Chapter 292 – Returning Home and Consultation

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We left Gulf and returned to Big Tree Village.

I have already decided to activate the teleportation gate but I still have to consult about several things first so I’m not sure if it will be activated right away. Since Gulf can’t just leave Pirika, we leave him behind.

Daga wanted to stay too and having less guard now doesn’t matter.

I’m going to ride Hakuren after this so it is not necessary. We’re going to Doraim’s nest too.

Besides, Youko, the high elves, and the other lizardmen are still with me.

He said that since he came with me as a guard, he will stay with me as one until the end.

That’s so like Daga.

Then, why not take her with us?

Not a good idea?

If you want to be strong, you have to fight in a place with the appropriate level.

I see.

I don’t know what appropriate place you are talking about but I guess Gulf knows some places.

Don’t overdo it and get yourself hurt.

Should I give you money?


It is better if I give you seasonings?


Sorry but I only brought this much….

And….ah, you want me to tell your wife regarding what’s going on accurately?

I understand but, do you want me to keep that detail a secret?

You can’t hide it, can you?

Yeah, that’s right.


Leave it to me!



Why do you look so uneasy?

Are you doubting my ability to communicate?

Don’t worry.

I don’t take pleasure in creating trouble.

I took a letter.

He asked me to not say anything unnecessary.


I don’t get why.


We stayed at Doraim’s nest for the night.

The devils working at Doraim’s nest received us with intense hospitality.

It was more intense than usual. It is because Rasuti gave birth.

「Thank you for continuously favoring Rasuti-sama.」

「How lovely is Rana-sama? Though we heard it from Doraim-sama…..」

「Are you going to bring Rana-sama here?」

I’m surrounded by a group of devils. This is strangely scary….

「Don’t make Rasuti-sama cry.」

Said like a true oniichan.

I wouldn’t make her cry but……what’s your relation with Rasuti?

Ah, Gucci is angry.

I wanted him to say “like an oniichan”.

It seems like he drank too much alcohol.

By the way, Doraim’s not here.

Before we left Big Tree Village, he’s already there.


The next evening.

We arrived at Big Tree Village.

It feels like an overnight excursion.

I thanked those who accompanied me, Daga, Hakuren, Youko, the high elves, and the lizardmen.

I’ve got a lot of work to do but….

For the time being, I’ll give the letter Gulf wrote to his wife.

I will not say anything unnecessary.

「This lady called Pirika, is she beautiful?」

What is the correct answer?


After overcoming the ordeal, I took a short break.

I am strangely tired.

I sit down on a chair in my room and relax.

The kittens are on my knees….ah, Miel has a good head as usual.

Don’t fall.


….Ah, Loo.

I’m back.


She put off the kittens on my lap….and put her head there.

I don’t mind but what if the kittens jump on your face?

Like that.



We’re holding a dinner report so there are more people than usual.

They are mainly the race representatives and the civil servant girls.

After a general report, I propose to activate the teleportation gate to Village Five.

Though there are a lot of things involved and a lot of things to consider, shortening the travel distance is pretty attractive.

It is only one day’s travel from Village Five to Shashaato City.

No, if we want to trade with Shashaato City, we don’t even need to go there. We can do it at Village Five.

In other words, it is like having a town at the bottom of Big Tree Dungeon.


Of course, there are problems too.

What are we going to do with that large number of people?

Though the two previous four heavenly kings are working hard, if the population increases, there will definitely be problems.

I’ve been there for a few hours and a number of problems already occurred.

To whom should I leave Village Five?


In addition, that place uses currency to normally buy or sell things.

That is too much different from Big Tree Village that uses reward medal as currency. We can’t treat it like we treat Village One to Village Four.

Though it is troublesome, it is necessary to take measures.

Without thinking of those things, activating the teleportation gate is….dangerous.


Starting tomorrow, let’s talk about it intensively.

It would be helpful if the representatives of each race are present at the meeting.

Yeah, the meeting will start tomorrow.

My report ends here.

Let’s eat, drink, and sleep today.


The discussion took about five days.

It is also approved to activate the teleportation gate.

As for who’s going to be the representative of Village Five, the representative of Village Four, Bell, proposed to wait until the other mercuries wake up.

No, the people she’s talking about have already woke up and are currently studying.

It seems like three of them woke up simultaneously and Bell is enthusiastic about throwing those three to Village Five.

No one wants to be Village Five’s representative so I welcome it but….

Is it okay?

I feel bad for them.

If I include Futa, won’t that mean that the four of them will have to stay on the other side? Won’t they feel lonely?


Majority of the discussion is about the traffic of the teleportation gate.

Many opposed the idea of letting the people use the gate from Village Five to Big Tree Village since it will be too dangerous.

On the contrary, they said that using the gate from Big Tree Village going to Village Five should be controlled too.

It is an opinion that doesn’t make sense to me.

Actually, what I’m mainly trying to say is to use it for import and export of crops and products, not people.

I also think that it will be good for Marcos and Paula to use it to come back or for their business in Shashaato City.


It was concluded that the teleportation gate can only be used for carrying crops and other commodities.

Maa, I also convinced them to let Gulf, Marcos, and Paula use the teleportation gate.

Of course, if I’ll be using it, I will be accompanied by guards.


Village Five is treated as a subsidiary of Big Tree Village but there are opinions that advance to independence.

As expected, everyone seems to have a problem with treating that village the same way as the other villages.


I thought that Village Five really should be treated differently since it is too big. I thought of treating it one step above but everyone else wants to treat it one step below.

What’s with them?

Is it because they haven’t seen it personally yet?

Is it because it was created without permission….or is it because it was like a town?

Maa, as a matter of fact, the real reason is that they are already treating it as a trading partner.

Does that mean that I should leave governing that place entirely?

Well, as long as I can sell crops to them, I don’t mind.

However, I can’t be that irresponsible.

Let’s talk with the demon king’s kingdom side later.


Three days later.

The teleportation gate towards Village Five was activated.

We had to wait for three more days since we are preparing the building materials for building my mansion there. We had to carry them all to the dungeon.

It’s still hot so I apologize.

If we build suddenly, we will surprise the people on the other side.

「There is no abnormality with the teleportation gate. The weather is fine. No problem.」

The lizardman, who entered the gate first to scout, returned.

If there’s rain, I will put off the construction but if it was sunny, we’ll proceed as planned.

Using the teleportation gate, construction materials are carried one after another.

The high elves and the lizardmen are the main members of the construction team.

After seeing the situation, I left the dungeon.

The high elf Ria is next to me.

I know.

The construction materials are still not enough.

Accompanied by the kuros and spiderlings, I went to the forest.


This is a digression. Gulf learns that the teleportation gate was activated so he hurries and returns to Big Tree Village to go back to his wife.

I don’t think he needs to worry that much since he often leaves.

He also doesn’t approach women ah, he’s in touch with one this time.


Right, his wife is a beastkin too.

She’s got a good nose.


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