Chapter 295 – Pirika

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My name is Pirika Winup.

I am the sword saint.

But I’m not proud of it.

It is because I know that I’m still immature.

If my senior disciples are still alive, I would never become the sword saint.

The previous sword saint and my senior disciples are all one-man army.

Even if there’s a band of bandits, one of them can cut them all even if there are a hundred of them.

With the help of the dojo, not only bandits but even the corrupt bureaucrats have disappeared in Fullheart Kingdom.

During that time, Fullheart Kingdom was still good.


I already introduce myself as the sword saint and I have no plan of escaping from my fate since I don’t want to shame my master, the previous sword saint, and my senior disciples.

I am aware of my own lack of strength.

I’m confident in a one on one match but that’s it.

I know.

It is also bad for me to practice with the same people from the dojo all the time.

I won’t lose to anyone from the dojo but I’m not sure once I go outside.

I immediately understood it after having trouble with defeating monsters I encountered in my journey.

I can’t stay like this.

The previous sword saint also said this.

「Power can make you do anything.」

Yeah, I have to be strong.


I headed to Shashaato City.

The title of the sword saint is too heavy for me so I can’t go to the countries around Fullheart Kingdom.

If I do so, I have to greet the royal family…..

That’s beyond the limit of my interpersonal skill.

The best I could do is to converse with the guard captain.

It is impossible for me to attend a party.

I can’t even dance.

I don’t have clothes either.


The title of sword saint doesn’t mean a thing in Shashaato City so that’s where I should go.

In addition, it is a city of a country that is at war at Fullheart Kingdom.


I’m not bound by the title of sword saint here so I can train from scratch.

My present cost of living…..I managed to sell the materials I got from defeating monsters I encountered along the way.

I heard that it is almost time for the martial arts tournament. I’ll join there to win the prize.

There are rules to the martial arts tournament so I’m confident.

When I think about the prize…..

Yeah, I will be able to eat curry.


It was a complete defeat.

My opponent in the final match fuse sword arts and magic.

Of course, I did not train hard to be defeated with just that.

However, my opponent has six arms.

He seems to have come from the multi-armed race and it’s my first time fighting against one.

I was played around by a lot of attack combinations from his six arms and was defeated.

For a moment, I thought of asking that person to train me but I only have two arms.

There’s no point in asking him to teach me.



I immediately met someone who I can call master.

The winner who defeated me, challenged one of the judges immediately after our match.

A male beastkin.

The winner of the previous martial arts tournament.

Swordgod Gulf.

I heard his name from the audience.

I only knew his name there but I knew him a while ago.

He was the one who guided me on various things about adventurers. He might have pitied the loner me.

He asked me about my family, and thought that he might be a scammer or something. I separated from him that day but I can’t help but regret when I was about to sleep….

He looks like a decent person.

Now, it looks like he’s purely worried about me. I’m thankful.

And he’s really strong.

He defeated the winner effortlessly.

He only used his right hand, how does he train?

I didn’t even notice that until the end.



If he trains me, I’ll be strong.

With neither shame nor caring about reputation, I applied to be his disciple.

However, he did not accept me.

「The people stronger than me are more than I can count for. I don’t have time to take a disciple.」


There are people stronger than master?

I thought that he’s only making a lie in order to not accept me.

I have circumstances and I can’t afford to give up.

I desperately followed him.


Master’s words are correct.

There are really people stronger than master.

I’m surprised.

Though master is also one, this lizardman named Daga has a similar atmosphere as my senior disciples.

He seems stronger than master.

However, master is still the only one I can call master.

I don’t have a tail and I don’t have magic skills either.

Master, I look forward to your teaching.

Village chief?

Excuse me.

No matter what you say, he looks like a normal person.

By the way, master.

When you are talking about strength, why are you saying that I can’t even kill a rabbit?

I can kill a rabbit.


This person named village chief is really a mysterious person.

TN: Hiraku literally means “to found” but it seems like the real meaning is “to forget”.

He’s a normal person no matter how I look at him.

He speaks formally too, is he a noble?

Is he from the royal family or something?

If I’ll say it in a bad way, it feels like his feet don’t touch the ground.

It’s like he’s not from this world….

Well, it’s not like someone who lives most of her life in a secluded dojo can comment something about someone not being from this world.

In any case, master and Daga-san strongly cautioned me to never defy him.

Is he really stronger than master and Daga-san?


What do you think of demon spiders?

They are existence of death.

It is the same even if it is still young.

Encountering one is the same as death penalty.

It is something never to be approached.

It is that monstrous.

Such monstrosity and there is someone who calls them family.

What will you think?

For me, who personally encountered a number of young ones, it’s worrying.

I can’t believe it.

I really can’t believe it….

I fainted before them and I’m not dead.

In other words, they might really be family.

Demon spiders, including young ones, are mysterious monsters.

It might not be strange to become a family of someone.

Anyway, I must apologize for pointing my sword.


However, why is village chief recognized by the young demon spiders as family too?

Ah, could it be that there are demon spiders here because he is here?


Is village chief a god or something?


God….I mean, village chief asked me.

The reason why I want to be strong.

I’ve talked about it many times.


I want to be strong because I want to be free.

Though I can move freely, I’m not really free.

Fullheart Kingdom binds me by keeping my fellow disciples as hostages.

If I don’t return regularly, I don’t know what will happen to my fellow disciples.

To escape from this situation, power is necessary.

Without the strength to convince everyone, I will never be able to escape from Fullheart Kingdom.

「Have you thought about taking revenge against the kingdom?」

I have a grudge against Fullheart Kingdom but I do not intend to take revenge.

「If you can be free, are you willing to throw away the title of sword saint?」


To say it honestly, I don’t want to throw away the title of sword saint.

It is the title that the previous sword saint and my senior disciples protected.

「Is that so? That’s it…it will be up to you to do it. Gulf and Daga will train you hard.」

I know.

I can’t thank you enough for training me every day.

「Since they are doing that, I thought that I should do something for you too.」

I already heard it from master and Daga-san.

Thank you very much.

「However, that’s another country so there’s a limit to what I can do.」

No, originally, it is something I should do.

「There’s a limit to what I can voluntarily do.」


「There should be more reason for me to do it voluntarily.」


「To say it simply….reward.」


No way, do you want me to hand over the title of sword saint!

「Idiot, don’t get me wrong. I don’t need that.」

W-well, I’m already somewhat old but this body of mine…..

「Stop. If you say something like that again I will beat you up.」

He’s seriously angry.

But, I only have a small amount of money with me. That’s all I can give….

「Ah….it seems like reward was misleading. My bad.」


「Let’s reword it. Gulf and Daga are willingly doing things for me. I don’t even need to ask them. They can even somewhat read my mind and move without asking. But, there are limits to that.」


「What do you want to do? Why do you want it? I can’t proceed without hearing it.」


I talked a lot, but didn’t say it yet.

「It takes time and labor and I believe no one has a hobby of doing unnecessary things.」

It is exactly as you said.

I changed my stance and bow to village chief.

「Please, I…, please help us.」


I could only tell the conclusion….

Two months later.

My fellow disciples, their spouse, and children, who became the hostages at the dojo, moved to a town that is still under construction. It is called Village Five.

It is said that the Fullheart Kingdom, on the day of the operation, was in uproar because of the arrival of a dragon.

Village chief managed to ask a dragon, how did he do that?

He’s your wife’s younger sister’s husband….I did not understand.

Also, isn’t that the famous evil dragon?


The place where our dojo is is all fields except from the grave of the previous sword saint and my senior disciples.

Village chief did it overnight.

He’s amazing.

「Is there anything you want to plant here?」

「I want beautiful flowers near the graves.」


Thank you very much.


The method we used to move to Village Five seems to be a secret.

Of course, I’m not going to tell anyone.

After all, it seems to be a very valuable item for village chief’s wife? She’s crying and resisting for it.

I’m really sorry.


We decided to live in Village Five.

Village Five is still under construction so it won’t hurt if the residents increase by 300.

We lived in a tent for a while but our houses were built in no time.

Our jobs are also arranged.

Even if you’re picky, there are a lot of jobs available.

I have to earn my living expenses.

I and my fellow disciples are mainly exterminating monsters and demon beasts.

I want to be the guardian of Village Five in the future but I’m keenly aware of my lack of strength.


Master….I meet him about once a week.

Daga-san too.

They have been taking care of me along with my fellow disciples.

Continue to take care of us.



The title of sword saint has been sealed for a while.

There’s also the reason of avoiding trouble with Fullheart Kingdom but the main reason is that it’s too heavy for the current me.

The current me desu.

I’m sure I’ll become a swordsman that is worthy of that title.




No, I’m getting old too….. I’m already 25.


I-I don’t feel s-something like that to master….but, I think he’s a wonderful person.

If it’s possible…..


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