Chapter 290 – Village Town?

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A town can be established near a castle.

Yeah, I know what a castle town is.

Then, can there be a town built near a village?

Moreover, right next to it.

Isn’t that harassment?

It’s not?

The reason for the founding of the town was due to waiting for the migration permit.

Since I never gave anyone permission to migrate, they can’t live in the village so they started living in front of the village.

People like them arrived one by one and because of that, the town was built little by little.


By the way.

Did the demon king’s kingdom just watch that thing to happen?

Shouldn’t you have talked with Big Tree Village if there are issues like this?

「The migration applicants begin to live on the side of the plateau. What shall we do?」

「Village chief is not concerned with such matters. Let them do what they like.」

「A considerable number of people have started living…..」

「Village chief won’t refuse anyone who wants to live in the village. Accept everyone.」

「Because of security issues, they want to build a wall, will there be a problem?」

「If it is for the benefit of the residents, village chief will not refuse. Make sure it is a sturdy wall.」

The person in charge from Big Tree Village is Youko.


No, Youko did not decide anything on her own.

She always reports and consults me.

「The migrant applicants of the village want to live on the side of the plateau, do you mind?」

「Eh? Isn’t that inconvenient? Well, I don’t mind as long as they want to.」

「There’s a lot of people who want to live on the side.」

「Are they? Is it racial reason? Well, let them be.」

「In order to defend the resident’s lives, they seem to want to build a wall.」

「That’s natural. Let me know if they lack funds.」


We didn’t discuss those issues at one sitting but I remember them all.


I don’t want anyone to hear this but let me tell you something.

When I was saying all of those, I assumed that the migration to Village Five had already started.

No, I’m the one who didn’t confirm it so it was my fault.

My fault….

Yes, I’m wrong.


Now, what should we do?


First of all…

I have to tell these people bowing before me something.

「I-I’m not angry.」

Yeah, I’m really not angry.

If you ask me how I fell, I’ll say confused…..

Ah, n-no, sorry, I’m not confused.

I’m feeling normal.

Yep, I’m feeling normal.

Ahahaha, please don’t bow down.


In front of me are the two previous four heavenly kings and behind them….50 more people.

Those 50 are the representatives of the people living on the side.

As for their race, there are demons, elves, dwarves, beastkins, and……humans.

Though a lot of them look young, I wonder if every one of them is older than me in terms of age?

Though they were gathered with much effort, my apologies but you have to be dissolved for now.

Yes, sorry.



I did not say it correctly.

I’m telling you to dissolve from where you are standing at.

I’m not telling you to leave this place.

You don’t have to despair.



Now, two former members of the four heavenly kings, a moment of your time please.

Is there a problem in maintaining the present condition?

「We can’t produce enough food so we can only buy outside.」

「Can you buy it?」

「Yeah. The Goroun Company of Shashaato City fully cooperates with us. In addition, a convoy will depart from my territory and they will arrive a month later.」

「I see. How about the funds?」

「There are donations coming from all over the country so there’s no problem for now.」


「It is from the feudal lords who forced the residents away.」

「Hold on. The current residents here were sent here by force?」

「No, they are not. However, for a noble, it is better for them to say that the residents were sent away by them by force rather than the residents voluntarily leaving their territory.」

「Ah….you didn’t force them to donate, did you?」

「Since we are on the “forced away” side, it is normal for us to ask for donations.」

「Don’t do something like that. I have enough money….」


Don’t panic, let’s check the amount of funds you need.

This much money for a month?

Oh, a year?

….If this is the case, it is manageable.

If things get worse and the amount of funds needed doubles….it is still manageable.

「I’ll handle the funds. Please return the donations or whatever you want to call it to the sender.」

「As you wish.」

「However, it will be hard for everyone in the long run if we continue to procure food.」

To be honest, given the money in hand of Big Tree Village, it is not hard but I don’t want any village to drown of deficit.

It is the Big Tree Village’s money after all.

「We plan to build fields and ranch on the other side of the outer wall. However, we can’t expect anything from it this year and even next year. This place will only be self-sufficient after several years.」

「How about the industry?」

「We discovered a promising vein nearby. It will be mining and processing.」

「A vein….is it okay to mine?」

「The whole region around here is solely controlled by the village. There is no problem. However, we have to report it to the demon king’s kingdom to prevent future dispute.」

The reason why a vein was left undiscovered till now is that this place is not being developed.

Along with the construction of the village is the extermination of monsters and demon beasts nearby. It was discovered during the extermination.

According to the two former members of the four heavenly kings, there is a high possibility of finding new veins.

This place is that good?

Let’s talk about it as soon as I meet either the demon king or Beezel.

I heard that we should be able to expect some profits from the recently discovered vein.


There are still other issues but they can be solved by the residents so I’ll leave it to them.

As expected, it is not realistic to ask me to decide with all things to the smallest details.

We’re going to stay at Doraim’s nest tonight so we want to leave before the sun sets.

For the time being, maintain the status quo.



I came here thinking about the fate of the teleportation gate.

The place where the gate will open is well maintained.

The building above is not complete yet but it is properly hidden by cloth.

Won’t it be faster if we activate the teleportation gate and have the residents of Big Tree Village complete the building?

Material procurement will also be simple since they will all come from Big Tree Village.

Ah, transporting them to the dungeon is troublesome?

But I think it is still easier compared to carrying them from the bottom of the plateau.

Okay, let’s do that.

Five thousand people have already started living here.

I can’t wait to leave this place. I feel intimidated.

But I can no longer back out. I also want the teleportation gate to be activated.

This place is only one day travel from Shashaato City after all.


Why is it that even though it is still day, strong monsters and demon beasts are active?

I heard that there aren’t many monsters near the vicinity of Shashaato City so why?

「This place was never developed so it is normal for them to be here.」

It was Gulf who answered my question.

When did he arrive?

「Just now, from the forest below.」

「Your timing is good. And, who’s that woman behind you?」


Gulf looks troubled.

She looks like, a human.

She’s probably in her 20’s…mid 20’s?

She looks like a swordswoman.

「Nice meeting you. Allow me to introduce myself. I’m this generation’s sword saint, Pirika Winup. I wish to be Gulf-sama’s disciple.」

「Nice to meet you too. I’m the village chief of Big Tree Village, Hiraku.」


What is a sword saint?


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