Chapter 293 – Roads of Village Five

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Entered the teleportation gate to go to Village Five.

Construction materials are brought one after another in order to create the foundation of the mansion.

The high elves and the lizardmen are the main workers but the arachne Arako, along with other spiderlings, are helping them in the dungeon.

Thank you for your help but don’t go too far ahead.

It would be a problem if someone sees you.

The civil servant girls strongly told them.


I also have a lot of things to do for the mansion construction but I also still have some other tasks.

That is, to redecide the sections of Village Five.

Village Five is supposed to be built at the flat part on top of the plateau.

However, a town is now completed on the side of the plateau.

However, if I let them migrate to that place, it is impossible to accommodate all of them.

There’s no space.

It was originally planned to accommodate around 600 people.

Accommodating 5,000 is obviously impossible.

With that, I can at least accept a part of them.

Therefore, I consulted the two former four heavenly kings who are almost the representative of the demon king’s kingdom.

I’m trying to sort it out without compromising the current situation.

With that in mind, the role of the top of the plateau part of Village Five has changed.

It will be my residence, church, town hall, and other establishments that are related to Village Five’s administration.

Though everyone is free to come and go there, the place where one can live will only be a small part.

There is also a square.

It’s a space to exercise.

The residents are living on the side of the plateau so there’s no flat and wide space.

Putting it on top of the plateau can’t be helped.

I originally intended it to be a children’s playground but they said that it would be a good meeting place and I thought so too so I agreed.

Even if it can’t accommodate everyone, it can probably at least accommodate all the house’s representatives.

Should we build a conference hall next to the town hall?

That needs to be considered carefully.


The height of Village Five’s plateau is approximately 400 meters.

I’m not sure if it is considered to be high or low.

The surrounding mountains have similar heights.

From the top of the plateau, there is a zigzag road created turning the steep slope on the south side to a gentle one.

Zigzag road huh.

It is assumed that there will be both import and export so the road is wide enough to accommodate two carriages without problems.

The sharp curve was made as wide as possible so it is possible to take a rest.

All of that is according to plan.

What is not planned is the town formed around the road.

It has completely become a main road.

Looking at it, it is probably intimidating to travel there via carriage and it is also dangerous.

Just plainly looking at it is scary enough so I want to put guardrails there.

Ah, it’s better to order them to construct it for me?

Then, go ahead.


I’m already considering the construction of a new road.

Better yet, it might be safer to take a different route for climbing and descending.

The town extends both to the left and right so I have to hurry and decide where the new route should be built.

One in the east and one in the west.

They will be similar zigzag roads.

They will be carriage exclusive roads.

No, you can also walk on them. Just make sure you give way to the carriages.


Every road’s priority is horse-drawn carriage?

There’s a rule like that?

Ah, I might have heard it somewhere before.


A defensive wall was erected below the plateau.

The wall is wide, about 2 meters.

The height… should I describe?

Even if the top of the plateau is flat, there are still bumps.

The same applies to the bottom of the plateau where the walls were erected.

All I can say is that the lowest part of the wall should be at least 3 meters.

It looks like a low-class wall but it looks good to me since it is made of stone.

There are four gates, in the north, south, east, and west.

They are not built the same way.

Compared to the other gates, the south gate is bigger and more majestic.

The defensive wall below…..a kilometer of it has already been erected but it is yet to be completed. The left and right sides are still unfinished.

How far are you going to build?

Surely, you’re not planning to surround the whole plateau, right?

It already looks taller and sturdier than the wall above, right?

Isn’t it enough to protect the road going up the plateau?

Ah….is it to secure the working space you are planning below?

The adventurers and residents are hunting down the remaining monsters and demon beasts below.

I heard that it is for the field expansion you are planning in the future….

You really want it to be surrounded by walls?


You want to prevent the gap of the mountains on the right using the wall?

And the mountain on the left too…. You want to enclose both valleys in order to make them farm fields?

The same is humongous.

How many years will it take?

10 years?

No, probably 20 years?


I don’t think it is possible to complete it by the end of next year.

It’s not a matter of spirit but of manpower….

Besides, aren’t the monsters and demon beasts here tough?

Don’t overdo it.

Do you plan to hire more adventurers and subdue them?

I-is that so?


I’ve said it many times, but don’t overdo it.


After talking with the two former members of the four heavenly kings, I finally understood the circumstances of the gathered residents of Village Five.

In the early day, there were indeed people who knew a certain degree about the new village but most only heard rumors about it. However, those people still migrated with the hope to settle.

They are mainly from the west.

In other words, they came from the places ravaged by war.

They’re like the minotaurs and centaurs.

Let’s be nice to them.

By the way.

Are there any signs that they’re still increasing?

Are they going to stop migrating now?

Then, that means that there will be more coming, right?

From Shashaato City?

Ah, no but, where did they find out about this place?

There was a certain rumor there about this place…..

What rumor?

The boss of Big Roof Shashaato is constructing a village.


How did that spread?

No, I certainly did not say to keep it a secret but…

If you think about it, there are indeed a number of people who know about it.

However, I don’t want to stand out.

Let’s have the mercuries who’ll be the representatives of this village work hard.


In the forest close to Village Five, Gulf and Pirika are fighting against a monster.

I don’t want to disturb them so I’ll wait until the battle is over.

My guards, three high elves and Daga, are also the same.

We don’t want to surprise them.

We’ll call them out and approach them properly.


Gulf is energetic but Pirika is exhausted.

Are you alright?

Ah, you don’t need to reply.

Breath properly first.

Gulf is…..hnn?

Ah, a new monster?

It’s a strange creature.

This world’s sea slug?


Can it use magic?

Cheeky monster.

You’ll take care of it?

Okay, I’ll leave it to you.

Wait, Pirika…

You’re going?

Wai, stop….

Wait until you can breathe properly again.

The battle won’t wait, that might be so but…..if you have to rest, you should rest.

Ah, don’t.


As a teacher, you should pay attention.

Daga changes place with Gulf and defeats the monster.

You don’t have to kill it, you can drive it away.


What is it?

Pirika looks impatient.

No, she is impatient.

Is there a time limit?


Though Pirika became free, you have around 100 more fellow disciples who are not free?

They are hostage for you not to escape?

If you don’t become stronger and return, your fellow disciples will be in danger?


「Village chief, please excuse us. For the time being, I would like to intensely train Pirika.」

Gulf is determined.

Daga also cooperates. Great.

I understand.

Given the circumstances, we will spare no effort to cooperate.


Will her fellow disciples really be released once she becomes stronger and returns?

Even if Pirika becomes stronger, I don’t think it will solve anything.


But what should I do?

TN: Send Youko and Hakuren to Fullheart. Tell them to compete who’ll kill more enemies.


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