Chapter 288 – Aquaculture Pond and Pool

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I tried practicing magic before making the aquaculture pond.

Even the kittens and lobsters can use them.

I’m sure I can do it too.

I was taught by Loo before and she told me that I have no talent….

So what, I’m motivated!


It’s not like I’m jealous of those kittens and lobsters.


After making sure that there’s no one else around, I concentrate.



I-I can feel power.

I feel like I’m finally going to do it!

I recited the incantation that Loo taught me before.

「Manifest before me and obliterate my enemy! Fire arrow!」



Did I recite the incantation wrong?

It has been a long time after all.


From the shade of a tree, I noticed several kuros watching over me.

When did you arrive….ah, you probably followed me since I entered the forest to make the new pond.

Then I looked straight at them, they averted their gaze quickly.

This is so embarrassing so let’s end the magic practice today.

Let’s take care of the aquaculture pond.


I can make a waterway from the reservoir but it will overflow.

Let’s dig a drainage channel towards the river.

Let’s make a three-fold bamboo fence in order to prevent the lobsters from escaping.

The super tiny ones might be able to escape but that’s acceptable.

The fences are now arranged at the outer perimeter of the pond.

That will do for now.


Before adding water and the lobsters in….

I’ll try to try it myself.

The size of the aquaculture pond is 25 meters on all sides.

I thought about various things regarding the depth so I thought of making it 1 meter.

If it’s too shallow, they will easily be meddled like with what happened with the kittens.

However, there are partitions at the bottom of the pond. They are about 50cm deep and are 1 meter in every direction.

Once it is time to drain the pond, we can use those 1 square meter partitions as a place to catch.

Walking here is difficult because of the partitions.

My foot hit them.

Therefore, I think it is a bad idea to get in here.

I told that to the kuros who were watching me on the log fence.

Don’t look so lonely.

I know.

I’ll be out soon.

After opening the flood gate, let’s go to the pool.

It’s hot.


The pool is so popular this year.

Stalls run by the oni maids are lined up.

Shaved ice and….stewed meat?

It’s hot.

Let’s get in the pool.


What are Tier’s golems doing at the pool?

There are  five, two-meter tall golems….they are not swimming but walking side by side….

Ah, they are making the water flow.

Indeed, since there’s a lot of people, there won’t be any flow.

However, they are also driving the pool users away.

Well, I guess it’s not that much of a problem.


My swimsuit is the orthodox trunks type.

Zabuton made it.

Even if I call it a swimsuit, it feels like it is made of water-repelling material. As for its main functions, it will not get transparent when I enter water, and even if it gets wet, it won’t stick to your body.

It is embarrassing if others see your important parts.

I changed my clothes into a bathing suit in a hut near the pool.

Then, enter the small pool near the pool.

There are two small pools. The first one is not for swimming but for body cleaning.

The second one is the disinfection pool.

I consulted Loo before and have her make an antiseptic like solution.

It will be scary if there’s an outbreak of an infectious disease.

Maa, even if there’s no such thing, I hear that it will be alright since you can just protect yourself using your own magical power.

Is that so?

Well, there might be children with little magical powers and….don’t look at me.

For instance….Gutt’s daughter?

Ah, she doesn’t have any problem with her magical power level.

I’m sorry if I offended you.

Please think of the disinfection pool as something that calms me down.


Before entering the pool, you should warm-up.

Then, slowly enter the water and have your body adapt.

Just jumping in the pool is a mistake.



「Village chief, excuse me but, can you move? This is a flowing pool.」

It is.

I was too relaxed walking.

The next thing I knew is that the board riding wine slime was passing by me.

Looks elegant.

The holy maiden is chasing after it while holding a moderate size log.

That log….is that supposed to be a floating device?

Also, she’s wearing a considerably bold swimsuit….is that alright?

TN: I demand an illustration.

I don’t think that is a suitable swimsuit for someone with the title of holy maiden….

Well, it seems like no one thinks it is strange.

Serene mind serene mind.

Youko is also in the pool with a bolder swimsuit.

Serene mind serene mind….areh?

「Why are you in your human form?」

「My magical power has recovered.」

She looks great in her swimsuit but, why is she wearing a towel around her hair?

It looks like she’s taking a bath.

Maa, there are a lot of similar people so I won’t point it out.

But I have to point out the alcohol she’s holding.

「Don’t go into the pool with that.」

「I won’t get drunk with this much.」

「You won’t but what if other mimics you?」

「….right. Indeed, I understand.」

Youko is surprisingly obedient.

If you properly tell her the reason, she will give in.


After Youko passes by, the next one is…..gran Maria hovering over the water in a swimsuit.

You are still training? It looks like she’s walking on water.

Forward, retreat, skip.

She’s dextrous.

However, she’s doing that on the pool so there surely be others who’ll get in the way….

Ah, she’s using them as obstacles.

I see.


If you look around, the pool is full of females, children, and kuros.

So that’s why Gran Maria’s obstacle training can be done.


What happened to the dwarves?

The lizardmen too?

They will be drinking by the pool in the evening so they are working hard now.

I see.


I avoid the obstacle training of Gran Maria.

Hey, I already avoided you, why are you approaching?

Ah, the obstacles are moving around too.

Oh, how can you trip in the air?

I look around and feel like their eyes are looking at me. What are they planning?

Why do they look like they’ve been liberated?

Hold on, I beg you…

Ah, don’t.

The women surrounded and embraced me.

Ah, I can’t…….uoohh, what terrible power.

I can’t pull away from them.

Ah, soft.

N-now that it has come to this….children, where are the children!

Form a barrier around me please!


After going around the pool, I get out because I’m strangely tired.

By the way, the place around me is called purupuru zone since I’m surrounded by the kuros. They even protect me against water splashes.


From the stall of the oni maids, I got meat stew and ate it slowly.

Yeah it’s hot but it’s great.

I want to eat more but I endured it thinking about dinner.

While being guarded by the kuros, I went around the pool again and then left.


After coming from the pool, I’ve become sleepy.

Let’s sleep until dinner.

When I came back to my room in my mansion, I found Loo, Tier, cat, Jewel the jewel cat, the four kittens, Hitoe the young nine-tailed fox, Kuro, and Yuki.

The spiderlings are on the ceiling.

This is strange.

I thought that other places were installed with devices that blow up cold air too.

Why are they in my room?

Moreover, the device in my room should have an on/off function.

Who switched it on?

I thought this place was my private space.

While thinking so, I heard a voice behind me.

「Everyone, I brought some chilled fruits.」

It’s one of the oni maids.

She’s the one who had fallen asleep in my room before.

She’s holding a plate full of various cut fruits.

When she saw me, she stopped moving.


When she was struggling on finding the words to say, the kittens huddled on her feet.

I wonder what happened.

Why did she act like that?

Ah, Hitoe seemed to rise up too.

You want watermelon?

Ah….don’t mind me. Give that to them.


Generally, cats don’t like citrus or similar fruits. They mainly eat watermelon and strawberries.

Hitoe is like that too.

Kuro, Yuki, and the spiderlings, on the other hand, are okay with it.

As for Loo….chilled tomato.

She eats it in one gulping.

As for Tier, chilled cucumber.

She put some salt first before eating it….

Aren’t you controlling the golems a while ago? How come you are sleeping here?

It’s okay since they are on autopilot?

If an emergency happens, there’s no problem since Gran Maria is there.

I see, so that’s the reason Gran Maria was like that.

However, why does it look like she forgot her role as a guard?

Is she playing around and enjoying herself?

And you guys.

Though it is good that you have a good appetite, it will be dinner soon.



The sleepiness that the pool gave me was blown away.

I sit on the bed, put cat on my lap, and stroke the bottom of its chin.

The room is cold because of the guests so it feels great to be here……

Jewel got on my knees asking to be stroke too.

Yes yes.

You want to be stroked under your chin too, right Jewel….no?

Not there?

Is it behind your ear?

Great, it looks like I’m right.

I’ll stroke Kuro and Yuki after them.


You  just slept so you’ll decline?


Don’t be shy.

However, Loo and Tier, you should be shy.

It’s cool but don’t stick to me too much.

No, it’s not because my love for you has cooled down. It is still as hot as before.


As for the oni maid….don’t worry, I won’t scold you.

However, I can’t stop Ann who’s standing behind you.



I spent time chillin in the room until we were called for dinner.


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