Chapter 291 – Tales of the Sword Saint

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Sword saint.

It is the title of the strongest human swordsman.

The title can only be inherited. The current sword saint has to nominate someone and that someone can only inherit the title once he defeats the current sword saint.

In short, there can only be one sword saint.


The sword saint only has two duties.

The first one is to always seek and keep the title of strongest.

The second one is to destroy anyone who falsely claims to be the sword saint.

The sword saint must do whatever it takes to fulfill these duties.

Presently, Pirika Winup is the official sword saint.

Gulf explained.


「Why would the strongest swordsman wish to be Gulf’s disciple?」

「I’m ashamed to say this but I can’t beat Gulf-sama with my present ability.」

「….aren’t you the strongest swordsman?」

「I won’t lose in terms of sword technique however, if we fight, I will lose.」

I don’t understand what you’re saying.

Aren’t you the strongest?

When he saw me looking doubtful, Gulf picked up a fairly thick wooden stick.

When I was thinking of what he’s doing, Pirika moved.

No, she didn’t move.

It was Pirika’s bunshin that moved.

There are four of them.

Each of them cuts the wooden stick that Gulf put up with a sword slash.

The thick wooden stick was cut four times so it has become five pieces.

No, six.

The main body shook her sword too.

Even if I’m an amateur, I understand how amazing she is.

I almost instinctively clap.

I managed to stop my hands because I heard the disgruntled mutter of Daga and Youko.



Ehto…..what’s wrong?

I don’t feel like I can beat her.

When I asked for an explanation, Daga answered.

「Lack of experience.」

Youko politely taught me more details.

「Village chief, for you to understand it easily….let’s use magic as an example. Even if you can use fire magic well, it doesn’t mean that you can use fire well.」

I’m sorry. Even with that explanation, I didn’t get anything.

Maa, can you try using normal words….

What do you mean?

TN: I just want to say my version. Even if you know accounting, it doesn’t mean that you are good at budgeting. Knowing sword technique doesn’t mean she can win every battle. You need to know when and how to use them first. Lack of experience indeed.


It is Gulf’s time to teach me.

「What she did is something that even Loo-neesan and Tier-neesan can do. But as you can see, they never used it in the martial arts tournament before, aren’t they? It’s because it is not practical.」

Not practical….but I think it’s great.

「If she really wants to use bunshin on a practical level, she needs to be as good as Bulga-san first.」

The difference between the bunshin of Bulga and Pirika…..

Every bunshin of Bulga is moving differently.

You can say that she really multiplied.

As for Pirika’s bunshin?

Even I can tell which one is the main body in an instant.

「In addition, she also slashed on one side. Though there are five simultaneous slashes, it is easy to evade.」


Five simultaneous attacks, I don’t think that’s easy to evade.

Five places at the same time, right?

Isn’t that impossible to evade?

It is easy because they are attacking the same area.

If you evade one, the other attacks are also useless….

I see.

But I think the degree of difficulty is high…..


Pirika had a mock battle with Daga.

One glance and I knew that he treated Pirika lightly.

「It looks like she’s trained to be the sword saint from the beginning. Her swordsmanship is focused on fully utilizing the holy sword’s power. Her swordsmanship demonstrates the power of the holy sword and not herself. She’s really terrible.」

Those harsh words came from Gulf.

If he’s calling her terrible, what about me?

Am I at a level that is not worth evaluating?


「I don’t even want to comment.」

That’s Daga’s impression of the mock battle.

Pirika has teary eyes.

She’s pitiful so I ask him to at least give her some advice.

「… trained too much at the dojo. Your technique isn’t bad but everything else is third rate since you don’t have any killing intent. In addition, it takes you too much time to do something. Your technique is beautiful but it is not suitable for actual combat. I’m sorry to tell you this but, did you really defeat the previous generation sword saint? You should obediently return the title of sword saint and start training again.」

Pirika burst into tears when she heard Daga’s advice.

Gulf mutters while scratching his cheek.

「I said something similar….」

From there, Gulf told me about Pirika’s circumstances.


It was 15 years ago when she came to study at the dojo that the former sword saint opened.

It is said that the dojo boasts more than two hundred swordsmen selected from all over the country. They said to have been working hard.

Among them, the young Pirika was accepted and was trained steadily.

The problem occurred ten years ago.

It has been five years since Pirika has become a disciple.

The previous sword saint suddenly died.

She heard that he had a cardiac arrest when he’s visiting a shop where you can flirt with women in exchange for money.

Since the dojo master died, there should be a new dojo master to lead it…..

But the one who died was the sword saint.

Being appointed as the next dojo master is the same as being nominated as the next sword saint.

Therefore, no one was appointed as the next dojo master.

Then, one of the outstanding disciples of the dojo suggested returning the title of sword saint to the kingdom.

It was decided that the dojo will be run by a group of excellent disciples and the new sword saint will be decided by the kingdom.

The teaching of the last generation sword saint was taught to everyone. Sword skills must be improved correctly and don’t indulge in selfish desires.

Until that time.


The kingdom bestows the title of sword saint to its own general.

At the kingdom’s side, they thought that they are free to bestow it to whoever they like.

Since there is an ongoing war, they thought of using it as a means of lifting the fighting spirit of the soldiers.

However, the group of outstanding disciples of the dojo who thought that the title of sword saint can only be inherited by one of them fly into rage.

He attacked the general that was bestowed with the title of sword saint.


The general was accompanied by over 3,000 troops and only 20 outstanding pupils attacked them. However, they managed to kill the general.

The kingdom was angry and tried to capture the group of best disciples of the dojo.

As for the group of outstanding disciples, most of them died so the arrest was smoothly done. Those who survived the attack were also wounded all over.

They were executed.


At the same time, the kingdom decided to crush the dojo but they were stopped by the church.

Knowing that only the disciples of the dojo know the sword saint’s technique, they won’t allow them to end like that.

Though she doesn’t know what kind of negotiation happened, the kingdom allowed the dojo to survive.

At that time, Pirika was the one who held the highest position. She’s the only member of the outstanding group of disciples that didn’t participate in the attack.

Although she’s also one of the outstanding disciples, the other outstanding disciples did not inform her about the attack so she was not able to participate.

No, they might have not informed Pirika since they don’t want her to experience such a violent attack.


Pirika became the dojo master. In order to protect the dojo, she began training.

However, because the kingdom prohibited them from leaving the dojo or participating in foreign matches, they can only practice in the dojo.

Ten years have passed since then.

Just a few months ago, the title of sword saint was given to Pirika giving her freedom.

Shashaato City seemed to have been her first destination.

She heard rumors about the martial arts tournament so she participated.


She was defeated in the finals of the martial arts tournament and stuck to Gulf since then wishing to be his disciple.


If that is the case, why did she not go to the person who won in the finals?

Gulf didn’t participate, right?

He’s a special judge….

The person who won the final challenged Gulf as it is.

So that’s how she notices Gulf.


Why was the title of sword saint suddenly given to her?

It seems like the kingdom wants the title of sword saint and proposed a match with the dojo several times.

While they continued to be repulsed, they succumbed to the pressure from other countries.

Is the title of sword saint that influential to other countries?


If that is the case, to give it to a general without permission, that kingdom is not a good country.

The name of the kingdom is Fullheart.

That’s the country that has been at war with the demon king’s kingdom.

Just hearing its name, I know that it won’t be a good story….



I, Gulf, Daga, Hakuren, and Youko are lined up side by side.

And Daga is instructing Pirika.

「Arrange us in terms of strength.」


Daga, Gulf, Hakuren, Youko, me.

Pirika decided that Daga is the strongest.

「Daga-sama and Gulf-sama has the same smell of my fellow senior disciples from the dojo.」

Daga laughs at Pirika’s words.

「I am honored but this isn’t the correct arrangement.」

Village chief, Hakuren, Youko, Daga, Gulf.

「First of all, if I fight against Gulf ten times, I will win 8 times. Even if there are a hundred me, I won’t beat Youko-san. Youko-san won’t win against Hakuren-san. Village chief has already won against Hakuren-san.」

「Who said I can’t win against Hakuren? It’s just that I don’t want to fight. I fought against village chief too….it was a complete defeat. I don’t think I can win. I also don’t want to try again.」

Youko supplements Daga’s explanation.

「I also lack fighting experience. My weak point is I can’t measure my opponent’s power.」


As for me, it should be Hakuren, Youko, Daga, Gulf, then me.


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