Chapter 289 – Lobsters and Village Chief’s Move

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The lobsters were moved from the temporary pond near the residential area to the aquaculture pond.

As expected, the lobsters resisted fiercely.

However, they were captured by the lizardmen one after another.

As expected of them.

By the way, I was a little away because I’m afraid of magic.


You may think so.

Even if the power is weak because they can only cast beginner class magics, I still don’t want to be hit by those.

I even told the lizardmen to not overdo it.

I want to do something but I can’t do what they are doing.

I feel sad for my powerlessness.

「Village chief, we got all the lobsters. We will bring them to the aquaculture pond.」

I waved my hand to the lizardmen to give them my consent.

I’ve guided them to the aquaculture pond several times so it will be okay even if I don’t accompany them.

I have to take care of the temporary pond here.

「Village chief, are you going to destroy this pond? Can you leave it be? Something might come again.」

One of the beastgirls who happened to pass by said that.


This pond is shallow and there’s no chance for it to drown anyone.

What about the smell?


The lobsters are not gone and a bunch of slimes suddenly jump into it.


No problem with the smell then.

For now, let’s keep it like this.


I consulted the lizardmen on what we are supposed to do with the lobsters.

For the time being, take care of them for a year.

After seeing the breeding condition, annual yield can be determined.

According to circumstances, we might need to increase the number of aquaculture ponds…..

Sounds like a plan but the content is leaving the lobsters be.

Maa, I don’t know a thing about lobsters’ ecology.

According to the adventurers who provided the lobsters, they will increase by themselves as long as you give them food.

For the time being, let’s find out what kind of food the lobsters prefer by checking everything on the temporary pond….

「Internal organs of demon beasts are popular.」

「The liked it better than meat however, I’m not sure if there will be no problem with it.」

The kuros are the only ones who eat demon beasts’ internal organs here but I prohibit them from eating it if it was not hunted on the same day.

The over 1-day old internal organs are disposed of for safety purposes. Now, it seems like we will leave the disposal to the lobsters.

Not bad.

I also thought that it is too wasteful to dispose of those internal organs.

I’ll be glad if this will be used effectively.

In any case, the lizardmen will be responsible for lobster farming.

Report to me if anything happens.

Let’s hope that the lobsters will increase safely.


Before starting up the teleportation gate of Village Five, I think it would be better to visit the place first.

However, it is difficult to find time.

If I’ll be carried by Hakuren, it will take us 2 days to go there, 1 day for inspection, and another 2 days to return.

It will take 5 days in total.

That’s what it feels like if things will stay as it is.

Using the teleportation gate, we will be able to slash the travel time.

Currently, the only time we can shorten is how much time I’ll stay on site….but if I cut it down, I feel like we’re neglecting our purpose.

But it’s five days, five whole days.

Yeah, let’s make it three days.

The one who’ll solve my worry will be Futa, the one who’s supposed to manage the teleportation gate.

She’s currently a chef apprentice. She’s training under the oni maids.

Though she’s training, she’s still at the stage of washing and peeling the ingredients.

She’s not even allowed to cut them yet.

Miyo, who’s in similar training, is already on the level of being entrusted with soup….

「That’s because Futa is rough. Look, there’s even leftover skins on the ingredients.」


「Is she? Then, does the rough Futa has any good idea to solve my worries?」

「I’m not rough. I’m just not good at doing detailed work for now. Cough It is possible to shorten the travel time by two days.」

「What do you mean?」

「It is a teleportation gate. Don’t you remember that I went to set up a stone to specify the destination before? You can simply teleport there without opening the portal.」

「You can teleport without opening the portal? What do you mean?」

「Activating the teleportation gate is always a two way. It is still not activated but it already has a teleport function….though it is possible to teleport you, it will consume a great amount of magical power.」


「Ah, and it will be impossible to teleport from the other side. It is only possible to teleport someone from the main side of the teleportation gate.」

「I-is that so?」

For a moment, I thought that I could also be teleported from the other side.

I’m not going to say it is useless since we need to carefully consider things related to the teleportation gate.

It will be a problem if it is already possible to come and go even before it is formally activated.

「Is it a normal practice?」

「No. It is a simple trick that only those people who really knows it can do.」

I see….Presently, teleportation gates are rare so people who know about it shouldn’t exist.

「Even if you know about it, it is pointless since it can only be assumed that everything is already prepared and the teleportation gate can be operational anytime. I think those people with knowledge would rather activate the gate.」


So one way huh.

Let’s try it now since it can cut down my travel time.


Member selection!

Hakuren is one since she’s the mode of transport. What about the other members…..

It would be nice if it would be someone who knows the people on the other side but we don’t have someone like that here.

To prevent trouble, I’ll take Daga since he’s already familiar with that place.

As for guards….Youko wanted to come.

She’s the person in charge of Village Five on Big Tree Village’s side so she really should.

With that, the members are decided.

Me, Hakuren, Daga, and Youko.

The villagers stop us.

They said we need to increase our number.

No, each of you has your own jobs…..

Three lizardmen and five high elves were added.

I don’t mind them coming with us but we’re not there to have fun.

… you really need to prepare that many weapons?

Armor too?

We won’t go there to fight.


Should I also be equipped?

On the contrary, I don’t need it?

Are you sure?


Fourth floor of Big Tree Dungeon.

At the teleportation gate that is connected to Village Five.

Futa casts a very long incantation.

It seems like she’s doing it to send magical power to the gate in order for it to teleport us.


She’s been casting for over five whole minutes, is this alright?

Ah, I shouldn’t talk badly or I’m going to mess up her concentration.

It was Loo who got angry. She’s here to see us off.

I’m sorry.

After five more minutes, Futa gave us a signal.

Just like an activated teleportation gate, a board of light appeared.

「It will stay open for the next three minutes.」

When I was about to step forward because of Futa’s signal, I was blocked by Daga.

Before I hear anyone say anything, the other lizardmen and the high elves went up ahead.

「Let them check it out first.」

No no, there’s no need to be that cautious…..

「This is the right way to handle it.」

So, they’re going to let the other side know that we’re going to visit?

I understand.

Next, Youko.

After waiting for a while, Daga, Hakuren, and I will go on.

I waved to the people who sent us off and moved forward.


After teleporting, I found myself in a large basement.

This is probably the basement of the warehouse of my residence in Village Five.

One of the leading high elves was holding a torch.


I didn’t think about it.

If I was in the lead, I would have been rolling all over this place.

At the other side of the large basement, there is a gentle slope instead of stairs.

Considering the height and size, it is probably designed for a horse-drawn carriage.

As we walked up the slope, we found the leading group waiting for us in the bright outside world.

This scene….

There are a lot of long pillars with cloth stretched between them.

It looks like a blindfold on a construction site.

In fact, it seems like these blindfolds are there to hide the architectural view of this mansion.

This place is where the mansion is supposed to be built.


By the way, it is impossible to view the whole Village Five in this place for now.

Let’s move toward the other side of those clothes.



The other side of the cloth has nothing.

We are at the top of the plateau and everything looks the same as when I visited this place before.


I’m sure I read in a report that there are a lot of buildings……

Speaking of unusual things……

There are lines drawn on the ground and it looks like it’s to divide this place to a village.

There are also walls around the plateau.

It really encloses this place.

Is it an outer wall?

It’s pretty impressive.

Isn’t it amazing to have this plateau surrounded by a wall?

There was a staircase so we moved up the wall.


I can’t believe what I saw.


There was a village, no, a town on the side of the plateau. It was made on the slope.

It seems like they are mainly building on the south side.

I stared at the south side.

It was still under construction.

I heard lively voices.

And there’s a big wall under the plateau.

It looks like it is still under construction.

The place that I thought was the outer wall was really an inner wall.

Shouldn’t they build the outer wall first before the inner wall?

Or rather, are they going to encircle the entire plateau?



I intensely look at it….I made a square window using my index fingers and thumbs and counted the number of houses.

After that, I count how many square windows can cover this place….

Assuming that there will be four people that will live per house, won’t it be around 4,000?

「A little more than 5,200.」

Youko corrected me.

「Are you familiar with the current state of this place, Youko?」

「I’ve never seen this place before but I’ve seen the reports.」

「No, but….」

「”You may do anything on the side just don’t block the road” I heard that village chief himself said that, are you?」


Did I say that?

Let me think.

I don’t remember.……

「Regarding the side of the plateau….」

「Ah, you can do what you want as long as you don’t block the road.」

Yeah, I seem to have said that.

Maybe that time, I thought that they’re planning to decorate the road or level it.


「Does this mean that no one will live on the plateau?」

「You still haven’t issued any formal migration permit.」


Is that right?


They said before that the migrant applicant has begun moving ahead…..

That time, when I received that report, I thought that there’s no problem with migration….

I certainly don’t remember issuing any migration permit.


Ah….I see.

I continued reflecting on the wall until the two former four heavenly kings, the long-named one and Paruanen came.


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