Chapter 287 – Lobster Culture

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Daga’s group, who went out to help with Village Five, are back.

It is about 20 days since they left.

They messaged us on day 15 so Hakuren went out to pick them up….

I can’t find Gulf.

What happened to Gulf?

He was taken to Shashaato City?

They asked him to be a special judge of the martial arts tournament?

I guess he can’t refuse.


No, I’m not angry.

On the contrary, I’m rooting for him.

Apparently, in this village, common sense is not that common.

Though they seem aware of what should be done, they don’t follow common sense for some reason.

Normally, we should refrain from contacting the outside world but since it is Gulf, I’ll let him do it.

Good luck and be in charge of common sense in this village, Gulf.



Gulf is being called swordgod in Shashaato City?


Daga’s group brought some souvenirs.

「This is a lobster caught in the river. The adventurers we’re working with gave them to us.」

He showed me the lobster in a small pot with water.

It’s a big river lobster.

The 30 centimeters class.

It’s moving energetically but there’s only one.

Ah, there are other similar pots too.

Are these all?

By the way, is it delicious?

「It’s pretty good. However, it is better not to eat them. We should increase their number first….」

「Increase their number…..aquaculture?」

「Yeah. They are relatively easy to raise. If a river is not available, they can also be cultured in ponds. However, it should be clean or they’ll die.」

Any additional food is good.

The problem is the place.

Should I use a pond?

Well, there are ferocious fishes in the river near the village.

They will be eaten immediately if we release them there.


Should I raise them in the reservoir?

No, the reservoir is an important source of water.

In addition, it is wide and deep so it will be hard to catch lobster there.

Should I make a shallow pond for culturing lobster?

Where should I make it?


Oh, I shouldn’t be impatient.

First of all, you should rest.

Also, those lobsters…..they will weaken if they’re in the jar all the time.

For the time being, let’s dig a simple pond.

Ah….you’re worried about cannibalism?

So that’s the reason you put them on separate jars.

It will be okay as long as you feed them properly.

Got it.


I dug a five-meter square pond near the reservoir on the north side of the residential area.

The depth is about 30 cm so it was completed immediately.

Of course, it is all thanks to the AFT.

Draw water from the reservoir…. Create a log fence around it so uninformed people will not go.

Yeah, looks great.

Release the lobsters….there are quite a few.

The adventurers did great.

Though I’m glad for what they did….they are males and females, right?

They’re not of the same gender, aren’t they?

But I don’t know how to distinguish male and female…..

I can only pray.

A full-scale aquaculture pond will be built on the west side of the village.

A part of the forest needs to be cleared out and it will be in a place a little distance from the village.

The water supply will be coming from the reservoir.

The slime purifies it so there won’t be a problem in terms of water quality.

The problem is feeds.

Though they eat anything, they should be fed with the right amount. In addition, we can’t use leaves since it will make the water dirty.

I’m thinking of feeding them with internal organs or even the hard meat of monsters.

But they can also make the water dirty if left unattended for a long time.


How about putting slimes there too?

Are they going to eat the slimes?

Is that so?

When you say they eat anything, they really eat anything.

I just suggested something stupid.

Maa, let’s fully begin the aquaculture once we solve the problem with feeds.


Near the temporary pond, a kitten is excited.


There’s one lobster in front of Miel.

It menacingly raises its claws.

Looking at it, it looks like either a lobster or a crayfish.


The two engaged…..the lobster has a bigger body.

However, Miel daringly jumped.

However, before Miel’s claw hit the lobster, it already steps back at high speed.

Miel landed on the water where the lobster previously was.

Miel tries to escape from the pond in a hurry but the lobster pounces it.

The battle made splashes of water….

Yeah, stop.

I scooped up Miel from the pond.

The lobster, who lost its prey, intimidatingly turned its claws to me.

Don’t be so angry.

And Miel.

Do not act rashly.

Miel ran and entered the pond. If I was not there, it could have been dangerous.

What? You’re not defeated?

But, did you win?

You dare say that with your wet body.

Let’s go and I’ll wipe you dry.

We shouldn’t let our guard down because it’s summer.


The next day.

Four kittens are gathered at the bank of the temporary pond.

In front of them are a flock of lobsters.


Did Miel not learn anything…..

However, they are outnumbered by the other party so Miel’s team withdraw….eh?

Miel used magic.

Fire magic.

It’s pretty big.


You three, don’t copy her.

Wai, STOP!

Those are important lobsters that we’ll culture!

Ignoring the panicking me, the lobsters fight back by shooting water bullets.

It canceled the fire magic of Miel’s group.

Eh, amazing.

Hold on.

That’s magic, right?

They can do that?

Aren’t these lobsters dangerous?

I mean, is it really okay to culture them?

No, it’s not.

First of all, don’t just start a magic battle there!

This is a residential area!

「It is safe for them to do it there.」

「They are only using beginner-level magic.」

「Don’t mind them.」

I’m the only one who’s worried. The beastkins, lizardmen, and high elves, who are living nearby, didn’t seem to care.



It seems like everyone knows that the kittens can use magic.


I’m the only one who didn’t know.

I see.


Also, lizardmen.

I’m going to entrust the entire aquaculture to you when we start at full scale….is it alright?

You can use water magic?

I was surprised.…so, you can use it.

Everything’s under control.



Let’s make a sturdy fence for the aquaculture pond.

That’s what I decided deep in my heart.

And kittens.

Don’t get too close to lobsters!


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