Chapter 296 – Civil Servant Girl(Name Withheld Upon Request)

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I am one of the civil servant girls and I would like my name to be not mentioned.

Why do I want to remain anonymous?

It’s because I don’t have to necessarily put individuality forward.

I’m one of the civil servant girls.

That’s enough.


This time, I would like to introduce the job of the civil servant girls.

First of all, our most important job is to record the crops production of Big Tree Village, secure the share needed by the village, and sell the surplus outside the village.

It might sound easy but it is difficult in its own way.

After all, Big Tree Village harvests three times a year.

Three times a year.

Spring harvest, summer harvest, and autumn harvest.

It’s kind of weird but it can’t be helped since it is what’s actually happening.

Though it’s not really that weird compared to requiring the villagers to stroke the stomach of inferno wolves.

Don’t mind the details.

I don’t really know the reason why we can harvest three times a year but the yield is tripled so I can pretend that everything’s normal.

It’s true.

Though I won’t pretend to not see the task we have because of the three harvest times.


Another job of the civil servant girls that need to be carefully observed.

Management of reward medals.

It is a currency mainly used in Big Tree Village but it also circulates in Village One, Village Two, Village Three, and Village Four.

Village chief says it’s not a currency, but we think it’s a currency.

Maa, there isn’t really a problem as long as it doesn’t flow outside.

We have to count them all. It’s a good thing that village chief made a case where ten of them can fit so it makes our job of counting them easier.

Thank you very much, village chief.


Festival executive committee.

Super hard desu.

In addition to Big Tree Village, Village One, Village Two, Village Three, and Village Four, there are also guests coming.

I wonder what kind of punishment game it was when I was assigned to welcome demon king-sama.

Also, it is obvious that our status is insufficient, why do we have to welcome the dragon king-sama, dark dragon-sama, and even the founder-sama of Korin religion?

Village chief said that we shouldn’t mind.

Okay, we won’t mind.


Village chief worries about the content of the festival every year but if you ask me, I think he’s right to worry.

It’s better to be safe.

Ideally, everyone should join.

However, the village has a variety of races that is more chaotic even compared to the demon king’s country.

We can’t do the impossible.

So we can only do something within the possible range.

Let’s just put emphasis on food.

All the dishes that village chief thinks are delicious.


Another similar job, managing the martial arts tournament.

Every participant is vigorous and fierce.

It is the tournament that decides who’s the strongest in the world.

Ah, I can’t just declare it like that.

Though it is indeed correct to call it that, the participant will take it too seriously.

Martial arts tournament is only a recreation in the village.

Safety is still the priority.

By the way, we’ve already experienced it a number of times but…..we even have the power to make someone fight.

I was surprised myself.

Maa, they were chosen by draw lots so it is surely fair but we managed to draw them.

The dragon king-sama and the dark dragon-sama, did we really make them fight against each other?

We should have them fight privately for safety but without the peanut gallery, won’t it be a lonely battle?

No, even if you say that…..

Demon king-sama…..

It’s draw lots….

It is strictly fair.

There’s no way the matchup was cheated.

We made sure to check it out before the draw lots.

Besides, everyone seems to be delighted with the matchup.

Please do your best, wife-sama of the dragon king.



Another big job is related to Big Roof Shashaato.

It was really troublesome.

Who would have thought that the planned stall has become the number one large scale complex before we knew it?

In addition, the management of the cram school and inn…….

It’s a good thing that they managed to secure a top-class personnel in Shashaato. They managed to find someone that can be entrusted with accounting.

That talent is also humourous. She can even conceal a code in her message.



Nice joke.

If you are really asking for help, there’s no way you’ll put it in a code.

I wrote my reply obscurely without using encryption.

“We don’t have any surplus demonpower.”

Good luck, comrade I’ve never met.

Areh, what’s this?

Sweat is flowing from my eyes.

Let’s send her a sweet cake made by village chief.

It seems to have a long shelf life.


The last one is related to Village Five.

We’re supposed to be building a new village but the scale is no longer a village.

It’s already a town.

Fortunately, Village Five has excellent civil servants.

There were a lot of scary names I don’t even feel like reading but I don’t mind.

It doesn’t matter as long as the other party is helping us with paperwork.


Us, civil servant girls, also hold a wide variety of jobs.

In addition to what I’ve already said, there’s revenue and expenditure to trade partners like the Howling Village.

It’s hard.

I admire Rasshashi because in addition to our usual work, she’s also working as the centaur’s caretaker.

But I won’t say it in public.



All of those jobs are being carried by 10 of us plus Frau-sama.

Yeah, demonpower is indeed not enough even at first glance.

Like our comrade in Shashaato City, we also need reinforcement.

I have consulted with Frau-sama many times but her reaction is not that good.

We’re happy to see the most modern computing tools, high quality and famous writing materials, and new desks and document shelves every time we consult you but what we really need is manpower.

There are not enough people.

Our current situation, village chief knows about it, right?

It was village chief that made the new desks and shelves.

There’s something on his mind, let us hear it.

What do you mean by top-secret operation?

Invading a certain country and kidnapping more than a hundred people.


Why? May I know the reason?

No, rather than that, why are the names of us civil servant girls already included in it?

You want to dispose of one of the teleportation gates?

Do you have any idea how much it’s worth….ah, no.

No matter what I say, it will be useless.

How about cooperating with the demon king’s kingdom…..we can’t?

If possible, you want all the members come from here.


Wouldn’t it be better to ask for dragon king-sama or dark dragon-sama to bring dawn to that country?

They can’t?

Ah, there are various restrictions.

Yeah, I understand.

How many people do you want to kidnap?

As accurately as possible.

We have to secure food, bed, and other things.

After kidnapping, are we going to bring them to Big Tree Village?

Oh, another place, is it?

Ah, Village Five.

Even if we add several hundred more people there, it won’t be a problem.

However, I think the present strategy is rough!

Let’s review it from scratch!


Civil servant girls.

Originally, we are daughters of nobles who are expected to aid the royal princess, the daughter of demon king-sama.

The supposed leader of her aides, Frau-sama, suddenly decided to leave the princess’ side.

This is a secret, at that time, I thought I’m lucky.

However, instead of me, there was another one who became the royal pricess’ closest aide.

It might be Frau-sama’s counterattack.

Could it be that it was her plan all along….no way.

I thought that in the end but I was chosen by Frau-sama to be her fellow aide to the royal princess.


The new aides became our colleagues but they kept away from us.

The new aides are also treated the same as us.

Of course, I’m dissatisfied but….I can’t say it.

Because I understood immediately.

Those who kept us away, us who were treated like that, in this place, our relationship doesn’t matter.

Though we fought before, we are reliable comrades now.

Fellow comrades before a mountain of documents.

I missed one….my bad.

I will not miss anyone.


We, the civil servant girls, supported the unusually large-scale operation.

While being proud of that, I’m still fighting with a large amount of documents today.


Also, code comrade from Shashaato.

I’ll write a reply to you.

“Hang in there, current manpower.”

In addition, I’ll attach a dessert.


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