Chapter 294 – Strategy

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Whenever I’m troubled, I only have to consult.

I took Gulf and Daga back to Big Tree Village and consulted the people who had nothing in their hands.


Plan to do something, strategy 1.

I could ask ancestor-san and demon king to strengthen the external pressure.

「This is tough.」

Though ancestor-san is influential to the church, he cannot directly intervene with matters regarding Fullheart Kingdom.

The church could say a few words but it is up to the kingdom if they want to do it. In this matter, it will most likely be ignored.

The royal family of Fullheart Kingdom and the church have a good relationship but they won’t interfere with each other’s affairs.

It seems like they rarely collaborate because of the hero but even if ancestor-san goes there himself, there’s no way they’ll give way.


As for the demon king, they are their war opponent.

There’s no way they’ll hear out their opinion.

In addition, I can’t take responsibility if they have to make strategic concessions because of my request.

That might cause a new fire too.

The proposer, me.

The deniers, Beezel, who came to see Fracia, Frau, and the civil servant girls.


Plan to do something, strategy 2.

Have ancestor-san or Beesel invade the dojo and take the disciples with them using teleportation magic.

「There are about 100 disciples but they also have spouses and children so they should be at least 300. Even if everyone agrees, I don’t think it is possible to do it in a short amount of time.」

「It will be pretty bad once anyone notices that they are sneaking those disciples out. One is the top of Korin religion and the other one is one of the four heavenly kings of the demon king’s kingdom after all.」

The proposer, Frau.

The deniers, Gulf, Daga, and Beezel who came to see Fracia.


Plan to do something, strategy 3.

The dragon plunges to the dawn.


Good idea desu.」

「I don’t see any problem with that.」

Proposer, Hakuren.

Supporters, many.


There are many supporters but I don’t think it’s a good idea.

It seems like she has no problem adding one or two bad reputations for herself but I won’t risk having an annoyance.

Even if there’s only one in ten thousand chances.

Various people have told me that Fullheart Kingdom has something to do with the hero.

I don’t want to get involved.


Now that it has come to this, what should I do then?

I need more detailed information.

I brought Gulf and Daga back to Village Five to talk to Pirika….where’s Pirika?

We can’t find Pirika.

Pirika is supposed to be resting in Village Five…..


She’s alone so she can’t possibly cause trouble….

Found her.

She’s wrapped with the arachne Arako’s web.

「Ehto, this is?」

I heard about what happened from Arako.

Pirika has offered her help with the construction, but she faints when she sees the spiderlings.

After waking up, she immediately slashes her sword so she was immediately wrapped up…..I understand.

Did she injure any spiderling?

Arako moved immediately?


I told Pirika to not approach this place.

I may have been naive to say that.

My apologies.

For the time being…..let’s take Pirika away from the construction site but keep her wrapped up as punishment.

And….confiscate her weapon before releasing her.


She’s panicking so much that I can’t understand what she’s saying.

Calm down first…..

Drink some water.

Take a deep breath.

「There’s a swarm of young demon spiders there, what’s happening?」

「My family」


「Yes. They have helped me a lot up to date.」

「B-but, they are….」

Gulf suppressed the full of emotion Pirika.

「Are you, already dead?」

TN: Untranslated romanji version of the line above “Omae wa mou, shindeiru ka?”. You probably know the reference.


「Are you dead?」

「N-no, I’m still alive.」

「That’s what I mean.」


What do you mean that’s what you mean?

I’m not sure what’s happening, but Pirika seems convinced.

「I point my sword to village chief’s family. Please forgive me.」

「Ah, no, as long as you understand.」

Pirika bows a few times and apologizes to the spiderlings with Gulf and Daga as guides.


She’s not a bad girl.

Maa, it’s because the spiderlings look like spiders.

Well, people normally think that they are scary.

Even the civil servant girls said so.

I better not take her to where they are or it might frighten her.

I reflect a little.

The spiderlings probably got scared being almost slashed by a sword..

I’ll make something from potato for them next time.


I listen to Pirika’s story.

The number of disciples that have become hostages in the dojo is 102.

They are men and women who are between 20 to 40 years old.

They have been training with Pirika in the dojo for about 10 years.

The gym is located deep in the mountain and is almost like a separate village.

Because of that, the spouse and children of the disciples are also living there.

I see.

「If everyone can escape the kingdom, will everyone agree?」

「Honestly speaking, about half.」

「Is that so?」

Why are they willing to choose the path of being a hostage?

「Including me, we mainly practice swordsmanship in the dojo. We can’t do a lot of things….we don’t have any other way of living after leaving the dojo.」

It seems that they are receiving living expenses from the kingdom.

Though it is not a lot, it can keep them living.

「Can’t you earn using your sword?」

They can become a sword instructor or become an adventurer and probably other more things…..

「I think some people can but….I’m the same, they also lack in interpersonal department.」

That reminds me, you are the runner up of the martial arts tournament of Shashaato City.

Which means you were defeated by the champion….

「My opponent at the final is fusing sword art and magic.」

Fusing sword art and magic?

What’s that?

I’ll ask Gulf later.


For the time being, let’s summarize the information I gathered….

They want to escape but there are many disciples who would not take the risk because they are worried about their life after the escape.

They already spoke to the countries that seemed to want to protect them but they don’t want to get into trouble with Fullheart Kingdom.

If they’ll ever escape, it should be everyone from the dojo.


「I don’t get it. You said you want to be powerful, why did you suddenly want power?」

「I don’t know the details but they suddenly asked me to increase my strength…. They permitted me to go out for two years.」

「What about your watchers?」

「No, I don’t have one.」


What do you mean?

A kingdom like that will definitely not let you go without having someone watch over you.

No, they probably didn’t inform her that they are watching over her.


I look at Gulf.

「There are people watching over her. Five of them. However, when Pirika registers as an adventurer in Shashaato City, she gets tangled up with other adventurers…..they were forced to board a ship.」


「They thought that there were strange people stalking the newbie Pirika. However, the adventurers thought that they might be guards arranged by Pirika’s parents who should be worried for her so they consulted me.」

And thus, he called out to Pirika.

After that, she saw his gallant figure in the martial arts tournament….

So that’s how it is.

I see I see.

「Wai, why are you grinning!」

「Nothing. However, this is an advice from your senpai, do your best at night. And you must be fair.」

「Eh? A, that will never happen! One is enough for me.」


I’ve said so before too but a lot of things happened before I knew it.


I teased Gulf a little and laughed.

However, who knows what will really happen?


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