for me」

While talking to me, I can see that they are badly wounded.

Though there will be no problem since Flora learned how to use higher tier magic, they seem to have suffered bone fractures too.

Do not act rashly.


The kuros are gathered together.

When they discovered the eastern dungeon, they ran several days to return and report it to the village. They seem to have been caught by Hakuren the moment they arrived.

Afterwards, they returned to the dungeon while being accompanied by Hakuren.

Don’t worry, you didn’t do anything bad.

I’ll pat you.

「Yeah, you entered the dungeon together to protect them.」

「You are the victim this time.」

When I was patting the kuros, several kuros did not move forward to be pat.

I get it.

These guys deserved to be patted since they are fully focused on protecting Ursa and Guraru while the others went to the dungeon to fully enjoy it.

What an honest bunch. They didn’t even come forward to be praised for something they didn’t do.

Okay, as punishment, I really won’t pat you today.


Don’t be too depressed.

Even their tail is so down…..ah….no, don’t be like that.

You should go in the eastern dungeon this time in a dignified manner.

If you are reflecting, you are forgiven.

It is already midnight.

The dinner in the mansion ended long ago.

Because of the fresh meat you brought…..we will have delicious food for the next several days.

I’ll make something for you now.



Wine slime?

What is it?

I haven’t started cooking yet.

Ah, does the holy maiden want a midnight snack?

You’ve been close these days.

Got it, I’ll make something for her.

Alcohol too.

I think you already know but you can’t let the holy maiden drink alcohol.

Don’t even give her a drop.

Drink everything yourself, okay.

You’re swearing with all your heart but I don’t even know where your chest is.

Let’s make fruit juice for the holy maiden.



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